PaBIA Policy on Communications

PaBIA is solely responsible to its members and will communicate with them, using a variety of media, to foster organizational transparency.

PaBIA shall promote awareness, and educate and inform our members on matters relevant to our organization.

We intend to do so in as timely, open, clear, objective, accurate and ethical a manner as possible, and reserve the right to determine relevance and appropriateness in our communications.

PaBIA, in order to ensure that PaBIA continues doing so, the Board, on behalf of PaBIA, hereby adopts the following policy guidelines and criteria for the governance of PaBIA’s communications.

1. The primary purpose of our communications shall be to educate and inform our members on current and/or new matters of community and ratepayer interest related to:

a. PaBIA sanctioned events;
b. Authorized activities, events and developments of community organizations and those organizations whose charter and mission are consistent with those of PaBIA.

2. An authorized educational event or activity in 1.b above shall mean one that is led by an officer or executive director of such an organization that has sanctioned it.

3. PaBIA does not support or allow any form of media to be used by any person or third party to promote, advocate and/or fund-raise for their particular causes.

4. PaBIA will not allow its communications to be used either as a “community bulletin board” or a convenient vehicle for the posting of notices or information by individuals or commercial entities.

5. The PaBIA membership listing may ONLY be used for these authorized communications among members and with their association representatives; any commercial, advertising, solicitations, advocacy group or other business use of these lists is prohibited.