TakeAKidFishingOne of the most rewarding experiences in fishing is taking a child fishing. It is something they and you will remember for a lifetime. To make sure your experience is a memorable one, we found a web site with helpful information you can pass down to the next generation.







Tips on fishing with kids

  1. Relax! Bring a smile, an open mind, and a lot of patience.
  2. Keep it simple. An inexpensive rod and reel, with live bait and a bobber, will get you off to a good start.
  3. Fish from shore. Kids sometimes need a chance to run around.
  4. Fish for little fish. Kids care more about the number of fish they catch than the size. Sunfish and other pan-sized fish are plentiful and easy to hook.
  5. Make it fun. Praise children for their patience, their cooperation, and simply for trying.
  6. Teach skills…patiently. Kids learn by doing, so don’t do everything for them.
  7. Help children problem-solve. Lines get tangled. Hooks get snagged. Fish stop biting. Identifying a problem and finding its solution is a valuable life skill.
  8. Be flexible. If your child is too excited to sit still with a bobber and live bait, change tactics or move to a different spot.
  9. Be a good eco-citizen. Don’t litter, follow the fishing regulations, and release any fish you don’t plan to eat.
  10. Don’t stay too long. End your trip on a high note.