Fishing a Sport for Life


Jan and Dan Stuckey have been on the Fishing Committee since 2014. However, both have been avid fisherman/women their whole lives. They have assembled over those years many insights and tips which they usually pick up from other individuals with the same passion for the sport. Below are links to important web sites or important topics they have passed on to the PaBIA membership.

They have a strong passion to share insights about the sport and, even more important, to keep the amazing natural resource we have in this area for generations to come.  Jan and Dan welcome questions and ideas on topics you would like them to do some research on and share the findings with the membership.  In addition, they welcome stories and pictures of your fishing adventures they can share with others.  Just take a second and send them a note or question to [email protected].

Above is one of the major reasons they have taken on this job as their grandson Tyler works to catch his first fish off the dock.