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 Volume 10 No.27
From Your President ~
Dear PaBIA,
Tom Scoon
We are lucky to live in a democracy – in a community where every voice counts. In Pointe au Baril, we have just come through an important municipal election to select those key individuals who will be responsible to represent our collective interests. The result has been both very positive and, in some ways, divisive as the contest for this election has played out.
Positive, in that key issues and concerns of the electorate have been defined, discussed and debated. Positive, in that current and new candidates have come forward to clarify their platforms, and passionately express their commitment and desire to lead their constituents in voicing and acting on these issues. 
Divisive, in that, as in all political contests, engaged voters hold their positions and favoured candidates very strongly. In a community such as ours that prides itself on common affiliation and love for all that we share in this incredible part of the world, this political conflict can be jarring and unpleasant.
However, given important and pressing local issues and threats facing all of us who live here, taking our “Democratic Medicine” and electing our local government representation, was inescapable.
During the weeks that led up to the election, all points of view were aired; and the reasons heard. No matter what, however, we all share this natural heritage and the responsibility to embrace it while owing it to each other to show our mutual respect. Now it is time to come together and work to find common ground and move on to find the best solutions for the issues confronting our community. 
In the run up to the election, PaBIA’s Board was resolute and unwavering in not endorsing any one candidate over another. In representing the ratepayers, we saw our role solely to clarify and elevate the most pressing issues at stake and asked each candidate to 1) respond in the clearest terms for your individual consideration, and 2) educate and encourage all eligible to vote. 
Now that the community has chosen, PaBIA wishes to again thank our Councillors, Gary French, Ken Williams, and Tom Lundy, who so generously shared their time and talents on our behalf for so many years. Their past commitment encourages us to move forward to both dialogue and collaborate with our new Councillors. In doing so, PaBIA wants to work together to find common goals that benefit the majority of voices for the protection and preservation of this incredible Pointe au Baril community. I ask that all of us join together by focusing our passions and energy on the important work at hand.
With that in mind, please keep your eyes peeled for the coming PaBIA 2018 survey in either your emails or post. This important, statistically meaningful information tool will make sure we are ready to inform our new Council with up-to-date ratepayer guidance on the pressing issues critical to our precious Pointe au Baril. Please be assured that your voices will be heard, and your issues not only voiced, but published through our newsletters in a transparent way.
Tom Scoon, PaBIA President

~ UpComing November EVENTS ~
GBLT Bayscapes
(Above) Our own Jen Kernaghan, Toronto photoghrapher and PaBIA Cottager
Fundraising Auction
Friday November 16th, 7-11 pm
Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street, Toronto
$70 before Oct 31 / $80 regular
$40 under age 40
All proceeds support wilderness conservation on Georgian Bay

Buy your tickets before October 31 to take advantage of the
early bird rate of $70! 
To purchase tickets by phone, contact Sarah at (416) 440-1519 x102.

Yearbook Update
Each week, we will provide you a list of names for those who have provided updated information. However, the details of those changes is provided in a printable format for you to print out and insert into your own cottage copy!

In Memoriam
Christopher Dean, A27 – 12 ‘Peasy Point’ on Barclay Is., son of the late Alan Dean, brother of Brad Dean, October 2018.

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