Motion to Discontinue
the Marine Patrol Programme of PaBIA –
effective immediately
April 7th, 2024

Whereas a subcommittee of the Board was struck in the summer of 2023 to undertake an
in-depth review of future of the Marine Patrol, considering the present challenges facing the

And whereas the sub-committee considered the beginning of the Marine Patrol, the
evolution of its responsibilities and commitments to PaBIA and its members, and to third
parties who have engaged the Marine Patrol to assist in their projects.

And whereas the initial reasons for establishing the Marine Patrol – namely, providing
member assistance on the water – have been replaced by individual communication devices
as well as a generally heightened level of boater education and responsibility around
substance use on the water.

And whereas staffing of the Marine Patrol has become more difficult in recent years given
the short period of employment, the requirement for specific skills and housing, and a lack
of qualified applicants.

And whereas Marine Patrol staff do not have, and never did have, the appropriate training
nor authority to act as first responders for medical, fire or vehicle emergencies on the water.
And whereas the costs associated with running the Marine Patrol have risen markedly over
the past decade and are anticipated to continue to increase.

And whereas the work of the Marine Patrol is disproportionately spent on third party
initiatives rather than on services to PaBIA and its members, the cost of such services being
offset by the third parties in the amount of approximately 20% of PaBIA’s costs for the Marine
Patrol program.

And whereas the third parties have confirmed that they have internal capacity to deliver
most of the services previously provided by the Marine Patrol, and the Board of PaBIA has
agreed to encourage community volunteers to assist these third parties, as may be needed.

And whereas both the sub-committee and the Board have considered solutions to maintain
the Marine Patrol, none having been identified as adequate.

And whereas taking a decision on the future of the Marine Patrol program has become
necessary given the factors outlined above.

It is hereby moved that the Marine Patrol program of the Pointe au Baril Islanders’
Association be discontinued immediately.

Moved by: Cath Fairlie

Seconded by: Mark Gwozdecky

Vote on the Motion: The vote was taken by roll call at a Special Meeting of the Directors held
by a Zoom on April 7th, 2024. Four Absentee Director forms were received prior to the
Special Meeting from Directors unable to attend. The Voting Directors of the Board passed
the above Motion to Discontinue the Marine Patrol Programme of PaBIA, effective
immediately, with no votes opposing the motion and no abstentions.

April 7th, 2024