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Volume 15 No. 5

PaB Winter in February 14, 2023 shared by Tohren Kibbey

As a wintery blast of air sweeps our NA countries, we can think warm thoughts about summer! Are you wondering what the events might be this summer – want to plan around PaBIA events, so you don’t miss anything you want to attend? Then PLEASE check out the calendar on the website and remember to toggle between the various months to see when various events are happening!

It’s finally cold in PaB!

In this eBlast:


  • Help! Is this YOU? Membership Payment WITHOUT Identification
  • PaBIA Membership Dues – March 15 Deadline for Inclusion in Book and Spring Off-Season Cottage Patrol listings
  • Senior Regatta 2023 – Gathering the Troops
  • PaBIA Winter Cottage Patrols in Progress
  • In Memoriam Peter Kennedy; Anne Wofford Towson


  • FOLLOW UP ALL Non-Canadians Owning Property in Canada – Underused Housing Tax
  • New ToA Waste Management Guidelines 2023
  • SFN Annual Fund Raiser Golf Event – May 19th
  • Get GBA eUpdate electronically
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels – February 27, 2023
  • Yearbook Update 2022 as of January 2023


Friendly Reminder; March 15 PaBIA Membership Dues

March 15th is the deadline for the Yearbook listing AND for

Primary Members of the spring cottage patrol list. 

Cheque payable to PaBIA mailed to PaBIA C/o Nancy Rogers, Unit 1 – 38 Elora Dr., Hamilton ON L9C 7K3 ($US cheques accepted)

E-transfers to [email protected] (auto-deposit enabled)

By credit card through the PaBIA website (Please do NOT try to sign in – just go directly to and click on the appropriate level for your dues payment and any listed donations you’d like to make!)

Help! Is this YOU? Membership Payment Without Identification


Nancy Rogers needs help to credit a payment of $292, cheque number #0249 dated February 7/23 paid by 899248 Ontario Inc., from National Bank of Canada, 130 Bay St. West, Toronto.

If this was from you, please email Nancy so she can credit your membership with payment.

Senior Regatta 2023 – Gathering the Gang for Saturday, August 5th

Will Lawler
Kelly Watson

Summer 2023 will be the 114th Senior Regatta!!  Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers who keep this event thriving!! It truly takes a village!! This year, Will Lawler and Kelly Watson will be leading the charge and are super excited with a new idea to involve more people in order to make this event more intriguing for everyone.

This is a community event that relies on a dedicated group of volunteers who keep the event thriving. It truly takes a village! We have many volunteer opportunities to get involved:

  • Join us on the Senior Regatta Committee to help with planning and preparation. 
  • Put your artistic skills on display by designing the annual Regatta poster.
  • Show off your marketing skills to help promote the event on social media.
  • Lend a helping hand on the day of the event.

We appreciate our community for stepping up to the plate to contribute to the most action-packed day of summer!

Reach out to Kelly Watson and Will Lawler and get involved NOW

PaBIA Winter Cottage Patrols

Thus far, Bruce Tiffin has sent 3 Winter patrol reports which have been forwarded to the owners. He started the patrol the first week of February. Two of the reports were doors blown open, the other trees blown down with no apparent damage to buildings. 

Thank you Bruce for solving simple problems and securing properties – at one cottage, he couldn’t get the door to close properly as the door frame was slightly bent. He was able to find some cord to tie it to secure it, pile furniture against it then exit through another door which he was able to lock. 

Of Interest

ToA Waste Management Guidelines for 2023

In mid-February, our Township of The Archipelago sent out its new North Archipelago Waste Management Guidelines. Every cottage owner should have received a copy electronically. so long as they have your email address. It is also available on the ToA website.

At the Pointe au Baril Transfer Site, the attendants will meet every person who brings any sort of waste – only allowing three types of waste to be dropped off: 1) Household waste, 2) Recyclables and 3) batteries and cellphones.

Any hazardous waste must go to the MacFarlane Transfer station in Parry Sound.

There are restrictions as to who can drop off their waste and how it is to be done. For some, there is a fee associated with the drop-off. Please see the guidelines linked above.

The definition of household waste for PaB is: “Garbage or Household Waste” means all waste generated within the household, including all drained animal and vegetable waste material from the preparation of food, sweepings, ashes, discarded household utensils and wearing apparel, ceramics, multi-material products and packages, non-recyclable glass containers, dog, cat and other pet feces and litter placed inside a sealed and leak-free bag, diapers placed in a sealed and leak-free bag, and other materials as designated by The Archipelago, with the exception of bulky items, such as furnishings, carpets, mattresses, etc., or any material used in the construction or renovation of buildings.”

Follow-Up for Non-Canadians – as we learn more, we continue to share. Hope it helps!

Underused Housing Tax for Non-Canadians – Deadline is April 30, 2023

(If you are a non-Canadian and haven’t read this before please refer to your “URGENT” email from PaBIA on Feb 15th (Vol 15 No. 3) and Feb 16th (Vol 15 No. 4) or go here on PaBIA’s website.


First Step(s):

  1. Must get an ITN number if you do not already have one before filing the Underused Tax Form.
    • Please click here to find the downloadable form.
      Downloadable Form to fill out and mail via snail mail
      Fill in the form online and then download. You will need a hard copy to send it in!
    • Must have two forms of ID: passport and driver’s license, notarized, and sent with the form
      Where to Find a Notary:
      • AAA
      • Banks
      • Law Firms or Law Offices
      • Real Estate Firms or Real Estate Offices
      • Photocopy Shops
      • Parcel Shipping Stores
      • Auto tag and license service centers
      • Colleges and Universities
      • Libraries
  2. or many of us, chances are the ITN number will not come in time for the deadline – so please call for further information if you do NOT yet have an ITN number.
    • 1-866-223-4403 for calls from Canada and the United States; or
    • 705-669-5130 for calls from outside Canada and the United States. We accept collect calls.
  3. Then fill out your ITN, and send it electronically via their website attach your notarized documents and mail or it courier to:
    Mailing address: 
    Attn: ITN unit Services and Benefits
    Section Benefits Division
    Sudbury Tax Centre
    1050 Notre Dame Ave
    Sudbury ON P3A 5C1
    Canada Courier address: 
    Attn: ITN Unit Services and Benefits
    Section Benefits Division 
    Sudbury Tax Centre
    1050 Notre Dame Ave 

Second Step:

Fill out the Underused Housing Tax Form:

  • Use the “Assessment Value” found on your ToA tax bill
  • IF no ITN number, then on the form give the date when it applied for

Send before April 30th to:

Winnipeg Tax Centre
Post Office Box 14001,
Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 3M3

Again: In 2022, Canada put into effect a new tax for all non-Canadians who own property in Canada but don’t live there full time. “The Underused Housing Tax is an annual 1% tax on the ownership of vacant or underused housing in Canada that took effect on January 1, 2022. The tax usually applies to non-resident, non-Canadian owners. In some situations, however, it also applies to Canadian owners.”

SFN Golf Event – May 19th

Parry Sound Golf Club

SFN invites all PaBIA members to put together a foursome for their Annual Golfing Fund Raiser and come play a round of golf at the Parry Sound Golf Club on May 19th! All funds raised will go toward their annual Pow Wow to be held this summer in August! To learn more, please contact Seymour Hadwen!

Stay Informed with the GBA

Please click here to read about current issues and get the latest news about what is happening on the Bay!!

In Memoriam

Peter Kennedy, A365 – 1 ‘Orchard Is.’, brother of Andy, Ken, and Keith Kennedy, uncle of Penny Kennedy, November 2022

Anne Wofford Towson, A330-1 ‘Addoms Island’, wife of the late Sheldon ‘Pete’ Towson, mother of Carol (Ed Siegel), Jane, Liz and Katie (Roger Sherry); grandmother of Jess (Brian) Johnson and the late Brian (Janie) Sworan; great-grandmother of Ally, Tyler, Ann and Andrew; sister-in-law of Allen (Connie Towson) Ford and aunt of Hope (Steve Murphy), Sarah (Mark Whitener) and Jim Ford. March 19, 2022

Yearbook Updates

With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names of those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2022 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook! As of August 24th, here are the changes.

Water Levels

Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels February 21, 2023

To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites

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