Minutes of PaBIA Directors’ Meeting (via Zoom) March 1, 2022  

Directors participating: Dave Sharpe, Mike Berton, Helen Bryce, Cam Richardson, Hilde Clark, Tom Lundy, Nancy Rogers, Virginia Skuce, Mary Thomson  

Regrets: Erica Allen, Mark Gwozdecky, Michael Phippen

The meeting was chaired by Vice-President Dave Sharpe in President Erica Allen’s absence.

Environment  Nancy Rogers for Michael Phippen

Georgian Bay Forever provided information about microfibre filters for washing machines and an offer to place a bulk order in which PaBIA can participate.  PaBIA will order a minimum of 5 filters and publicize the offer in the March e-blast.  

Septic inspection has been a topic of discussion.  The Board has strongly approved the recommendation for a 5-year inspection program.  This will be an agenda item for the March 29th Board meeting with the Ward 3 Councillors.

Social Media  Hilde Clark

Margaret Berton has proposed increasing PaBIA’s presence on social media.  A video will be created of Board members describing their ‘perfect summer day’ in short clips.  Margaret will collect, edit and post these.  Hilde will distribute instructions to the Board.  

Virginia Skuce will write an article for an e-blast to promote PaBIA’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Education event Helen Bryce

A proposal was received from the Georgian Bay Biosphere for ‘Learning with Oshkinigig’, a presentation by the Anishnabe Youth group through the GBB. PaBIA would make a $500 donation.  Kyla Judge led a presentation of the birch-bark canoe Oshkinigig and related teachings in summer 2021, held at the Ojibway beach.  Helen will contact the Ojibway Camp Director to confirm a date and coordinate details with the Ojibway Club.

Member Activities: Triathlon Virginia Skuce

The 2021 Triathlon was poorly attended.  It was decided to continue the event for at least one more year, keeping it open to participants of all ages.  A new event Chair is needed.  Plans were discussed to increase publicity through social media and e-blasts.  The Ojibway Camp Director will be asked to promote the event with the older campers.  

2022 Municipal Election Mary Thomson

Mary’s Yearbook article was reviewed.  For the 2018 Municipal Election, questions were prepared and sent to all candidates.  Candidates’ responses were published in e-blasts prior to the election.  For the 2022 Election, members could be canvassed via e-blasts for question on topics of concern.  Questions will be sent to all 2022 Candidates with responses made available through e-blasts and on the website.

Member Safety Tom Lundy

A refurbished laptop computer has been purchased for MP use.  

Applicants for the two Marine Patrol positions will be interviewed in March. 

The location of the Lighthouse for a PaBIA Fire Pump has been approved by the Coast Guard.  Randy Johnson will be donating a new Wajax Mark III pump, accessories and bin.  This is step one for the Fire Pump Renewal Program which will replace the remaining three older pumps over the next three years at a cost of approximately $8,000 annually.  It was agreed that this would be an annual budget item.  It will be noted in e-blasts that member donations may be used for this purpose.  

PFD offer Dave Sharpe

The plan to offer a discount for PFD purchases through a GBA program has been updated.  Tonia Blenkarn of Desmasdon’s and Beacon Marinas has agreed to work with Andreas Koch of Payne Marine to provide savings for PFD purchases through their marinas.

Community Council Dave Sharpe

There are several issues that affect both the Village and Islands residents.  Preliminary ideas were discussed for forming a Community Council.  Guidelines and structure would need to be formalized. The Board approved the concept in principle.

Investment of Reserve Fund Dave Sharpe, Nancy Rogers

Our financial goal is to maintain a Reserve Fund approximately equal to a year’s revenues from membership dues.  The reserve may be used if there are expenses greater than income in a fiscal year or if there are unexpected expenses. It was agreed that part of the Reserve should be invested in a risk free, accessible fund.  

Meeting adjourned.

Nancy Rogers, Recording Secretary