Connecting with Our Neighbours

One of the things I value most about Pointe au Baril is the wonderful sense of community. Neighbours are always more than willing to help one another. But how many of us could quickly pull up the contact info of all our nearby cottagers?

The moving account Tom Scoon shared in last July’s PaBIA eBlast of having to call for emergency assistance inspired my next-door neighbour, Leanne Mackle, to take action. She gathered the email addresses of all those of us on Empress Channel and sent us an invite to join an emergency WhatsApp group that she had created. Once joined, the app shared our phone numbers and email addresses with each other. Not only has it ensured we all have one another’s contact info, but it has provided us with a quick way to share info via a group chat.

In a follow-up text, Leanne sent us all a link to What3Words. As every 3-meter square in the world has been given a unique combination of 3 words, this app can provide you with 3 words to quickly identify your exact cottage/property location. In our maze of rocky islands, being able to tell those 3 words to an emergency dispatcher could make a huge difference in how fast help arrives.

None of us want to think about ever having to call for help. But I’m sure grateful to be connected to great neighbours! by Brenda Spiering