There are further updates for those concerned about the Pine Sawfly and procedures that could be done this spring to assist distaught trees. 
There has been a wonderful matching grant by a Pointe au Baril Family for the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation! 
And we receive an explanation for the whereabouts of the unsed donated funds to the now defunct PaBERT.

Inside This Newsletter 
UpdatesawflyFurther Update on Introduced Pine Sawfly (IPS)………….Shelagh Grant
Amid very cool weather, rain and even a touch of snow, Jon and I opened our cottage last weekend and did a thorough check of our white pines. New growth was barely visible except for tiny buds, but our white pines appear to have survived with only a couple showing major loss of needles.  Warmer weather and more rain is needed to assess the health of the new growth.  Last weekend, It felt more like November than May with the buds on our maples and birches showing only a hint of green.

In spite of a major cleanup last fall, we were surprised to find a number of pupa cases attached to lower branches, fortunately within our reach) and delighted to see a pair of chickadees pecking away at the upper branches. Some of the pupa cases were already empty, but we removed and destroyed several dozen still unopened. For those opening their cottage this weekend, we urge you to take time do the same, remembering that one female sawfly can lay up to 60 eggs. 

For those who were heavily infested last summer, the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR) is suggesting we experiment with a technique used by Simcoe County to control another type of sawfly, one that produces the pine false webworm. As noted, this is purely experimental and up to individuals if they would like to participate. Based on the premise that most of the pupae will spend the winter on the ground, the objective is to attract the female sawfly to lay her eggs on the pine needles of a recently cut branch, which will eventually dry out and fail to provide adequate moisture for the eggs to hatch.  See the instructions below:
  1. Identify areas where the IPS were numerous last fall.
  2. Cut fresh pine boughs (low lying branches touching the ground should be cut anyway).
  3. Place pine boughs around base of trees that were heavily infested last fall.
  4. If possible, take a photo of the pine needles free of egg sacs, and again in late June which will hopefully show egg sacs that dried up on the needles.

If you discover larvae hatching on these branches, we can assume it didn’t work – but they will be low down and easily destroyed. Either way, please report the results of your experiment directly to David Bywater, by email or by phone at 705-774-0978.

Again, I urge extreme caution on the use of fertilizers as they are known to promote the growth of toxic blue-green algae which recently caused serious problems in Sturgeon Bay, the Station and Main Channel. Moreover, as the final GBBR report suggests, “the benefit of fertilizing is likely low since the real culprit is lack of soil.” Hence in times of drought, it is important to water stressed trees at least once a week, and ensure that the root area receives a good soaking.   

Meanwhile, I hope everyone enjoys a sunny and problem-free holiday weekend!!  There is nothing as heartwarming as returning to the Bay.     
PaBERTDonatedFundsPaBERT Donating Funds to Support PaB Nursing Station

To clarify, PaBERT is in the process of shutting down our charitable organization status and dissolving. In doing so, we are selling all assets. Once this is completed, all funds generated, along with all funds held in our account, will be donated to the new nursing station as the board felt this would best idea as it of service to both islander and local supporters.
Please know that ALL donations received in the past year or so are sitting in our account at present and we have details of every single donation made to date. These, along with all monies, will be donated to the new nursing station later this year in one lump sum.
If a donor that has made a decent donation, and wishes to have these funds refunded, and not go towards the new nursing station, they may contact PaBERT and a refund cheque will be sent immediately.

MatchingFunds Significant $500,000 Matching Gift Announced for WPSHCF
Ruby Daughters
                         Front: Julia Foster, Jan Ruby      Back: Mary Ruby, Victoria Ruby, Joanna Ruby-Armstrong

With this gift, The Family of Walling & Julia Ruby 
honour their parents’ legacy of love for our cottaging world.


The Ruby sisters are supporting the West Parry Sound Health Centre with a $500,000 matching gift to honour their parents’ long connection with the area.  They wish to ensure that critical health care is delivered locally when they and all their cottage neighbours need it.

At a party held in Toronto May 9, Brett and John LaGamba, owners of PROVO FoodBar hosted more than 80 cottaging families with deep roots either on The Bay or throughout the Lake Joe and Rosseau areas to celebrate the West Parry Sound Health Centre. Long-time Lake Rosseau cottagers, Brett and John  generously welcomed guests for an evening culminating in the announcement of the $500,000 gift from the Family of Walling & Julia Ruby.

Two cottagers told compelling stories of their life saving experiences at the West Parry Sound Health Centre.

During the evening, a generous friend of the Foundation committed to a further $50,000 gift. Throughout the summer, ambassadors of the Northern Angel Council will continue to share the news of further gifts as they work toward raising the remaining $450,000 to  match the Ruby $500,000. 
PROVO FoodBar served delicious appetizers and an exquisite selection of wines supplied by Lenny Panzer of B & W Wines, importers of fine wines and spirits, added to the spirit of the event.

The Northern Angel Council hopes to inspire  donations from new or former donors who share the great desire to keep hospital care minutes from the door. Support for the Northern Angel Council has two levels of membership. Five year pledges with an annual gift of $1,000 (or more) over 5 years or $5,000 (or more) over 5 years. Membership has many benefits.  To learn more, contact Lynne at 705-746-4540 x 3346.

CottagePatrol Take Your Cottage Patrol Tags to the Cottage!
PaBIA Icon

Your 2016 Cottage Patrol tags have been mailed to you, tucked inside the front cover of the Yearbooks.  Please remember to take the tags to the cottage and attach them at the end of the summer to the front of the buildings to be patrolled in the off-season.  Extra tags may be purchased for $30 each by contacting 

Nancy Rogers.

WaterlevelWater Levels
2016 Water Levels
May 8,2016

Water Levels May 2016
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BdDirectorsListPaBIA Board of Directors & Chairs




Administration *Julia Sievwright
   GBA Rep David Ballentine
   GBA Rep Tonia Blenkarn
   Immediate Past President Dan Kuhn
   Permanent Community Rep. Diane Penfold
   President *Julia Sievwright 
   Secretary-Treasurer *Nancy Rogers 
   Vice President
Communications *Hilde Clark
 Advertising *Nancy Rogers
 Marketing Chair Helen Bryce
 Newsletter/eBlasts Hilde Clark/Helen Bryce
 Photography David Hitchcock
 Webmaster David Anderson
     Assistant Webmaster Alexander Hepburn
 Yearbook *Hilde Clark
Environment *Sandy Boeckh 
 Water Quality *Sandy Boeckh 
 Environmental Coordinator Gord Phippen
 Environment Kate Findlay
 Fishing Dan & Jan Stuckey
 PaBIA Jr. Naturalist Nancy Regan
 PaBIA Naturalist Scott and Ellen Moody
 Forest and Wildlife Chair Shelagh Grant
Governance *Earl Manners 
 Legal Affairs Doug Barrett
Membership Activities *Faye White 
 Junior Membership
 Junior Regatta
 Member Events Jenny Gannon Prior
 Membership Erica Allen
 Sailing Commodore John Tremayne 
 Senior Regatta
Member Safety
 Emergency & Fire
 Boat Safety Training
 Maps & Markers
 Marine Patrol Supervisor Scott Sheard
 Medical  Michael Evans
Ratepayers Committee
 Forest Management
 Land Use
 Low Water Cottage Bill Watts
 Access Structure Monitoring David Anderson

More Docks on the Loose! 

Bruce Tiffin found two more stray docks while on his Spring Patrol for PaBIA.  Contact Nancy Rogers if you recognize these or find your docks missing when you arrive at the cottage.

Stray Dock #1 5.11
This plastic billet dock rests on the outer shoals west of A 289-1, John Pepper’s place. G13 on the map.
This set of docks on the small point south of A501-4.  Nadeau.    M15 on map  

WantedWanted: Graphic Designer!
Wanted:  a graphic design volunteer to help PaBIA create Icons for the website and other social media.  Please contact Dave Anderson.

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The Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association 

Unites Together Our “Water Access” Community To Promote, Protect And Preserve This Unique And Natural Region.


38 Elora Ave, Unit #1

Hamilton, ON  L9C 7K3


Nancy Rogers                

PaBIA’s Communication Policy

Your Directors
Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association
PaBIA Board Minutes – October 2012 
BoardMinutesMinutes of PaBIA Directors’ Meeting (Conference Call) April 20, 2016

Directors participating:  Julia Sievwright, Tom Scoon, Faye White, Sandy Boeckh, Graham Smith, Dan Kuhn, Nancy Rogers
On the call: Ed Garner for emergency response remarks
Regrets: David Ballentine, Tonia Blenkarn, Hilde Clark, Earl Manners   
            Ed Garner joined the meeting to inform the Board about Global Rescue, a service for evacuating people in emergencies.  This is a transportation service that would be in addition to any medical insurance coverage our members have.  More information is needed before PaBIA would include a note in a ‘Connections’ edition e.g. would there be a possibility of a reduction in cost if several members signed up for the service.  Ed will report back to the Board when he has more details.
            PABERT has been disbanded and its boat and other equipment have either been sold or are for sale.  It was suggested that we ask our Township Councillors to participate in a call or to attend the Spring Meeting to discuss any progress on providing medical emergency transportation.  Once Dan Kuhn is in Pointe au Baril, he plans to get together with TOA Councillors and West Parry Sound Hospital personnel to continue discussions about the topic.  
Official Plan Tom Scoon
            PaBIA’s recommendations for the OP were presented by Ian MacLeodlast week.  The TOA Planning Department is developing the first draft and it should be delivered within 8 weeks.  PaBIA’s OP committee has ongoing contact with our Councillors. Gary French and Ken Williams have some concern that our recommendations might have impacts on some property owners.  There are precedents for neighbourhood specific plans so our suggestions do not need to cover the whole Township.   
AGM Speaker  Faye White
            Faye confirmed that Gordon Walker will be our guest speaker at the AGM.  He is a Cognashene area cottager and is the Canadian Chair on the International Joint Commission.  He will be asked to report on topics relevant to Georgian Bay including any progress made related to water level issues. 
Succession Planning Committee Julia Sievwright
            The committee (Earl Manners, Scott Sheard, Helen Bryce and Julia Sievwright (ex officio)) have continued to hold regular conference call meetings. 
            The two GBA representative positions will need to be filled by the AGM.  The job description that Earl Manners received from GBA Executive Director Bob Duncanson was circulated to some potential candidates and the committee has contacted others.
            The Environmental Portfolio Director’s position will need to be filled by the AGM.  Dan Kuhn, PPAC Chair, will contact the members of his committee asking for suggestions for specific positions.
            With Julia Sievwright as President, the Legal Issues Chair/Governance Portfolio Director position was vacated.  Now that Earl Manners is the Governance Portfolio Director, the team has been looking to identify a lawyer to take on that position. The Committee asked Doug Barrett to fill that vacancy. Therefore the following motion was made and carried:
            MOTION:  to elect Douglas Barrett as a Director at Large, an interim position until the AGM, to become the Legal Issues Chair.  Proposed and seconded by Julia Sievwright, Dan Kuhn. 
Spring Directors’ Meeting Nancy Rogers
            Invitations to the usual guests and all our committee chairs will be emailed before the end of April.  Suggestions for the agenda should be sent to Julia.  Closer to the meeting, a draft agenda will be circulated.  Ojibway Club President Don Wright will be invited to join the Board before lunch to discuss PaBIA & Ojibway Club activities and mutual support. 
Low Water Access Committee
            Bill Watts is the Chair of this committee.  Dan Kuhn suggested that Bill be added to the agenda of the next Board meeting.  It was felt that the process of the permit approval for any future need for dredging be continued.
Meeting adjourned.
Nancy Rogers, Secretary for the Meeting

Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association, 38 Elora Drive, Unit #1, Hamilton, ON L9C 7K3 Canada
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