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Dear David,
How can this be the last regularly scheduled eBlasts of 2017? But the calendar says this is true.
Should the need arise, PaBIA will send out eBlasts over the next month or so. Otherwise, you will receive periodically eNewsletters to keep you current with what PaBIA is doing over the winter months. Your Board teleconferences every other month throughout the winter.
Please visit our PaBIA website for next year’s calendar dates as they become available while staying current with issues that may be ongoing! Preview dates includes: Entre Amis: Saturday, July 7; Jr Regatta last Saturday of July; Sr Regatta first Saturday of August; PaB Triathlon Saturday, July 21!
Be Sure to Attach your Off Season Patrolman’s Tags
Make sure you have enough tags and have attached them to your cottages and buildings that you wish checked by our Off Season Patrolman, Bruce Tiffin, over the winter months. Each building you wished checked needs to have a tag on it where Bruce can access it so he can stamp it once he’s checked it. Remember, should an issue be found on your property, Bruce immediatelytakes pictures and sends them to Nancy Rogers who in turn contacts the owner immediately!
Receiving one tag is one of the main perks you receive as PaBIA Members. Should you wish to have more buildings on your property checked, each additional tag is $30 and can be purchased (if you haven’t already done so) by contacting Nancy Rogers through Labour Day here in PaB.
Yearbook cover 17
Your Stories are WANTED!!!
As you look back on this 2017 summer, are there stories about which you think others might enjoy reading?
I am always looking for good material from our members, and that means YOU! Please consider contributing! Contact Hilde Clark with any questions. I would appreciate knowing you would like to write an article this fall, but the deadline for informing me is mid January, with the article due to me by the end of January. I’d encourage anyone to write it now while it is still fresh on your mind!!!
First Aid
Being Prepared in Paradise…
Please consider taking a first aid course over the winter so that you might be in a better position to help your fellow cottagers for summers to come should the need unexpectedly arise! Also, PaBIA is considering providing a First Aid course in the early part of Summer 2018. If interested, please let Scott Sheard know.
Also please share your neighbourhood Emergency plan with Scott Sheardand/or Nancy Rogers. The EMS team wants to learn who is the Head person for your group, the ‘name’ of your group, and the overall plan. Scott and his EMS team will pull together all this information so that we can learn from one another and disseminate the best overall structure for others. Please check PaBIA’s safety section on the website for forms and information helpful as you put your plan together.
Fall Fishing
Big predator fish such as Northern Pike and Muskellunge are very active feeders in the fall. In our fishing zone– Zone 14—you are allowed to keep any size of pike, but only one fish that is 34” or longer, and only muskies longer than 54”, and only one. (However, releasing a muskie of that size is strongly recommended in order to preserve the species and to give other anglers the thrill of catching such a rare and impressive beast).
If you’re having a good day out on the water, anything approaching these size limits means you’ll be looking to release safely and carefully a big slippery customer with sharp hooks in a mouthful of seriously sharp teeth.  Doing this in a way that does the least harm to both you and the fish takes preparation, and a little know-how.
Below are three videos that are helpful. The first deals with fishing from a boat, the second one deals with catching fish from shore. The third video talks about the correct way to do the gill plate/lower jaw hold.
And please remember, if you’re fishing in the fall, prepare for it: the water and the air are getting colder, and there are fewer people around. Always wear a life jacket, and let someone on shore know where you are going and when you plan to return. Cell phones provide some measure of comfort if you get stranded, but only if the batteries are working and there’s a signal where you’re going.
Spectacular Body Bell Buoy Sailing Race
Sailing around buoy
Rounding the Bell Buoy
This past weekend the fleet sailed the Body Bell Buoy Race, the final race of the season. The fleet beat to windward from Pikes Bay out through the narrows to the Bell Buoy and then, pushed by wind and wave, finished with a run back to the line off Brooker. It was a glorious day, the fleet revelling and cavorting in steady wind, and brilliant sun that sparkled off the waves. The Regan’s once again hosted the rendezvous at Brooker and guests lingered with friends as they basked in the fading sun that told of the passing of summer.
Below: Running home past the Lighthouse.
Sailing via lighthouse
Sailing Photo finish
Thanks to the Race Committee and crew, the hosts of all the Rendezvous, and to all sailors who took part over the summer for making 2017 a memorable season. Till next year, the Commodore.
(Lft)Photo FInish!
Rendez vous at regans
Gathering at the Regan Rendezvous, thanks Gail and family!
Florence Church
Florence Universal Church’s
Fall Rummage Sale
Don’t forget the Florence Universal Rummage Sale on Saturday, Sept 21!
Please bring any and all donated items to the church door (back or front) before leaving for the off season so that they can be sorted for the Sale on September 21! The church can be accessed either off the South Shore Road or from the Main Station Channel across from Desmasdons.
All items should be in plastic bags and will be retrieved daily off the steps All proceeds go toward the maintaining of this historic building. Contact Barb Leitch with any questions!
Water Levels August 17, 2017
Water levels
Water level legend 2017
Click on the Graph to obtain the most recent water level chart!
Yearbook Update
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To keep your Yearbook current, we suggest you print out the listing of all PaBIA Yearbook Updates here!
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