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Volume 14 No. 3


Given the crazy weather PaB has been experiencing, from freezing rain back to snow, take a look at this picture taken Monday from Ed Garner’s webcam on Richard’s Island! It was snowing like crazy, according to Tom Lundy. So do you think spring will ever come? But if you look VERY closely up in the middle of the sky, you’ll see a faint image! It’s a bald eagle!!! So let’s take our cue from the eagle, perhaps spring IS around the corner! Let’s hope s/he is right!

In this eBlast:

In this eBlast:

  • Reminder – Membership Dues Deadline for Yearbook – March 15th
  • Want to Get Involved with PaBIA? We Need Your Help!
  • Reducing Environmental Micro-Plastics in PaB!
  • Do You Follow PaBIA on Social Media?
  • Off-Season Cottage Patrol Complete
  • Congrats to Marine Patroller (2020-21) – Tom Wunderlich!


Membership Dues Upcoming Deadline of March 15th!

Quickie reminder! Pay before March 15th in one of three different ways to one of 4 categories of membership:

Want To Get Involved?
We Need Your Help!

PaBIA is looking for a volunteer to chair the Triathlon! It’s a great way to get to get involved!. Scheduled for Saturday, July 16th, the Chair’s role involves organizing participant registration, recruiting event volunteers, setting up the triathlon route, and coordinating all event day activities. The triathlon is a fun half-day event for all ages which involves swimming a loop of the Ojibway back bay, running the Ojibway Club historic trails, and kayaking/canoeing the perimeter of the Ojibway Club Island. If you or anyone you know are looking to get involved with PaBIA and would like to Chair the Triathlon, please contact Virginia Skuce.

The First Peoples of Georgian Bay...

As part of our effort to offer you more content on Indigenous issues, please click on the logo which offers material describing the history of Indigenous peoples in Georgian Bay and Pointe au Baril in particular.

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Off-Season Cottage Patrols Are Complete! Thanks, Bruce!

If you haven’t already heard from Nancy Rogers regarding issues on your property, then all is well on your property! Bruce Tiffin completed the winter cottage patrols ten days ago and notified Nancy of any problems or issues. And, naturally, Nancy would have already contacted you directly.

Congratulations to Tom Wunderlich!!!

PaBIA has been very fortunate to have had Tom for two summers as one of the Marine Patrollers who has been monitoring our waterways and crown lands. He won’t be returning because he has accepted a job with the Canadian Coast Guard Internal Rescue Program (CCG IRB) and gives substantial credit to the Marine Patrol. In his own words, “If it were not for Marine Patrol and the training I received and qualifications, I would have not been in the running and eventually the stationing with CCG IRB.”

Congrats, Tom!

Hope to see you on the waters in PaB – just in another uniform!

Reducing Environmental Micro-Plastics

This March the PaBIA Board is personally ordering a number of the GBF sponsored washing machine filter units (see below) to explore both the efficacy and ease of installation. Local contractors will be involved to become familiar and aid with the installations. We expect to get delivery of them as summer approaches.

As a Board, we owe it to our community to explore, verify and support environmental solutions to keep our Bay safe. We will keep you posted on any developments and what we learn.

Studies Done on Washing Machine Filters Have Shown Major Reduction in Microfibres in our GBay Waters

Do you have a washing machine at the cottage? If so, you can help to keep our Georgian Bay waters cleaner while protecting the life of your septic system.

From the 2019-2020 study done by Georgian Bay Forever and the University of Toronto, the results show conclusively that one major source of microfibers found in our bay water comes from our washing machine discharge. Many of the clothes we wear today are made with microfibres that are NOT biodegradable: With every wash, microfibres are washed out of our clothes and discharged into the wastewater that goes immediately into our septic systems. These microfibres are SO small, that many move through our septic system, into the groundwater and then directly into our Georgian Bay.

The GBF is supporting a Private Member’s Bill to have filters installed on all new washing machines produced. In the meantime, we can help keep our waters pristine by installing a washing machine filter on the discharging pipe from our existing machines. Both the Microplastics Luv-R sku EE002 and the Wexco FIltrol 160 filters have been found to be effective; they can pull 87% – 89% of the microplastics found in the discharged water from the washing machine.

GBA Coastal Protection Committee Projects Gain Traction

“The GBA created the Coastal Protection Committee (CPC) in 2020 to help confront threats to the unique natural landscapes and ecology of the eastern and northern coasts of Georgian Bay” – a World Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO – “due to growing development pressure that pervades southern Ontario. The Committee includes representatives from coastal communities from Honey Harbour north to the Bay of Islands and Manitoulin Island, as well as politicians from four coastal municipalities.”

In order to answer the following questions:

  • Why do we need it?
  • That’s a huge issue. What actions can GBA take?
  • What has GBA and the CPC done so far?

…please read on.

Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels March 8, 2022 To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites

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