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Volume 14 No. 14

With the 2022 successful Regattas bringing our community back together again, one could feel the energy on the Ojibway Docks!!! Thanks to Virginia Skuce, for pitching in for Kelly Watson, AND the Senior Regatta team of volunteers for stepping up to the plate!!!! Jobs well done!!!

PaBIA’s Blueberry Pancake Breakfast and Annual Meeting were also testaments that our community cares about one another and is back! Our thanks to the Ojibway Club’s JT and Mark for getting us ready in fine fashion! And a special thank you to Erica Allen as she bids adieu to PaBIA’s Presidency!

Still lots ahead these next few weeks. The Naturalist will be a fascinating look at how nature responds to fire and the Ojibway Art Show will be in full force from now through Sunday.

In this eBlast:


  • PaBIA Boater Manueuverability Coaching – TODAY
  • Ojibway Club Art Show 2022 August 3-7
  • ToA Large Item Pick Up Day  August 6
  • Science North Great Ontario Roadshow in PaB – August 11
  • Arts on the Bay – Carlos Del Junco – August 13
  • Naturalist: Key River Fire of 2018 – The Effects on the Landscape 4 Years Later with Mike Waddington
  • Emmaline Madigan – Celebrating 50 Years at the PaB Lighthouse – Write a note to her
  • Derelict Dock Day – Saturday, August 25 – We Need Your Help!


  • A Journey from 20,000 years ago – before the Americas – YouTube Trailer for Mini-Series
  • MP – J
  • Get Caught in your PFD Contest: Always On Always Safe – win a kayak
  • Literally on the Bay by Charlotte Stein, Parry Sound Books
  • Florence Church Rummage Sales looking for goods for August sales.
  • SFN Yard sales Contributions
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels – August 1, 2022
  • In Memoriam
  • Yearbook Update 2022 as of July 26

August 2022 Activities

On-the-Water Boat Maneuverability Coaching

with Randy Johnson, Certified Power Squadron Trainer &

PaBIA Chair of Fire & Boat Safety Committee

TODAY from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Sign-Up NOW at MP Office or Ojibway Club Office! Ojibway Back docks

Sailing Race Saturday, August 6th at 2 p.m.

2:00 p.m.

Mathews Bay

Please be in touch with Margie Wheler, our PaBIA Sailing Commodore, should you want to learn more!

PaBIA Racing Sailing Clinic –
THIS Saturday, August 6th

Register NOW!

Sign up by Thursday for this Saturday’s Clinic! Registration is now open for the PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway. Sign up today! Contact Margie Wheler with questions!

Large Item Pick-up Day at the Station
August 6 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Pointe au Baril Station Government Docks

Please check on the Township Website for details as to what is accepted and what is not,

Please scroll down the webpage to Pointe au Baril to get the details.

Science North Great Ontario Roadshow comes to
Pointe au Baril – August 11

The village of Pointe au Baril welcomes visitors to a first-time event. Drop in anytime between 11 am and 3 pm on August 11, 2022, to find out what our village, local businesses, artists, and groups have to offer.

Experience science shows and interactive workshops brought to you by interpretive staff from Science North, in Sudbury. This free public event will be held in the Pointe au Baril Community Centre on South Shore Road. Come to Pointe au Baril for a fun-filled day for this event and enjoy the childrens’ playground and community garden overlooking the harbour.

Volunteers will prepare healthy refreshments but we welcome sponsor(s) for those expenses. Please get in touch with Anne Stewart.

There is also still time to showcase your services or products, so if you are a local business, artist, performance artist, or community group, please register with Meaghan Francis.

Arts on the Bay – August 13th

Carlos del Junco and The Blues Mongrels 

Pointe au Baril Community Centre 

Now air-conditioned!

Dinner available at 5 p.m., Show starts 6:30 p.m.

Carlos del Junco has come a long way since spending many summers as a kid – starting in the late 1960’s – in Pointe Au Baril on Jergen’s Point island. His parents sold the cottage around 1998. He’s since made a name for himself as one of the world’s best diatonic harmonica players (“diatonic” harmonica is the same 10 hole harmonica that Bob Dylan uses) with many accolades to show for it.

To say that del Junco just plays the harmonica would be like saying Jimi Hendrix was just a guitar player. He blows the blues harp through a prism — suddenly it seems he’s holding every colour in the musical rainbow right there in his hands.

Simultaneously sophisticated and raw, his playing blurs the boundaries between blues and jazz (hence the name for his band “The Blues Mongrels”). The emphasis is on blues, but Carlos and his band are not afraid to merrily traipse off in other directions delivering a seamless fusion of swing,  New Orleans second line grooves, Latin, ska melodies, to swampy roots rock. Ticket info here!

Key River Fire of 2018 –
The Effects on the Landscape 4 Years Later

August 14 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Ojibway Movie Hut

Presenter: Mike Waddington, McMasters University

Dr. Mike Waddington will report the effects of the massive Key River Fire (Parry Sound 33) of 2018. 

Dr. Waddington and his students have been assessing the effects of the fire on the plants and animals (particularly the at-risk turtles) in the burned areas. Dr. Waddington will have much to say about wildfire, the Georgian Bay landscape, carbon, and climate.

Derelict Dock Clean Up Day – August 27, 2022

Need Volunteers to Help Get
Boats to Station

The Township of the Archipelago has agreed to waive disposal fees and help disassemble any derelict docks that are delivered to the station on August 27. This is a great opportunity to remove unsightly and potentially dangerous abandoned or derelict docks on our shorelines. It’s also an opportunity to get rid of that old dock of your own that you’ve been wondering how to dispose of!

If you know of any abandoned docks, please send the specific location and, if possible, a photo to Cath Fairlie.  But please make sure it’s NOT your neighbour’s dock pulled up for winter storage! To avoid this possibility, please ask your neighbours before reporting it to Cath! Also please let Cath know if you are planning to bring in your own old dock as well. We need to report numbers to the Township so they can bring appropriate resources.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! The Township will dispose of them, but WE need to get them to the Station. PaBIA is looking for Community Volunteers to help out on “Abandoned Dock Day – August 27”.   Sign Up by calling (647-545-9283) or emailing the Marine Patrol.


GBLT and Phragmites!

One of our primary focuses during the summer season is monitoring Georgian Bay Land Trust properties. There are 14 GBLT property locations situated around Pointe au Baril, that we are fortunate to steward throughout the season. The GBLT’s goal in collecting property throughout the Archipelago is to preserve areas of ecological, geological, and historical importance. The 3 most popular locations for picnicking are Friend Island, West Lookout, and Little McCoy Island. We would like to highlight the importance of leaving no trace when visiting these islands. Fires and camping are not permitted on GBLT islands; however, you may camp and have cooking fires on Crown/Treaty islands such as Armstrong Rock and Burnt Island. Please ensure that you leave the area as you found it and respect the natural state of our islands when visiting.

August is the month for cutting Phragmites! Phragmites is a reed grass from Europe brought over to Canada in the 1800s and has developed as a highly significant threat to Georgian Bay’s coastal wetlands (Georgian Bay Forever, 2022). Phragmites grow into a thick monoculture that reduces biodiversity and habitat for native species. We have visited previous phragmites locations, many of which no longer have any active growth. Some sites now have a presence of native phragmites, which is a good indication that the invasive species will not return. The following are guidelines on how to identify invasive phragmites if you suspect there may be a patch on your island:

  • Dense patch of green stalks
  • A connected root system of hollow rhizomes
  • Beige stems
  • Tall green stalks with alternating leaves
  • The stalks have the potential to grow up to 15 ft tall

Native phragmites are less dense and have a reddish colour at the base. Native phragmites will also co-exist with other plant species. We have a potential phragmites removal day set for August 20, however, at this time, there are no large patches in need of cutting. We will keep everyone updated throughout August in case the situation changes. If you think there are phragmites on your property, feel free to contact the Marine Patrol at (647) 545-9283 or Email.

Let’s All Get Onboard with our PFDs!

You Could Win Big Time!


Literally on the Bay

Book recommendations by Charlotte Stein, owner of Parry Sound Books

Edited by Janet Irving, Education Committee.

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – like reading a book on a summer’s day on Georgian Bay! This summer we suggest some books that are literally set on the Bay – or feel so much so that we just had to include them.

THE WRIGHT SISTER by Patty Dann is a novel that tells the story of Katharine Wright, sister to the famous aviators Orville and Wilbur Wright who in 1903 became the pioneers of aviation. It also tells of their connection to Georgian Bay and the importance of the island they owned, not only to Orville Wright, but also to his sister.

A Journey from 20,000 years ago – before the Americas

Check out this trailer, which describes a fascinating new miniseries describing the Americas before the arrival of Columbus. It takes you on a journey dating as far back as 20,000 years. The series focuses on the origins and history of ancient civilizations and groundbreaking achievements in North and South America in the areas of agriculture, astronomy, architecture, environment, governance, medicine, technology, science, trade and art.” brings to life the complexity, diversity and inter-connectedness of Indigenous peoples in the Americas before

Florence Church Rummage Sale –
August 6 and August 20

The church welcomes slightly used clothes and small appliances, books and household items to be used for their rummage sales this summer. Please drop them off at the Church across from Desmasdons, on the South Shore Road, being sure to box or bag them to protect them from the weather.

Ojibway Art Show 2022

2022 Ojibway Club Art Show
August 3-7

SALES OPEN TODAY at 10:00 am

The 2022 Ojibway Club Art Show opens today at 10:00 am and continues until August 7th at 10:00 pm. View and purchase all artwork available for sale here

A sampling of the art you see online will be on display in the Ojibway Club Lounge from Wednesday to Sunday. Come wander the Art Gallery during the following hours:

  • Wednesday & Thursday 10-3
  • Friday & Saturday 10-4
  • Sunday 10-2

Plus, don’t miss these additional events below.

August 3 Art Show Dinner

This is a SOLD OUT event. For those with tickets, the dinner begins at 5:30 pm tonight.

August 5-7 Art Show Marketplace

The Art Show Marketplace will feature unique artisans offering jewelry, small artworks, pottery, home items, and much more.

Vendors will be open on:

  • Friday 5-7 pm – Marketplace Opening Reception
  • Saturday 10-4
  • Sunday 10-2

August 5 Art Show Marketplace ~ Opening Reception

Join us this Friday 5-7 pm to kick off the Art Show Marketplace.

Support our participating artisans while enjoying live music and browsing the Art Gallery in the Lounge. Cash bar available. No tickets are required. All are welcome!

August 6 Breakfast with the Artists

Enjoy a continental breakfast with featured artists Lisa Hannaford, Elise Findlay, and Claustro who will each talk about their inspiration and process and answer your questions about their work and life on Georgian Bay. Breakfast begins at 9:00 am. Tickets are $30 per person.

Limited tickets are available. To reserve, call or email the office at 705-366-5085

August 7 Online sales close at 10:00 pm


We’re still looking for some eager helpers for the Marketplace and live Art Gallery. Times are available Wednesday through Sunday. Sign-up now by clicking Seeking Volunteers to sign up to volunteer!

@ojibwayclubartshow • website •

Celebration to Honour Emmaline for 50 Years as
Lighthouse Keeper August 20 – Share your Favourite memories with her!

In the Anishinaabe Culture, the Birch Bark Basket symbolizes a connection individually and collectively that binds an individual to their land, ancestors, and each other. The Birch Bark Basket is an expression of experience and how a story is shared during Anishinaabe Cultural Practices.

In the soulful place where earth, sky and water meet nature and embraces the soul, Emmaline Madigan celebrates her 50th year as the Pointe au Baril Lighthouse Keeper. We are asking the community to fill Emmaline’s Birch Bark Basket with their Lighthouse stories, memories, and pictures.

Community members are encouraged to complete this linked form to share their favourite Pointe au Baril Lighthouse memories. The collected stories and photos will be shared with Emmaline once compiled.

For those who would like to share written memories and physical pictures, a traditional Birch Bark Basket will be present at Emmaline’s celebration at the Pointe au Baril Community Centre on August 20th.

Donations to SFN Church

On behalf of SFN, Lorie Pawis is asking and would very much appreciate any gently-used, clean clothing, any dishes, pots or pans, knick-knacks, small appliances, and smaller size furniture. Our kids love to see toys come in too. Young moms/grandmothers love seeing baby or young children items. (We have lots of books and they are free to anyone.) These donations go toward the church’s budget.

Donations can be dropped off at my house in Shawanaga, 21 Village Rd. Or text me at 705 774 6671 and someone could meet you at the church.

In Memoriam

Will Gould, past PaBIA member, A204 ‘Camp Chippewa on Mayne Is.’, son of the late John D. and Sallie Gould, brother of Geoffrey Gould, Jack Gould, James Gould and Jill Bieterman, June 2022.

Tom Kaufman, past PaBIA member, A96-11 ‘Mackenzie Is.’, son of the late Bill and Peggy Kaufman, father of Alex Kaufman, brother of David Kaufman, July 2022.

Charles Todd, father of Livia (Rory) Hunter, A318 ‘Kanadeio’, July 2022.

Yearbook Updates

With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names of those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2022 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook! As of June 9, here are the changes.

Rankin Carroll and Maryliz Ivan (rejoined)

Water Levels

Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels July 28th, 2022 

To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites

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