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 Volume 11 No. 3
Videos taken by Bruce Tiffin, PaBIA’s Off Season Cottage Patroller
Early April Video traveling from Brignall Banks toward Payne’s
Early April Video taken on Yonge Street, PaB, near Nugamo
Dear PaBIA,
With our Marine Patrollers on deck and ready to begin, and Bruce Tiffin able to find some open water as you can see from the videos above, we know that summer can’t be too far behind!
The survey results are in and being digested by PaBIA’s Board. Your input has been extremely valuable, and we thank everyone who took the time to share their perspective and comments.
Within the next week or two, we will be sending the full report of PaBIA’s 2018 Survey results to the entire membership. Your Board and all those who chair the various committees are working now to study the results and prioritize our next steps. As this process unfolds, we will be keeping you informed.
One thing we’ve learned is that not everyone understands how to use the links – that wherever there is a red-underlined word, it is a link on which you can click to get further information to the association / organization / document to which it refers. Additionally, on the right hand side of the eBlasts are links to various topics/organization/articles that we hope will provide more in-depth content for you.

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PaBIA Marine Patrollers – Summer 2019
Chris Oliver & Abi Sorensen

Chris Oliver
Chris Oliver is currently completing a combined Honours degree in Biology and Contemporary Philosophy at Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College. Chris says, “I am looking to pursue a career in conservation biology and environmental sciences. I have many wonderful memories of time spent in Pointe au Baril, and I am passionate about promoting the protection of its local environment and the safety of all those who enjoy its spectacular beauty. I am very excited to be a part of the Marine Patrol team and to work alongside the Pointe au Baril community to achieve this goal!”
Abi Sorenson
Since last summer Abi Sorensen has finished her Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma and has been continuing her studies to receive a Bachelor of Tourism Management degree. Abi tells us, “Alongside studying, I have been working at Grouse Mountain, a local mountain in BC, as a guest services representative. This has allowed me to develop valuable connections with members and guests and further strengthen my communication skills, as well as skiing and snowboarding.  
“I am excited to spend another summer patrolling the waters of Pointe au Baril. I am looking forward to continuing to help protect the area, provide safety on the water and catch up with family and friends.”

New 2019 PaBIA Maps are READY!
Jim Rogers
New 2019 PaBIA Maps WILL be available this summer at all the local marinas and the Ojibway Gift Shop!
You will be able to purchase either the poster/wall map and/or the folded map whenever you arrive for your first trip to PaB waters!
And when you see Jim Rogers, please thank him for all his time and effort to guide the process and collect and collate all the information on the maps!

PaBIA Calendars
The calendars for the summer season are complete to date and can be accessed at any time at PaBIA’s website for your convenience!
Make sure you don’t miss any of the events you are most interested in!
  • When is the Triathlon being held?
  • When’s Entre Amis (It is early this year)?
  • When will the Regattas be held?
  • When are the Sailing Races?
  • Check out the topics for both the July & August PaBIA Naturalist programs?
PaBIA’s Bulletin Board
Do you need
  • a ride to or from Toronto?
  • to or from Parry Sound?
  • rent your cottage or find a rental cottage?
  • buy or sell a boat?
  • a babysitter?
  • cottage cleaner?
  • sailing crew?
In an effort to give our members access to share their needs and requests, PaBIA wishes to provide you information and/or give you the opportunity to request/find answers through PaBIA’s Bulletin Board.
Should you wish to take advantage of this, please provide
  • your name,
  • email address and
  • request/question
to Dave Anderson, PaBIA’s webmaster. Over the summer, he in turn will keep an active Bulletin Board listing with all pertinent and up-to-date requests that you, in turn, can access by clicking on the chalkboard (as seen above) that will be found on the right hand side of each eBlast all summer long.

Sailing pic new
Start Thinking/Dreaming Sailing
Stephen Griggs
Stephen Griggs, PaBIA’s new Sailing Commodore, is gearing up for the season and wants to encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE who has any interest in sailing to get in touch with him so that you can receive all the information as the season kicks off.
There will be races on Saturdays (and an occasional Sunday) in various locations around PaB including: Shawanaga, Ojibway, Lighthouse Bays.
Did you know that you can access a great deal of sailing information on PaBIA’s website: at to check out all the sailing news…diagrams of the sailing courses, the schedule, and various links to organizations such as: Canadian Albacore Association,Flying Scot, NA Laser Association,Hobie. Plus there are links to various weather apps: WX- Brit Weather RADAR,WX- Satellite, and WINDFINDER

PaBIA Emerg STicker
PaBIA/Ojibway Yearbook
All paid members should be receiving a copy of the 2019 PaBIA/Ojibway Yearbook within the next week or two. (Several weeks early!)
We want to again thank Nancy Rogers for her oversight of the membership database and tedious addressing and filling of each member’s envelope with your book(s), boat stickers, off-season patrol tags for your cottage(s) and a special safety boat sticker (above) to encourage everyone’s safe boating this summer. Be sure to put it on your boat’s dashboard as a handy reference. Want more? Shop the PaBIA Kiosk in the Ojibway Gift Shop this summer.

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BAY NOTES for Ward 3
Pointe Au Baril, Skerryvore, Shawanaga Bay, Frederic Inlet, Lighthouse neighbourhoods
March 2019
Please find titles below of various topics being discussed in Council at the Township level. But we urge you to read the entire monthly report so that you might better understand all that is being discussed.
Council Update (please click on the left “Council Update” to read in full)
Council focuses on Environmental issues now and in the future as guided by our Official Plan …
1. The Fight Against Phragmites 
2. Micro-Plastics Diversion Pilot Project
3. Community Action Day Plastic Removal from Water &
Shorelines Action Plan
4. Community Energy and Climate Protection Plan
5. Potential Septic System Pollution – Addressing Concerns
6. Priority Places for Species at Risk
7. National Broadband Strategy
Community Brief
Skerryvore Update – Road Construction
Positive news for the community now that Skerryvore Road upgrades have been approved by the MNRF. Tendering of contracts can now begin.
Pointe au Baril Update – Pointe au Baril Community Centre
The Pointe au Baril Community Centre maintains the only potable water system in the TOA, and it serves the Nursing Station as well. Under provincial regulations, the Health Unit is now directing that sampling and analysis for microcystin be conducted. Microcystin is associated with blue-green algae and the sampling is intended to mitigate any potential impacts of blue-green algae outbreaks in the future.
If you would like to receive a copy of our Councillors’ BAY NOTES directly from Scott Sheard and Earl Manners, please contact them by clicking on their names that are underlined and in red.

Listen to Experts Discuss: Phragmites
There are a variety of videos here below ranging from 4 min to 10 min each. Each person talks about resources and various approaches to tackling Phragmites on the coasts in Georgian Bay. The picture above depicts our now new Councillors, Earl and Scott, helping in one of the first Phragmites cuts in Pointe au Baril in August 2017. The phragmites was 15 feet tall in places as demonstrated in the picture above.!
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Hope for our Habitat family
New Village and Islander friendships
New skills
Team spirit
A step, a wall … an energy efficient home
So, let’s get started

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Water Levels April 4, 2019
Water Level 4.4.19
Water Level Legend 2019
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In Memoriam
Michael Graham, A7 ‘Rest Is.’, son of Edward and Jean Graham, brother of Susan Conway and David Graham, August 2018.

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