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 Volume 11 No.18
Dear PaBIA,
Wow – where has this summer gone, with so many beautiful days providing warm sun and steady breezes? We indeed welcomed yesterday’s rain! As with each summer, it is hard to say goodbye, but may your summer have been filled with wonderful, long lasting memories!
And although this is the last weekly eBlast of the summer…rest assured your PaBIA Board will be working together all winter to stay connected to those things that affect this natural paradise of ours! And we will for sure stay in contact with you should developments occur!
Last week, your PaBIA Board had an all day retreat at the Ojibway to discuss how best we move forward, given the results of the survey and our collective desire to be both flexible and up to date to our membership. We had a great deal of positive energy in the room and look forward to working together on your behalf!

In this eBlast:
  • PaBIA Sailing Last Hurrah of the Season
  • PaBIA’s 4 Fire Pumps Have a New Look!
  • Habitat 4 Humanity Build – Look at the Changes!
  • GBF Shoreline Clean Up the Bay Days!
  • Michigan/Huron Lake Water Levels Aug 27, 2019
  • Lost and Found
PaBIA Sailing
Sailing in Open
Bell Buoy Race
Our traditional final race of the season was held last Saturday afternoon and was a great race with good winds from Lighthouse Bay out to the bell buoy and back. The first boat across the finish line in any boat wins the Bud Body Bell Buoy Trophy. Congratulations to Bob Kilgour and Tom Cavers who pulled ahead on the upwind leg and held on to their lead downwind. Thank you to Gail Regan for hosting the Rendezvous at Brooker Island.
And many thanks to Stephen Griggs, PaBIA’s Sailing Commodore, who ran a steady ship all summer long!
Need a Sailboat or Laser for Next Year?
And one more shout out for anyone looking for a sailboat or have one you no longer use. The PABIA sailing group is encouraging all who are interested in sailing to get involved, but access to a boat or getting it to the cottage can be a problem. Or, you may have a boat that you have not used in a number of years. We can help!  
For other boats – or if you have one you would like to sell or give away – please contact Commodore Stephen Griggs. If you would like to get ahold of a nearly new Laser, please contact John Tremayne!

Ongoing Programmes
PaBIA’s Four Fire Pumps Have a New Look!
Fire Pump
Over the summer, Tom Lundy and Randy Johnson have been working to give PaBIA’s fire pumps a more distinctive graphics…to be sure you can find/see them should you ever have a need to use one of them. PaBIA hopes you never need them! These 4 fire pumps are all Wajax pumps and found in the following locations (also marked on the PaBIA Maps):
  • End of Hemlock near A 500- 15
  • Front Ojibway Docks on A 364
  • Barclay’s Island near A 27- 44
  • Frederik Inlet on B 844
Many thanks to Court Armstrong for gifting these signs to us through his company!

H4H green logo
See the Changes!
H4H window frame build
H4H Ladies Kayaking Build
h4h house 8.27.2019
The hard work, generosity, and enthusiasm displayed this summer by Pointe au Baril has been spectacular. Thank you to every single Islander, villager, and neighbouring community member that has contributed to this build. It was an incredibly successful summer; the house is unrecognizable from its humble beginnings and nearly dried-in!
As the summer winds down, we are inviting any and all last-minute volunteers from the Islands to join us before you head home. We will be building August 29- September 1, rain or shine, and we are eager to share a build day with friends, new and old.
While we head back to our off-season lives, the villagers and soon-to-be chosen family will pick up the project where we will leave it. They will work together, with our thoughts and well-wishes, as time and weather permits this fall. Who knows what it will look like by Christmas, but we’re excited to find out!
Email Rachael if you would like to volunteer this week, stay updated this fall, or make a donation. 
For Canadians, donate here. Be sure to select the Pointe au Baril fund, and include a message for us. 
For Americans, use this link. All donations will go to the PaB Build.
Check out our Facebook page for updates and photos
Email Rachael Allen for more details

Of Interest
A Shout Out to all who Helped in the
Clean Up the Bay Day!

Clean Up the Bay people July 2019
Look what has been picked up! Many thanks to GBF, the Hunt Family and friends who came out on a rainy day to clean up PaB’s shoreline!
Between the concern for all the plastics that get into our (drinking) water and the damage done by the high water to docks whereby the styrofoam is broken away, look what a committed group of volunteers did in just one half day!
Thank you so much for caring about the Bay!

Clean Up the Bay July 2019
Clean Up the Bay 3
Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels – Aug 27, 2019
To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the
Daily Water level chart and the website for the Water Levels

Water Level Legend 2019
All of these charts this summer have been taken from the US Army Corps of Engineers – Great Lakes Information on Water Levels…
Lost Dock, found in the spring of the year, is now residing on the shore of G1574 in the Station Channel. If you recognize this dock, please contact Derek Wilson
Lost Dock - Wilson
Yearbook Updates
Each week, we will provide you a list of names for those who have provided updated information. The details of all the changes since the Yearbook’s came out in April is provided in a printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook copy!

Advocating for the Island Community,
Your PaBIA Directors
Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association 
PaBIA reserves all rights regarding decisions on communications to its members
in accordance with the PaBIA Policy on Communications

Fire Rating
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If you have trouble with the Bulletin Board, please contact Dave to add it to you.
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