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Volume 14 No. 6

Summer is ALMOST here…and many of us are heading to or planning to open our cottages….getting our boats out of storage and hitting the throttle. But please, please, take a look at the video within this eBlast as a reminder that what is behind your boat (your wake) may be impacting, even endangering someone else, without you even knowing it or intending to do harm.

Please know that there have been two fires in our area – one near Pike’s Bay (MNR provided manpower) and at Site 9 (SFN Fire Dept & MNR provided assistance). And even though the Fire Danger has been downgraded to Moderate, let’s be proactive in our own fire protection awareness and readiness!

In this eBlast:


PLANNING AHEAD Mid July into August


Sailing Tune-Up Race Saturday, June 25th

2:00 pm on Ojibway Bay

Come join fellow PaBIA sailing enthusiasts for the Tune-Up Race on Saturday, June 25th on the Ojibway Bay Course. The start time is 2 pm…so come join the fun!

If you haven’t been a part of this fun group and would like to know about it or even join a crew for the race, please get in touch with Margie Wheler, our PaBIA Sailing Commodore!

Summer must be here…Sailing is back in full swing!

What’s Happening to our Weather?

June 16th, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
with David Phillips

David Phillips is a Senior Climatologist for Environment Canada and the recipient of numerous awards for his services to meteorology and weather communications in Canada. He will share insights from his 50-year career and tell us how Canada’s climate is changing, and what impacts we can expect on our local weather.

Click HERE to Register

PaB Station Canada Day 2022

Register NOW for
PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway Club
for 13 – 73+ years

PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway are being held on 5 weekends this summer (4 Learn to Sail in July and 1 Learn to Race in August; all 10:00 am-1:45 p.m.). Come sail with us this summer!

Registration is now open for the PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway. Sign up for one or more, and if you sign up for the entire series of 4 Learn to Sail clinics, you’ll receive the Learn to Race free!

Reminder to all Primary Members re Your Off-Season Patrol Tags

If you are a Primary member, all cottage tags were tucked inside the front cover of your Yearbooks. It’s important that you take the tags to your properties and attach them to the outside wall near your ‘front’ door where Bruce Tiffin can easily see it. PaBIA have to pay Bruce Tiffin to attach tags where they’ve been forgotten; and the tags themselves are expensive to produce.

Look What’s New and Exciting this Summer
Brought to You by PaBIA!

The PaBIA Education Committee is bringing their PFD AlwaysOn AlwaysSafe campaign to life with a fun contest.

Starting July 1st through August 31st, you just might get “caught” wearing your PFD by one of our On-Water Safety Ambassadors. If so, you’ll get a FREE Desmasdon’s Ice Cream Cone Voucher pictured here and a chance to enter to win great prizes!

What are They? What are They Not? Is there a Need for Concern?

by Helen Bryce, Director of Education

PFAS are man-made ‘forever chemicals’ that are practically indestructible and, based on ongoing research, doing harm to human beings. Although manufactured outside of Canada, their strong molecular bond repels water and grease and are found in hundreds of everyday products sold globally. They are in our environment and in our bodies.

  • What exactly are they,
  • Where are they found,
  • Why are they so harmful,
  • How do they relate to microplastics – already identified as dangerously accumulating in living things – and What can we do to educate ourselves and become better informed?

What are PFAS?

  • Per-and Polyfluoroalkly Substances (PFAS) are part of a family of human-made chemicals designed to repel water and grease.
  • They are made up of small molecules that react together to form a very large molecular mass.
  • This type of molecular mass makes PFAS tough and elastic which can maintain organized and tightly packed molecular chains.•  PFAS properties make them heat-resistant and close to indestructible.
  • They are characterized as “forever chemicals” because the fluorine-carbon molecular bond is the strongest ever invented and does not break down in the environment.
  • This means these chemicals will persist for hundreds – if not thousands – of years in our environment.

Please read the entire article here

Literally on the Bay

Editor – Janet Irving, Education Committee

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – like reading a book on a summer’s day on Georgian Bay!

This summer we suggest some books that are literally set on the Bay – or feel so much so that we just had to include them.

Suggestions from Parry Sound Books


INTO THE BLUE, by Andrea Curtis. 

Andrea Curtis is a writer with an intimate connection to Georgian Bay. Her memoir, Into the Blue, chronicles the fate of a family, and their shipping business, after a tragic shipwreck on the Bay. Woven into the story are tales of other Georgian Bay shipwrecks and stories of early cottagers on Georgian Bay. Great book! Also by Andrea Curtis is Big Water, a novel for teens about the steamship Asia and the two teenagers who were the only survivors when she sank just north of Pointe au Baril in 1882.

PaBIA Markers 2022 –
If Markers are Broken or Missing…

Andy Blenkarn and the Desmasdons crew have all the PaBIA markers installed for the season. If you see any markers missing, broken, or out of place, please contact either Tom Cavers, Chair of PaBIA’s Maps and Markers Committee or the Marine Patrol

Champlain’s Dream
by David Hackett

Want to learn about the people who lived on Georgian Bay more than 400 years ago? I highly recommend Champlain’s Dream by David Hackett Fischer. This celebrated and exhaustively researched book tells the story of a remarkable man, Samuel de Champlain, who approached the “New World” in a way that was starkly different than the violent conquests of the other European explorers of the day. 

Instead, Champlain set out to build a relationship of cooperation, co-existence, harmony and respect with the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Fischer gives us a window on the social, cultural, economic and political lives of the Indigenous Peoples of the time, particularly the Huron who lived on the shores of Georgian Bay, with whom he lived, studied, traded and established alliances.

Written by Mark Gwozdecky, PaBIA Director of Indigenous Affairs

Township of the Archipelago

Township Waste Bylaw Update –First Time in a Decade

The waste industry and government regulation are in a major transition with Provincial regulations changing quickly, with ‘User-pay’ programs common throughout the province. The Provincial ‘Blue Box’ program is moving to ‘producer responsibility’, and municipalities are required to establish agreements with new recycling Producer Responsibility Organizations (PRO’s) immediately (July 1, 2022) with no guidelines.

The principal 2022 Waste Bylaw Review Document is in the process of being mailed to every household and business in the Township. Your Ward 3 Councillors have reviewed the strategy for a new bylaw and the time is imperative to improve the management of our waste. The whole community must embrace the new bylaw as the lifespan of our landfill, Site 9, is now projected to run out in nineteen (19) years. The new bylaw requirements are no different from most municipalities in Ontario and are long overdue, especially with new ways to handle wet, organic garbage. (Wet waste includes cooked and uncooked food, waste from fruits and flowers, coffee grounds (pods) and tea bags, etc)

Key considerations:

  • Recyclables must be clean, or municipalities will be charged a significant penalty.
  • Waste audit at Site 9 and main transfer stations show that we can do much better:

24% of garbage could have been recycled!

  • Site 9 Landfill has a shorter operational life without improvements in waste handling.
  • The cost of a new landfill or transporting waste to other areas will cost the taxpayer millions.
  • Tipping fees are among the lowest in the West Parry Sound area. 
  • As a result, out-of-area commercial and residential interests are using Site 9 to take advantage of our fee structure leaving Township ratepayers with the costs associated.
  • Waste is also identified in the ICECAP program as a source of carbon and methane emissions.
  • Wet waste is a significant cost to the Township and its taxpayers. 
  • Other municipalities in West Parry Sound are focusing on the elimination of organic, wet waste including the Town of Parry Sound and Seguin Township.
  • Many residents and some ratepayer associations have made it clear that the system must serve residents who manage waste effectively and are average users of waste services.
  • Further to this, residents must not bear the tax burden of heavy users, short-term renters (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.), commercial operators, and those who do not follow the rules.

REDUCE | RECYCLE | DIVERT – Divert waste efficiently


Quiet Safe Lakes is a grassroots, volunteer, community group out of Muskoka that is working hard to promote safe and respectful boating. They are concerned about many of the same issues we are facing in Pointe au Baril such as huge wakes, loud boats, and boat safety. They are making a difference! In honour of Safe Boating Awareness Week, last month, they remind us of 5 key messages to help us all stay safe on the water all year:

  1. Wear your lifejacket
  2. Be boat Sober
  3. Be prepared, you and your vessel
  4. Take a boating course
  5. Be cold water safe

Check out more details on their website and watch this short, but effective video on wakes above.

PaB Nursing Station Clinic

The PaB Nursing Station Clinic operates:
Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm
Friday 8:00 am to noon.
Nor does a Nurse Practitioners – Led Clinic have a Doctor on duty 2X/week as is stated in the yearbook.

What is a Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic ( NPLC)?

Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic is an innovative model for the delivery of comprehensive primary health care in Ontario. The model is designed to improve access to care for thousands of individuals and families who do not currently have a primary health care provider ( ie. Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner). Pointe au Baril is one of six sites in the West Parry Sound Health Centre’s Rural area.

Are there walk-in services?

For emergencies only NPLC sites will see patients who walk in; otherwise, patients book appointments as there is typically only one NP working at each site.

Are there same-day appointments?

Yes. Each site reserves a few same-day appointments for urgent matters. Please call in the morning as these appointments book up quickly.

Does the Nurse Practitioner still see patients who have a doctor?

Katelyn Beattie is PaB’s NP and is able to provide episodic care for all patients in the community based on appointment availability. Katelyn joined the PaB Nursing Clinilast fall

WPSHC NON-Urgent Care Clinic

is NOT operating this summer. This is a correction for the listing in Yearbook 2022 on page 11.

How to Rig Your Laser

For some of us, remembering how to rig a Laser sailboat is a task that needs to be refreshed every year! For those who would like a refresher, here is one! Just click on the photo!

What You Need to Know About Fishing in the Biosphere

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Georgian Bay Biosphere (GBB)

Fishing topwater as the sun comes up. Casting toward a weed line, anticipating a big hit. Jigging in your favourite (top secret) fishing hole until there’s barely enough light left to see the tip of your rod. Just thinking about these kinds of moments makes anglers giddy with excitement, eager for the open water season.

The spectacular waters in the biosphere region provide unparalleled fishing opportunities. To protect the fish populations that support recreational fishing, and all of the businesses that rely on it, it is important that anglers make every effort to fish responsibly. This month’s blog post takes a look at what you need to know to fish legally and conscientiously in the region, whether you are new to the pastime or a seasoned pro.

Click  to see the GBB article.

Florence Church Collection and Rummage Sales Returns with a Twist

Summer 2022 brings back an old favourite with a twist!
The Florence Church Rummage Sale(s) will take place on
Four Saturdays in July and August from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
July 9th and 23rd
August 6th and 20th

Donations are welcome at any time through to mid-August –
everything is welcome EXCEPT large appliances.
Clothes, toys, and furniture will be gladly accepted!

Yearbook Updates as of May 22

With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names of those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2022 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook! As of June 9, here are the changes.

Adams, Will (email change)
Doyne, Finn (addition)
Doyne, Martha (addition)
Fischer Dodge, Laura (addition)
Hall Findlay, Martha (address change)
Kuryllowicz, Kara & Peron, Lucien (addition)
Lahti, Jacob & Lahti, Claudia (addition)
Larson, Charles & Susan (addition)
Magwood, Charles & Lee (addition)
Pepper, Douglas & Kim (addition)

Peters, Nancy (address, cell & email changes)
Ryley, Bronwyn (addition)
Ryley, Deedee (addition)
Ryley, Hannah (addition)
Simpson, Robert (addition)
Smith, Garfield & Fischer, Lisa (address correction)
Tangredi, Vincent & Ko, Siu lan (addition)
Zimmerman, Katina & Brian (addition)

Lost and Found / Water Levels

Old Town Canoe Found & Rescued

Please let Nancy know if you recognize this Old Town canoe, rescued from being submerged in the water and bailed out. It’s in good condition!

Ladder Found near Turning Island

This dock ladder was found floating near Turning Island – and appears to be in good shape. Marc Krofchick kindly rescued it. If this is yours, please contact Marc directly.

Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels Jun 9, 2022 To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites

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