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 Volume 10 No.25
Dear PaBIA,
As Fall descends on the Bay, signaling that summer is really over, we hope all is well with you and yours!

Election Corner
Township Elections – eVoting Continues through Next Monday
We are hearing from those who have already voted that doing so on the Internet has been ‘super easy’! And there is still time to get on the voter list.
We thank everyone who has already voted and ask that everyone go online or call to vote who hasn’t yet done so. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!
Remember that when you go to vote, you will need a PIN number and your date of birth in order to get your eBallot. One person learned that the birthdate was inaccurate and Maryann Weaver had it fixed within minutes of emailing her. Should you encounter this problem, a copy of your driver’s license with your birth date will help solve an issue so do take a picture of it and attach it to your email when checking with Maryann!
And to reiterate: The Special Election edition eBlast was sent out on September 4th dedicated to providing all the candidates’ answers to the GBA questions posed with regard to their thoughts on a wide range of subjects. PaBIA certainly hoped these varied answers began to highlight for you some of the issues at stake in our PaB community that GBA also felt apply up and down the coastline of Georgian Bay. As well, all the candidates’ responses can be found under Shortcuts in the right column of this eBlast (if you are on your computer) or at the bottom of the eBlast (if you are on your smartphone).
Please be sure to check for your Eligibility, whether or not you are registered and common voter Q’s and A’s for eVoting before casting your votes! Every vote counts!
Please feel free to contact any one of the candidates via their email addresses found when you scroll down on the Township website. Questions, ask Maryann Weaver at the Township Office.

~ UpComing October EVENTS ~
PaBIA Icon
PaBIA in Vancouver!
xxxxSaturday October 20th
Bring something to share
– 6:00 pm –
1254 Silverwood Cres,
North Vancouver, BC

H2O 2018
GBA Logo New
A Half Day Event on Water
H2O 2018 is a half-day information/education session in Toronto on three timely topics:

GBF Logo
Join the GBA and GBF for provocative presentations, deep discussions and the latest updates on what’s happening to what we love most about Georgian Bay – the water, and what GBF and the GBA are doing to protect it.
Keynote opening speakers:
Commissioner Gordon Walker, International Joint Commission & 
Dr. Shannon Carto, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Saturday, October 20th, 2018, 9.00 am to 2 pm. 
Speakers start at 9.30 am.
Oakham House, Ryerson University,
63 Gould St., Toronto, ON M5B 1E9
Tickets are $20 each
includes morning refreshments and a light lunch.

~ UpComing November EVENTS ~
GBLT Bayscapes
(Above) Our own Jen Kernaghan, Toronto photoghrapher and PaBIA Cottager
Fundraising Auction
Friday November 16th, 7-11 pm
Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street, Toronto
$70 before Oct 31 / $80 regular
$40 under age 40
All proceeds support wilderness conservation on Georgian Bay

Buy your tickets before October 31 to take advantage of the
early bird rate of $70! 
To purchase tickets by phone, contact Sarah at (416) 440-1519 x102.

Yearbook Update
Each week, we will provide you a list of names for those who have provided updated information. However, the details of those changes is provided in a printable format for you to print out and insert into your own cottage copy!

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