Each year Jan and Dan research a number of topics that your request and then publish them throughout the summer in our PaBIA weekly eblasts. The table below gives you links to those most critical areas of research that you requested so you can refer back to them whenever you would like. Please feel free to send a note to Jan & Dan at to make any requests on areas that you would like more information on. The chances are high that others have the same question.

Recommended Fish Consumption Interactive Web Site

  As Jan and I were doing some research for this year’s annual report we learned the Ministry of Natural Resources has launched an on-line interactive program where you can easily look up recommended fish consumption. It is very easy to use and much easier than trying...

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Rules for Hooks & Lines

Sometimes when you fish all over North America it is good to refresh yourself on local rules and regulations as they can differ and on some of the most basic items, like hooks and line. In the Georgian Bay our local rules for hooks and lines are: These Regulations...

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Handling Large Fish For Catch & Release

  Here are some tips on how to best handle large fish like Northern Pike when your intentions are to release them back into the lake. Here is a good web site we found to help your learn how to handle all types of fish for catch and release....

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Are Yellow Grubs in Fish Harmful to You?

Yellow grub is closely related to black spot and has a similar life cycle. It appears as yellow or white spots in the flesh,   sometimes over one-half cm long. Smallmouth Bass and Yellow Perch tend to be the species most commonly inflicted with yellow grub in Ontario....

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Fishing Links

Fishing in General: Invasive Species: Asian Carp...

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The Type of Hook Can Make A Difference

Catch & Release -  The Type of Hook Can Make A Difference   While in Florida in the winter Jan and I learned some things about different type of hooks and when different ones were legal and illegal. So we did some investigating about how this affects fishing in...

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What To Do When You Catch A Tagged Fish

  Rob Ludwig of Norwalk, Ohio recently caught a Walleye with an MNR tag on it. In contacting the MNR we got this answer on what to do. “ Over the next two years there will be a substantial number of tagged walleye in the area. We have developed a process for dealing...

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Round Goby – History & What You Can Do To Help

The round goby is a small, bottom-dwelling invasive fish. Native to the Black and Caspian seas in Eastern Europe, it was first found in North America in 1990 in the St. Clair River north of Windsor, Ontario. Researchers believe the fish was brought to North America in...

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How Old Is This 23.5 Lbs Northern Pike?

In early spring I caught the largest fish of my life up in the bay. It was 43 inches long and weighed 23.5 lbs. During the evening a group had a debate on how old it might be. We did some research and there are many factors but found this interesting study done in...

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Eating Smaller Fish Is Healthier For You

In doing the research for the annual report last year I was surprised to learn that it is better to eat the smaller/younger fish than eat the monsters. The smaller fish will contain less mercury than the larger fish. In addition, the larger-spawning age fish will have...

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Is An Umbrella Rig (Alabama Rig) Legal In Ontario?

  The Umbrella rig, also known as an Alabama rig, has garnered considerable attention since a U.S. professional bass angler used it to win a large bass tournament in Alabama in October 2011. The subsequent publicity has made it one of the most sought-after pieces of...

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