Aren’t we blessed to have such gorgeous weather…but along with the sun and wind, please remember that the TOTAL FIRE BAN is in effect in the Township of the Archipelago due to the drought like conditions! Friday’s rain wasn’t enough to lift the ban! Remember we are on our own should a fire get out of hand.  (*see below)

In the next few weeks, there are several worthwhile programs and fun events. Check out the calendar and see the various events below!  

Hope to see you there!

Introduced Pine Sawfly Program Cancelled

Taylor Scarr
Taylor Scarr sends his deep regrets that he will be unable to give the talk planned  for next Sunday July 10th, as a result of his new position with the federal government as Director of Integrated Pest Management for the Canadian Forest Service. This is an extraordinary opportunity for both Taylor and our forests from coast to coast. Unfortunately he had insufficient time to find a replacement or request permission from the CFS. 

On a positive note, Taylor reported that the absence of IPS infestations this spring appears to be province-wide, which suggests this may be weather related, such as cold snaps alongside minimal snow cover this winter, and perhaps increase in predators such as wasps and parasites.  He also suggests that many of the unopened pupa cases had been successfully parasitized. Still, he suggests that we remain vigilant and report any signs of the larvae this summer or fall and gave me  new contact information. Taylor also reiterated his support for the application  of TreeAzin to protect “special” pines, essentially as an insurance policy.  

However, he strongly advised frequent watering – that would soak into the pine roots, especially those with minimal topsoil. This spring brought severe drought conditions to our islands not previously encountered since 1960 – which was further aggravated by a very light snow cover last winter.  Hence, watering is essential for maintaining  optimum health of your pines, especially for those previously stressed.  

At this point, I want to take the opportunity to thank Taylor Scarr – both personally and behalf of PaBIA — for his analysis and advice over the past 9 months on managing the introduced pine sawfly infestation.  We wish him the very best in the years ahead and hope he will keep in touch.

Shelagh Grant

Chair, Forest Health and Wildlife  

MP logo
On-the-Water Coaching TODAY
July 6  9:30 – 11:00 am 
Randy Johnson, Power Squadron and PaBIA Member Safety Team, will again coach any PaBIA member who wishes to become more proficient at docking and maneuvering a boat!  Bring your own boat and meet Randy at the back Ojibway docks.
Sign-ups for subsequent Wednesdays at PaBIA’s Marine Patrol Hut. Contact Randy Johnson with questions.

Boat Pro Seminars TODAY Wednesday

July 6  1:00 – 3:00 pm at the Ojibway 1st Floor

Randy Johnson, Power Squadron and PaBIA Member Safety Team, will again hold seminars and give the test for all those wishing to get their mandatory Boat Licence in order to operate a motorboat of any kind. There is a cost for the test…These seminars will be given periodically throughout the summer on Wednesday afternoons.  Please sign up either in the Ojibway Office.
arts on the bay logo
Arts on the Bay Tonight
with the Dave Parson’s Quintet

Social 4:30 p.m.

Fabulous Dinner $25/person 5:15 p.m.

Dave Parsons Quintet $20/person 7:00–9:00 p.m.


Outstanding Art Exhibits & Poet’s Corner

Janie Bradberry Porcelain & Lace

Sailing picture ..
July 9 Races 3 & 4 Saturday @ 2 p.m.

Our second race of the July series, the Mosley Island Centennial Race,  will be held on Saturday July 9th at 2 pm in the open water just west of Empress Channel.
Thank you to Jane and Bob Mosley for hosting the post race rendezvous at Mosley Island (A377). This is the Mosley family’s 100th year at Pointe au Baril and we thank Bob and Jane for sharing their Centennial with us.
If you are interested in crewing, please contact Vicki Tremayne. She will try to match you with a skipper.  See you Saturday!

Naturalist logo

Limestone Islands Nature Reserve

Sunday, July 17
10:00 AM – Noon
Ojibway Movie Hut

Kenton Otterbein has been the Natural Heritage Education Specialist at Killbear Provincial Park since 1999.  His main duties at Killbear include: leading education programs and running the Visitor Centre, coordinating rattlesnake and foxsnake conservation and research efforts, controlling invasive species such as phragmites, and conducting environmental assessments.  Occasionally (on really good days), Kenton gets to work on the Limestone Islands.  Kenton graduated from Trent University in 1989 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Resource Studies.  In his spare time he likes nothing better than canoeing, kayaking or cross country skiing among the 30,000 islands.

Jr Naturalist Logo NEW
PaBIA’s Junior Naturalist Survivor

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.    Arts and Crafts Hut 

Calling all 6-14 year olds to this year’s Jr Naturalist program. Come work with a group to earn points and solve challenges while learning with Suzi Garner.
  • Building a mini shelter to take home
  • Going on an edible plant scavenger hunt
  • Listening to the trees.

While the parents/grandparents are enjoying the PaBIA Naturalist, the kids can join together!

*Firepump Demonstration
Sunday, July 17th

Demonstration of the

Honda & Wajax Fire Pumps

Ojibway Dock 
2 pm.

Randy Johnson, our Fire Safety Chair and a member of the Ontario Power Squadron, will demonstrate how to operate the pump. Come and learn the mechanics so that should a fire erupt, we are more proficient at operating firepumps.
  • Come learn how to operate a firepump – then return to the cottage and operate your own firepump.
  • Check the Listing of Firepumps in your island neighborhood by referring to pages 124-127 in the 2016 Yearbook
  • Please read Randy’s report on pages 121-123…it may save your life and/or your cottage!
Waiting Times in WPSHC Emergency!

  • As part of the triage system in the ER, sometimes other patients might arrive after you and they receive medical attention before you – you will see a doctor based on your level of need.
  • At WPSHC we know that approximately 25 percent of our patients will require immediate care. A serious medical concern is not always obvious to other patients who are waiting and this is something that causes concern that some patients are ‘unfairly’ waiting longer than others. Some patients will be brought to the Emergency Department by ambulance and their arrival will not be obvious to patients in the waiting area.

It is true that not everyone will wait an equal length of time, but everyone at WPSHC’s Emergency Department will be treated with fairness and respect and they will be provided with the best possible medical care.

Understanding the Triage System  
in Our Emergency Department he triage system is used in order to ensure that immediate attention is given to those patients who require urgent care. Many times this can involve saving someone’s life.
  • Patients are interviewed and assessed by a Registered Nurse soon after checking into the Emergency Department. This is called the’triage’ process.
  • The first assessment is made so that patients with the most serious medical needs are seen first.
  • All patients coming into the Emergency Department are assessed on a scale of one-to-five using the information given by the patient and based on the experience of the triage nurse.
  • All of our Emergency Department nurses have special training in the triage process.
Call 911 For Emergency Services  
Don’t hesitate.  Call 911.  Be sure that all guests know your location (including your address & municipality).  It may be your guest calling the service.  Make it easy for them.  Post your address on the fridge.   

St John's Ambulance logo
CPR Basic Course

St John ambulance will be holding a cpr course on Tuesday July 19 at the Community Center at the PaB Station (near the Nursing Station)  from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.  The cost is $70 and is open to 17 people.  Register by contacting Graham Smith.

Thank you GBLT!
PaBIA and the Marine Patrol wish to thank the Georgian Bay Land Trust for their $6000 donation each year to PaBIA to help fund our Marine Patrol.
Among their many duties, the Marine Patrol monitors the many GBLT properties right in the Pointe au Baril area. Remember the GBLT properties are there in perpetuity for us to enjoy and use – always leaving them (and all Crown Land) better than when we arrived to enjoy!

Tartar sauce
Mom’s Homemade
Tartar Sauce
In getting excited about the upcoming summer on the island, my mind always goes to the food!  My mother-in-law, Lois Stuckey, always made the best tartar sauce to go with our fish fry nights. 
  • Diced onions,
  • Mayonnaise,
  • Salt, pepper & pickle relish. 

Now comes the fun part:  do you prefer sweet relish or dill relish??  I believe Lois used sweet relish, but in talking with friends, many have said they always use dill relish.  I may have to have a sauce taste-testing event and see which one wins.  This comes under the great-conversations-at-a-cottage category.  Have fun!

bottles color
Community Bottle Drive Returns to PaB!
The collection of donated returnable beer, wine and liquor containers at the Pointe au Baril Transfer Station on South Shore Rd. is now being operated by Murray and Mabel Kennedy.  The trailer for the bottle drive, parked at the Transfer Station is clearly marked and is for depositing only refundable containers.   The Kennedys have a contract with the Township.  Money raised, up to $15,000 annually, will be donated to the following, all in Pointe au Baril:
  • Seniors Group activities
  • Children’s Christmas Party
  • Nursing Station
  • Florence Church
  • Georgian Cliffs Cemetery
  • Arts on the Bay
If more than $15,000 is raised, then donations will be made to Harvest Share and the Salvation Army both of which have helped the Pointe au Baril Community.
Henry VIII Feast

The Ojibway Club cordially invites everyone to join them

Saturday, July 9th

for an evening of festivities… There is a cash/chit bar and dinner for $48/person. Consider joining the King, Queen and their court for this Saturday evening’s ribald entertainment.

Please call or email the Ojibway Office for reservations!

Ojibway Picnic with Brad
Monday July 11th
Meet Brad and the gang for a picnic excursion out to an undisclosed island location. Meet at the Ojibway docks at 12 noon sharp and join in the fun! Everyone is invited!  Returning 4 PM
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