The following are links to the GBA and GBF Documents responding to the Final Report from the International Upper Great Lakes Study (IUGLS) Report as well as recent position papers by these organizations on the water levels issue.

Low water Cottage access Initial Committee Report (1/28/13)

US Army Corps of Engineers Great Lakes Water Levels

Weekly Great Lakes Water Level Update

Great Lakes Environmental Assessment and Mapping Project

International Joint Commission

USA IJC Commissioner Lana Pollacks Statement Raise The Great Lakes?  If Only it were that simple  (6/10/13)

Georgian Bay Association

GBA Action Plan (1/14/13)
CTV Interview of Bob Duncanson on Water levels (1/23/13)
Bob Duncanson’s Speaking Notes to the IJC in response to the final IUGLS report. (1/13)
GBA water levels subcommittee letter.  (6/22/11)

Georgian Bay Forever

Sierra Club Ontario Great Lakes Division
Comments at IJC meetings and water levels info (7/26/12)
On the Bay Summer 2013 Sierra Club Statement

Great Lakes Coalition
Link to The Great Lakes Coalitions views on this issue.

Bluewater Bioscience (Karl Schiefer)
Link to Karl Schiefer’s letter to IJC (4/14/12)