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 Volume 10 No.22
Dear PaBIA,
Tom Scoon
2018 is an election year for the Township of the Archipelago (TOA).
This particular election has multiple candidates in both Wards 1 and 3 from which to choose.
Your Board has taken the opportunity to ask written questions of all seven of these Candidates and our newly acclaimed Reeve requesting them to provide PaBIA with written answers. Please find the written questions and their written responses herein.
All the answers are unedited. The questions in black come from the Georgian Bay Association (GBA) and those in red come from PaBIA.
GBA represents 19 cottager associations in Georgian Bay and approximately 3000 families. PaBIA is the largest member organization within that umbrella body.
Elections are an essential part of our democratic system. We are fortunate to have multiple candidates from whom to choose. We hope that these Questions and Answers provide you with information that will help you in your voting decisions.
I wish to thank all the Candidates for participating in this exercise and I wish them all well in this election race.
Voting is a responsibility and a privilege. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to vote, or how or when to vote, please check the TOA website or PaBIA’s website or eBlasts. (see below)
Please remember to VOTE!

Tom Scoon
PaBIA President

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Candidates for 2018 Fall Municipal Elections
Below, please find the ToA Municipal Candidates’ answers to the GBA questions asked of each the Reeve, the three Ward 1 and the four Ward 3 candidates for Council positions. We have also provided pictures of each of them below and have linked their photos to their answers…
Ward 1:
Ward 3:
Eligible to Vote?
Should you wish to revisit the information as to who is eligible to vote, how to register and Qs and As about eVoting, please see the attached documents from prior eBlasts.

Reeve for Township of the Archipelago
Click on the picture of this candidate to read his answers to the questions posed
WARD 1:Three Candidates for Two Positions
Click on the picture of each candidate to read their answers to the questions posed.
WARD 3: Four Candidates for Two Positions
Click on the picture of each candidate to read their answers to the questions posed.
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