Race Committee and Rules

Races start precisely on the published start times.

Please do you best to be on time.

Lifejackets are mandatory for all races.

The race location will generally be in the vicinity of the host rendezvous for that weekend.  Please see schedule for locations.  Two races are attempted each race day, with a duration of approximately 45-60 minutes each.  A mandatory safety and recovery vessel will be on course for all races.

Races are run as best we can to the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020.  A low point system is used to determine scoring with 1.0 for a first place, and other scoring your place.

Race Committee


Commodore Andrew Vanderwal
Past Commodore Margie Wheler
Chief Race Officer Bill & Leanne Foster
Marks and Safety Boat Brad Honsberger
Marks and Safety Boat Sandy McLaren


Flags and Sounds on the Race Committee Boat

Committee boat anchored at start line
Red Flag Pass marks to port
Green Flag Pass marks to starboard
Yellow Flag Mandatory Lifejacket or DSQ
  5 min to start & Gun*
  4 min to start & Gun*
  1 min to start & Gun*
  Start & Gun*

*Possible substitution by air gun/horn