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PaB Ice Fishing
Picture above – thanks Mark Payne!
Dear PaBIA,
As we ‘turn the pages’ to a new calendar year, it’s amazing how our thoughts and hopes also turn toward summer and our return to the Bay!
Perhaps it is time to consider sharing a story for consideration in this year’s Yearbook!
Or perhaps now is the time to consider putting together or updating your Emergency Plan. The 2018 Yearbook section devoted to Emergency has been condensed for you – to access either from the website or from the right hand side of this eBlast under Emergency!
Or is your child or grandchild of age to be considered for a position with the PaBIA Marine Patrol?

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PaBIA Speaks!
Thanks to all for taking the time late last year to respond to the PaBIA Membership Survey. We received a strong response with good representation across our membership. 
Stay tuned for a full membership report once the tabulated results are shared with the committee and the full PaBIA Board.
Along with the 2008 survey results, this new and invaluable information resource will provide a clearer picture and strong foundation for PaBIA’s membership efforts on key issues moving forward.

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We’re Hiring!
Marine Patrollers
for the
2019 Summer Program!

MP Advertising Pic
We’re looking for friendly, boating-savvy students with an interest in conservation for the Marine Patrol in Pointe au Baril for summer 2019.
If you’re a university or college student who:
  • will be starting or continuing an academic program after the summer of 2019
  • has good boating skills and daily access to a boat
  • has summer accommodation in Pointe au Baril
  • is interested in promoting boating safety and serving the interests of the local community
  • has an interest in environmental science
  • has a love of nature and is conservation minded
  • enjoys engaging with the public, is outgoing and has good communications skills.
This could be the position for one of your children or grandchildren! Please forward this to someone you feel would be well qualified! Please view the complete job description and application instructions on the PaBIA website.

Jr Regatta 2018 web
Wish To Give Back?
We are seeking donors for at least two JR Regatta event plaques. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the Pointe au Baril community and honour our special heritage. Acknowledge a family member or celebrate something special for your family. Please contact Nancy Rogers if you would like to know more.

New Edition of the PaBIA Map
Map Chair, Jim Rogers, has met twice with the cartographer to make the large number of changes required. We expect the 2019 edition of the Map to be completed in time for it to be available for all the retail outlets in early May. 
If you have not already done so, please email Jim Rogers with changes…please provide the island/property number in question, the changes you believe need to be made and a drawing attached if possible. Jim will let you know he’s received your email!

2019 Membership Dues
By now, you should have received your invoice form and have taken advantage of the different options to pay for this year’s unchanged dues:
Reminder: to be listed in the Yearbook,
the deadline for payment is March 15th.

Yearbook cover 2018
Advertising in PaBIA/Ojibway Yearbook 2019
Please note that should you wish to advertise in this year’s Yearbook, the deadline for confirming your desire is due into Nancy Rogers by February 15th, and all final ads are due and paid for by March 10th. Should you need PaBIA’s assistance with the production of your ad, all information needs to be into Nancy and Hilde by March 1.

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Listen to Experts Discuss: Plastics from H2O 2018
We are literally eating our garbage!
There is a growing microplastics problem in our waterways. See this compelling 27-minute video of Dr. Rochman, from the University of Toronto from the H2O event, co-hosted by GBF and the GBA.
Not only are the oceans being impacted, but millions of tiny pieces of plastics from laundering your clothes are in our water, including our tap water and in a lot of the fish we eat.
Georgian Bay Forever is teaming with the University of Toronto, Parry Sound, and other partners in a field study to divert and capture tiny plastics (microfibers) when households are doing their wash.
To learn more and to support this effort to reduce plastics getting into Georgian Bay, please visit this link.

h4h logo
H4H Morel Family 1.19
Thanks to many who have helped make the joint village and islander Habitat build a reality. The land was transferred to Habitat Ontario Gateway North and clearing of the land for a driveway and foundation can now get underway. It will be exciting to see pictures of this process. Materials acquisition for the house is underway. The building of the house starts in the spring. Come build with us.
Please consider donating to this worthy cause in support of our PaB community by clicking on Pointe au Baril Adopt a Home Project under FUND!
Pictured: the Morel family with Kim Woodcock, CEO, Ontario Gateway North, holding title transfer.

Photos from King Bursary 2018
GBLT King Family Bursary – Deadline February 8th!
King Family Bursary Applications are now open for the 2019 King Family Bursary. If you have an idea for a project that will contribute to knowledge and appreciation of Georgian Bay’s environment, culture, or communities, we’d love to hear from you!
Supported by Wally and Marilyn King and John Hartman, the King Family Bursary gives two awards of $3,500 each year to projects that promote awareness and appreciation of the unique environment, culture, communities, and/or history of eastern Georgian Bay or the North Channel. Past recipients have come from a variety of fields, and we encourage applicants from the sciences, arts, humanities, and more.
Applications are due by February 8th, 2019, and projects must be completed by June 2020. For more details and to apply, please click here!

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Water Level Data from
PaBIA Jan 2019 &
Chart from GBA Dec 2018

Water Levels 1.2019
Water level graph 12.2018
Water Level chart 12.2018
Council of GL Region
Great Lakes Economic Forum
In May 2019, the Council of the Great Lakes Region (CGLR) will host the Great Lakes Economic Forum in Cleveland, Ohio. To understand more about what is involved, please click here to learn more about this program, now in its fifth year.

In Memoriam
Kenneth Scott, A78-9 ‘Nascanota’ and A78-1 ‘Miramachee’, husband of Viviane, January 2019

Advocating for the Island Community
Your PaBIA Directors
Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association 
PaBIA reserves all rights regarding decisions on communications to its members
in accordance with the PaBIA Policy on Communications

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