We hope all those parents and grandparents of kids 5-14 are getting the kids revved up for this Saturday’s Junior Regatta!  It’s always such fun to get the kids together on the Ojibway docks!  Then on Sunday we hope you’ll consider  coming out to watch and/or participate in the Sailing Race. Did you see all the sailboats out last Saturday in Shawanaga Bay?  It was a BEAUTIFUL sight!

Other items of interest this week: Pine Sawfly Update, Steamboat Channel, GBLT Rock Walk, Prospective PaBIA Directors, and so much more! Read on…

Jr Reg Poster 16
Junior Regatta
Saturday, July 23rd
9:00 AM Sign Up
9:30 AM START 

Only a few days until the big race! The Junior Regatta is just around the corner and I can’t wait to see what this year’s talent has in store for us! 

  • Please make your way to the main PaBIA table on the Ojibway dock to register your name and age.
  • Regatta t-shirts will be available at the Ojibway Gift Shop for purchase on the day of the event, so don’t forget to grab one before they are gone! 
  • Bring your sunscreen, bathing suit, lifejacket and a positive attitude!
**New this year is our Instagram account @pabiaregatta so don’t forget to follow us and post your pictures with #pabiaregatta!

Contact Christie Barrett with questions!

Steamboat Channel
Steamboat Channel Protected!
A 35 acre northern section of Pointe au Baril’s MacKenzie Island is now protected by the Georgian Bay Land Trust!
Known locally simply as “Steamboat” after the channel whose southern shore it borders, this property is both highly ecologically significant and historically treasured by the Pointe au Baril community.
One of Georgian Bay’s few remaining pockets of old growth white pine forest is found here, a rare occurrence as the coast was so extensively logged over the last two centuries. The property is also a documented home to several Species at Risk, including the Eastern Foxsnake and Whip-poor-will. 

Steamboat Channel is so named because its depth, orientation, and sheltered waters made it a favoured passage for the steamboats that served Pointe au Baril before the railways and roads were built. Several of Pointe au Baril’s earliest cottages were built in the surrounding area, but the channel itself has remained largely undeveloped. Long valued by the community for its natural and unspoiled shoreline, it has become a favourite destination for canoeists and kayakers now that the steamboat era has passed. 
The acquisition of the Steamboat Channel property is the result of members of the Pointe au Baril community coming together to protect a beloved shoreline and ecological jewel. We’re so happy to have been a part of this effort and to have the privilege of stewarding this property in perpetuity.

THANK YOU to the generous donors and tireless volunteers who made this happen!

Majestic Eagle
Bald Eagle!

Our Eagles have one ‘little one’ this year! This picture of the adult parent was taken in tree on the other side of the island away from the nest as the juvenile eagle was in the nest practicing its wing’s spreads!

SAiling FS
July 24 Races 7 & 8
Sunday @ 11 a.m.

The Loon Island Race was held in Middle Reach in spectacular conditions this past Saturday. Thank you to the Christine and Peter Schmidt for hosting the rendezvous. Congratulations to Bill Foster and Shannon and Liza Zimmerman on winning the Loon Island Race trophy as fastest boat overall.
This week’s race will be held on Sunday July 24th at 11 am  on the Matthews Bay race course. The post race rendezvous will be hosted by the Fischer’s at Round Island Camp on Champlain Monument Is.   See you Sunday!

PaBIA’s Sail Racing Clinic – Next Week
Again this year, the Regan’s will be opening their Ojibway Cottage docks to provide a 3 day clinic for those who wish to learn techniques used in racing sailboats.  All those who wish to participate may sign up.

9:30 – 1:30 pm  School with Lunch Included

Monday-Wednesday July 25-27th  (Thursday raindate)
Flying Scot Race on Friday, July 29th @ 11 AM

GBLT – Rock Walk
Bring Your Picnic 
Meet Brad & gang 
departing for West Lookout
from the Ojibway Dock at noon
Join Dr. Nick Eyles, GBLT 
 on West Lookout
Thursday July 21
(rain date July 26)
12:30 Picnic and 1:30 pm
Always a highlight of the summer,       Dr. Nick Eyles’ fascinating geological tours are not to be missed!
Learn the history of Georgian Bay’s rocks as you tour this beautiful island.
Learn to fish
Take a Kid Fishing – Tips to Help Make Lifelong Memories

One of the most rewarding experiences in fishing is taking a child fishing. It is something they and you will remember for a lifetime. To make sure your experience is a memorable one, we found a website with helpful information you can pass down to the next generation.

Tips on fishing with kids

  1. Relax, bring a smile, an open mind, and a lot of patience.
  2. Keep it simple. An inexpensive rod and reel, with live bait and a bobber, will get you off to a good start.
  3. Fish from shore. Kids sometimes need a chance to run around.
  4. Fish for little fish. Kids care more about the number of fish they catch than the size. Sunfish and other pan-sized fish are plentiful and easy to hook.
  5. Make it fun. Praise children for their patience, their cooperation, and simply for trying.
  6. Teach skills…patiently. Kids learn by doing, so don’t do everything for them.
  7. Help children problem-solve. Lines get tangled. Hooks get snagged. Fish stop biting. Identifying a problem and finding its solution is a valuable life skill.
  8. Be flexible. If your child is too excited to sit still with a bobber and live Be a good eco-citizen.
  9. Don’t litter, follow the fishing regulations, and release any fish you don’t plan to eat.
  10. Don’t stay too long. End your trip on a high note.
Blueberry Pancakes
Sunday July 31

Yummy Blueberry Pancake Breakfast        at 9 AM
in the Ojibway Dining Room

PaBIA’s Annual General Meeting
                      to follow @ 9:30 AM
Guest Speaker: Gordon Walker, Canadian IJC Commissioner
Gordon Walker
Put this date on your calendar NOW!

Gordon Walker has been the Canadian Chair of the IJC since 2013.   We look forward to hearing him discuss the issues related to water levels of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, as well as an update on the Waukesha WI watershed..  He will also open the floor to Q & A.

Notice of this meeting includes last year’s AGM Minutes, linked here for your information, and notice of perspective new directors below.

Scott Sheard
Meet PaBIA’s Prospective New Directors

Scott Sheard is a fourth generation Georgian Bay enthusiast who came to Pointe au Baril in 1965 with his family after previously summering in Go Home Bay. His family established their summer life on the west end of Kishkadena Island and Scott worked most summers in PaB during his student days. Despite living out of Canada for 6 years, Scott always returned to Pointe au Baril for vacations and reinforced his resolve to ‘never to take a day for granted’ on The Bay. 

Since 2010, he has devoted considerable time and effort as a PaBIA volunteer in the capacity of Marine Patrol Supervisor and as an active member of a number of PaBIA committees: Low Water Access, Boat Safety, Succession Management and Water Quality/Water Testing. 

Scott brings extensive executive management and consulting experience in multi-disciplined business units, cross-functional project teams, business development, and partnerships and alliances. He is currently Senior Partner and co-Principal in an independent consultancy that works globally in sales force planning and strategic negotiation methodologies. Scott is also President of the Canadian chapter of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.

Erica Allen

Erica Allen is the current Membership Chair for PaBIA and an active member of our cottage community.  As a Real estate agent, Erica manages to spend the bulk of July and August in PaB. Erica and her husband Bruce have been cottaging in PaB  for several years and finally built on Champlain Monument Island 6 years ago. Their four children, Blake, Haley, Meghan and Rachael have all worked/participated in the Ojibway Camp or PaBIA’s Marine Patrol. Meghan is the Recreation Head at the Ojibway again this summer.

Erica will continue to bring enthusiasm and energy to the PaBIA board when she joins as Activities Director. 

Mike Berton
Proposed PaBIA Reps to GBA

Mike Berton has been a member of PaBIA since 1992 when he first came to Pointe au Baril as a newlywed spouse to long-time cottager, Cathie Hurlburt. Although a Vancouver resident, he spends the majority of every summer at the family cottage in the outer islands of Pointe au Baril and loves the Georgian Bay. Michael and Cathie have 3 children who enjoy play and work time at the cottage. 

Over the years he has volunteered with PaBIA at regattas, the sailing fleet, assisted with upgrades to island and channel markers, provided fantastic photos for ​the Yearbook and also helped with the Ojibway Club’s annual Art Show.

Michael is a senior financial planner with Assante Financial Management in Vancouver, B.C. and since 1994, working together with Cathie to serve their clients with comprehensive and customised financial planning, tax, investment, risk management and estate-planning advice.

Linda Watts
Linda Watts was first introduced to Pointe au Baril in 1970, by future husband, Bill Watts.  Later she discovered that besides meeting his family, one of the main reasons for the visit was to see if she “passed the cottage test”!  She did pass the test and has enjoyed the incredible beauty and healing nature of this wonderful part of the world ever since.
Before retiring, her career in health care involved extensive involvement as a physiotherapist in several settings and in senior management in outpatient and hospital sectors.  She currently serves on the Clinical Ethics Committee of the Sault Area Hospital.  As a winter resident of Sault Ste. Marie she has a great interest in the health and wise use and management of the Great Lakes and in particular of Georgian Bay.

MP logo
Next On-the-Water Coaching
TODAY July 20  9:30 – 11:00 am 
Randy Johnson, Power Squadron and PaBIA Member Safety Team, will again coach any PaBIA member who wishes to become more proficient at docking and maneuvering a boat!  Bring your own boat and meet Randy at the back Ojibway docks.
Sign-ups for subsequent Wednesdays at PaBIA’s Marine Patrol Hut or email. Contact Randy Johnson with questions.

Next Boat Pro Seminar

TODAY 1:00 – 3:00 pm at the Ojibway Lounge

Randy Johnson, Power Squadron and PaBIA Member Safety Team, will again hold seminars and give the test for all those wishing to get their mandatory Boat Licence in order to operate a motorboat of any kind. There is a cost for the test of $80 in cash or a check to be made out to Randy Johnson.  These seminars will be given periodically throughout the summer on Wednesday afternoons.  Please check for available dates and/or  sign up in the Ojibway Office.
Frogs are a Croakin’
Have you heard the frogs this summer? This green frog likes to ‘sing’ during warm nights.

arts on the bay logo
Arts on the Bay Tonight July 20

Social: 4:00 p.m.

Fabulous Dinner: 4:45 p.m.

25th Anniversary Variety Show: 6:00–9:00 p.m.

Outstanding Art Exhibits & Poet’s Corner

                                             Pierre Sabourin- Professional Oil Painter.

Fabulous Dinners:  $25 each                Individual Show Tickets:  $20 each

White Star Swim Winners
White Star Swim Finishers

The 2 mile, 2.7 km swim was completed by 9 brave souls! 
Congratulations to (Lt to Rt):
Izzy Pepper
Andrea Isbester
Nancy Regan
Geneviève Abbott
Brett Addock
Nancy Zentel
Doug Alderdice
Taylor Fisher Shuford
Helen Garber
The winners each will receive their award: Gift Certificate to Payne Marine’s Dockside Fish ‘n Chips!
1st Woman: Andrea Isbester; 1st Man: Doug Alderdice; 1st Girl: Izzy Pepper;
1st Boy: Brett Adcock
Mature larvae
Update on Introduced Pine Sawfly
So far, it is all good news.  Only a very few IPS larvae have been found so far — singly and in locations that experienced severe infestation last fall.  Moreover, Mother Nature again provided assistance by providing some much needed rain.  Those who had already watered the roots of their stressed pines will most likely witness healthy new growth—with the possible exception of those trees that lost over 50% of their needles last fall, or those affected by other diseases such as blister rust
or the pine shoot beetle.
The pine trees that Jon and Shelagh Grant had treated with TreeAzin in June seem exceptionally healthy in spite of approximate 25% needle loss from last year’s sawfly infestation. They also gave the roots of their weakest trees a heavy soaking – two or three times in June/July. Although recent rains are providing sufficient moisture for the time being, Taylor Scarr has advised that we should soak the roots when needed and continue to inspect our pines for any signs of the IPS larvae (also incorrectly referred to as caterpillars.) Please note that only the mature adults have yellow spots on them, whereas the immature larvae are a dull greyish green with black heads, similar to the European Pine Sawfly (also an invasive pest but not considered as destructive.) 
The Grants still found many IPS pupae cases attached to branches of their pines. Some were already open at one end, indicating the sawfly had emerged and possibly leftovers from last fall.  But we also found a number of pupae cases that were not opened. On Taylor Scarr’s advice, I examined these more closely and found a tiny pinhole in each. When cut open there was only powdery debris inside – indicating that they had become infected with parasites – a natural predator.

Passion of GBay
Our ToA taxes have funded the publishing of this book, “Passion for Georgian Bay – The History of the Township of the Archipelago – 1812-2012″.  Each taxpayer received a coupon for this book in their tax bill received in the past month. Complimentary copies will be available from late July until September 30, 2016 at Desmasdons. Please present your coupon for your copy!
For others who would be interested, this book can also be purchased for $30 through Desmasdons, although please note there is a limited supply.  

Any profits from the sale go to the GBLT.  
On any given Tuesday AM, one might come across, or see from a distance, a group of kayakers yakking away, solving the problems of the world!  Never a dull moment with this crowd!

In Memoriam
Jim Bradshaw  A501 – 4 ‘Asumaya’ on Nadeau Is., past PaBIA Director, keen sailor and host with wife Suzanne of the PaBAR shore lunches, father of Sarah, Tim (Rindy), Miranda (Peter Sorensen) and Ben (Anna-Lisa Brewer), July 2016

Jim Bradshaw
We are sad to announce that Jim Bradshaw died on Saturday July 16th in Toronto.  Jim loved his summer home on the shores of Nadeau Island in Shawanaga Channel. He and Sue began bringing their family to Pointe au Baril in 1966 when they fell in love with their little fishing cabin. So began a long lasting romance with the area that now extends to his children and their families.  Jim was an intrepid sailor.  He was a feature at many sailing regattas (some with more successful results than others) and made great friends young and old through his involvement in the sport. Though he sometimes returned ashore with bloody shins, numb fingers and a mutinous crew, his passion never waned. Jim was an avid supporter of the Ojibway Club in the early years serving as Director and President. His love of the Pointe au Baril area and many happy times spent with friends and family on the beautiful rocks of A501-4 help his spirit live on in all who knew him. 
Garry Scale, Springhaven Services, Nares Inlet, husband of Karen Scale, brother of Dennis (Kay) Scale, July 2016
Yearbook Updates (since the printing of 2016 Yearbook)
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