This coming weekend is chock full of fun things to do – on Saturday PaBIA’s sailing races to White Star Swim and on Sunday PaBIA Naturalist and Junior Naturalist in the AM and Wajax & Honda fire pump demo in the PM! 

With PaBERT no longer in service, we must again think about what we would do in case of a fire or medical emergency on our islands.  Please set aside time NOW to read and discuss with others on your island the fire and medical emergency articles that are below. It might save your life or the life of a loved one.

I am grateful to Mike Evans, Randy Johnson, Faye White, Scott Sheard and the Marine Patrol – all of whom contributed to the very informative articles. Thank you!

Total Fire Ban Logo
FIRE DANGER RATING has been reduced to HIGH.  No open fires, but
campfires for cooking and warmth are permitted.
Eaglet 7.9.16
Eagle June 30
PaB’s New Eaglet!

Our Eagles have one ‘little one’ this year!  See it above perched on the nest…watching the boats go by…stretching its wings… flapping its wings and hopping up and down to catch the breeze to give it liftoff. It won’t be long until it is flying!

And have you seen the Adult Bald Eagle with its all white head, either in its tree or flying around?

Fire Emergencies – You Are the                       Only Fire Department on Your Island!
Please download this entire article, read, discuss and post it!
 (Please see PaBIA’s ‘Fire pump demonstrations’ scheduled for 7/19 bel)

  1. PaBIA has 4 high-powered WAJAX fire pumps that are strategically placed in yellow plastic containers within the PaB area. Check the PaBIA maps NOW for the one closest to you.
  2. Your neighbors may in fact have a fire pump on their property.  Check the Fire Pump Listings on pages 124-127 of this year’s Yearbook.
  3. Consider acquiring and deploying your own fire pump.
  4. All property owners with a fire pump should regularly start and use the fire pump to ensure proper working order; PaBIA’s schedule is every 2 weeks and at the very least, every month. Your trees and blueberry bushes will appreciate it!
  5. Make a plan with those on the island/in the neighborhood so that in a case of fire, you will already have an ‘agreed-to’ plan for what to do and who is going to do what.  
  • Who is calling/texting who?
  • Who will go get the PaBIA fire pump?  
  • Who knows how to start the pump?
  • Who will hold the hose?  
  • Have you practiced doing this?

        6.  Considerations & Best Practices

  • Identify a rally point outside an involved structure. 
  • DO NOT re-enter an involved structure
  • Flat spot for pump to operate?
  • Clear water for pump intake?
  • Sufficient fuel for fire pump?
  • Hose can be rolled in a way that allows free and rapid deployment:
  • Speak to the Marine Patrol on how to do this.
  • Propane tank locations?
  • Note: all cottagers should have their propane tank installations at the water’s edge and away from the cottage.
  • Order all non-essential people away from the fire and the fire-fighting equipment.
  • Consider that your efforts will most likely save your trees and accessory buildings.

For more information, refer to the 2016 Yearbook Article by Randy Johnson, Chair of Boating Safety and Fire, pg. 121

Marine Patrol and Randy Johnson are running a basic fire pump training session on July 17, 2 p.m. at the Ojibway Club back dock. (notice below)

Medical Emergencies
Please download this entire article, read, discuss and post it!

We want you to know that PaBIA continues to work behind the scenes to develop viable options going forward for Medical emergencies in the PaB area.   We are fortunate to have both the Nursing Station and the EMS Ambulance at PaB Station during the day.
If you are not sure you have an emergency, you may want to call Telehealth Ontario or make an appointment at the nursing station.
1. Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential service you can call to get health advice or information.

  • A Registered Nurse will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is only a phone service, not email.
  • Anybody can use it.
  • They may ask you for a health card number but it is unlikely.
  • Telehealth Ontario nurses will not diagnose your illness or give you medicine. They will direct you to the most appropriate level of care or may put you in contact with a health professional who can advise you on your next steps.
  • Toll-free: 1-866-797-0000;   Toll-free TTY: 1-866-797-0007

2. PaBIA’s Marine Patrollers, Nate and Emma, are on the water and available to assist 8:30 – 5:00 pm every day except Wednesdays. 

3. Write down the following numbers and keep them in a note in your phone/ in your contacts/by your phone.

  • Emergency dial 911
  • Marine Patrol (On the water 8:30 – 5 p.m.) 705-773-9283 not available on Wednesdays)
  • Telehealth Ontario (nurse 24/7) 1-866-797-0000
  • Nursing station (open M-F; 8-3:30 pm) 705-366-2376

If you have a true emergency consider the following:
Until another program is instituted, you are the ‘First Responder’ on your island.  What will you do?

  • FIRST: Call 911 should you have need for the EMS…and the dispatcher will guide you.
  • SECOND: Consider how the injured/sick islander will get to the station because YOU must be responsible, in most cases, for getting the patient to the station where the EMS/Ambulance can meet you.
  • Consider HOW you will get the patient to the station: 
  • Consider WHO you would call to assist getting the patient medical attention and/or to the station

Please know that the ambulance stationed in PaB close by the Nursing Station operates in a broader locale than just PaB.  If the ambulance with the EMTs is not in PaB at the time of the emergency, the 911 operators will let you know the ETA of the vehicle.

PaBIA’s Practical Suggestions:

  • Suggestneighborhood watch program such that you contact your neighbors on the Bay NOW to discuss how you might help each other in case of an emergency. 
  • Create a written Emergency Procedure Instruction Sheet for your island preferably posted on the refrigerator so all family, friends and renters have access to it and know it is there.
  • Include what your island number is (which should also be posted on the end of your dock). If possible write down your GPS Co-ordinates. If you have trouble getting this information, contact Marine Patrol.  
  • List how you would go about getting someone to the mainland at night. Write down important names, numbers and 911.  
  • If somebody has a complicated medical history on your island (pregnant, allergy, past medical history (eg previous stroke, heart attack, recent surgery, multiple medications, etc.) it is a good idea to document this (while respecting privacy) so if there is an emergency this can be communicated.
  • Have on hand
    • First Aid Kit (consider gauze, steri-strips, ibuprofen/acetaminophen, tensor bandage, tape, coban wrap, antihistamine, antibiotic ointment, low dose aspirin (81 mg) for heart attacks, sling, band aids, tweezers, scissors, instant cold packs, soap or hand sanitizer, petroleum jelly, eye antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, and an epi pen if prescribed). All these are available over the counter except the epi pen.
    • Possibly a portable stretcher that would fit in your boat.
    • Flares or flags to mark your dock if medical help was coming to you at night by air or boat 
  • Know CPR and/or standard first aid or arrange to take a CPR course. There are online versions
  • Also familiarize yourself with what you need to know for excessive bleeding or a Rattlesnake bite. Parry Sound Hospital is a leading centre for management of rattlesnake bites.
  • Use SAFETY COMMON SENSE. Our cottage life has inherent risks and our common challenge being here is to manage risks sensibly. This also might not be the right paradise for family or friends who are very frail or 91/2 months pregnant. It’s time to rethink. You could save a life and possibly your own!

White Star Swimmers 15
White Star Swim is
This Saturday, July 16th!

12 – 2 p.m. – Blood Island A193 Swim will go from the White’s dock to Ojibway Club docks!

The White Star Swim is back again, happening this coming Saturday July 16th, where all participants swim from the White’s dock to the Ojibway Club. This event is for all ages, and last year we had participants ranging from age 8 to 66 years of age. 
2015 Finishers: Tibby Pepper, Maggie Pepper, Bryce Spangler, Nancy Zintel Ribakove, Doug Alderdice, and Kelly Watson, with excellent safety supervision by Erica Allen, Hilde Clark, Faye White, Brooke Spangler, Helen A Garber, Peter Watson, and the PaBIA Marine Patrol!
You will be met at the Ojibway Dock with hot chocolate from the snack bar!
This year, Payne Marine is giving out four (4) gift certificates to one from each of the following categories:
  • Top Adult Male (Age 13 & up)
  • Top Adult Female (Age 13 & up)
  • Top Child Male (Age 12 & under)
  • Top Child Female  (Age 12 & under)
This is an ALL-AGES event!
Come one, come all! See you there!

Please spread the word! We hope to see as many of your bright faces out there for the Swim! Any questions, please feel free to contact Kelly Watson

Sailing picture ..
July 16 Races 5 & 6 Saturday @ 2 p.m.

The Mosley Island Centennial Race was held in the open in spectacular conditions this past Sunday. Thank you to the Mosley family for hosting the rendezvous. 
This week’s race will be held on Saturday July 16th at 2 pm on the Middle Reach race course. The post race rendezvous will be hosted by Christine and Peter Schmidt at Loon Island (A106).
See you Saturday!

Naturalist logo

Limestone Islands Nature Reserve

Sunday, July 17
10:00 AM – Noon
Ojibway Movie Hut

Kenton Otterbein has been the Natural Heritage Education Specialist at Killbear Provincial Park since 1999.  His main duties at Killbear include: leading education programs and running the Visitor Centre, coordinating rattlesnake and foxsnake conservation and research efforts, controlling invasive species such as phragmites, and conducting environmental assessments.  Occasionally (on really good days), Kenton gets to work on the Limestone Islands.  Kenton graduated from Trent University in 1989 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Resource Studies.  In his spare time he likes nothing better than canoeing, kayaking or cross country skiing among the 30,000 islands.

Jr Naturalist Logo NEW
PaBIA’s Junior Naturalist Survivor

    Sunday, July 17th

 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.            Arts and Crafts Hut                             Ojibway Island

Calling all 6-14 year olds to this year’s Junior Naturalist program. Come work with a group to earn points and solve challenges while learning with Suzi Garner.
  • Building a mini shelter to take home
  • Going on an edible plant scavenger hunt
  • Listening to the trees.

While the parents/grandparents are enjoying the PaBIA Naturalist, the kids can join together!  

Fire Pump Demonstration
Sunday, July 17th

Demonstration of the

Honda & Wajax Fire Pumps

Ojibway BACK Dock 
2 pm.

Did you know this?  PaBIA’s Wajax fire pumps can push water effectively up to a mile. That’s fifty (50) 100 foot lengths of hose that can reach into the middle of most islands!
Randy Johnson, our Fire Safety Chair and a member of the Ontario Power Squadron, will demonstrate how to operate the pump. Come and learn the mechanics so that should a fire erupt, we are more proficient at operating firepumps.
  • Come learn how to operate a fire pump – then return to the cottage and operate your own fire pump.
  • Check the Listing of Fire pumps in your island neighborhood by referring to pages 124-127 in the 2016 Yearbook
  • Please read Randy’s report on pages 121-123…it may save your life and/or your cottage!
PaBIA Members See a Need and Respond!

Repainting Cairns
Andrew Rogers, Diane Dempsey, Ruby Rogers, Mike Boland, Mary Dawn Thomson, Dimas DeCampos and Emilio DeCampos.

On Sunday, June 3rd, a flotilla of Pointe au Baril families took matters into their own hands and descended on Hemlock channel, with a goal of re-painting some very important channel makers. With five white spray cans in hand, they restored the shiny white colour to each and every barrel, intended for their original purpose; to guide boats safely back from the open. 


St John's Ambulance logo

St John ambulance will NOT be held. Contact  Graham Smith with questions.

Fishing hook
Rules for Hooks & Lines
Sometimes when you fish all over North America it is good to refresh yourself on local rules and regulations as they can differ and on some of the most basic items, like hooks and line. In the Georgian Bay our local rules for hooks and lines are:
These Regulations Apply Across the Province:
  •You can attach up to 4 hooks to your fishing line
  •You can use only 1 line
A Hook is Defined As
  •A single-pointed or multiple-pointed hook on the same shaft
  •Lures can have multiple hooks — each hook on a lure counts toward        your 4-hook limit
  •Snaggers and spring gaffs are not hooks
Taylor Scarr
Cancelled Pine Sawfly Program
PaBIA wishes to apologize for any inconvenience to you for the unfortunate need for Dr Taylor Scarr to cancel his presentation scheduled for this past Sunday on Pine Sawfly. PaBIA had hoped that those who went to the movie hut last Sunday had seen the cancellation notice in an earlier eBlast.
We will endeavor to communicate those unforeseen cancellations more clearly in the future!  

MP logo
Next On-the-Water Coaching
Wed., July 20  9:30 – 11:00 am 
Randy Johnson, Power Squadron and PaBIA Member Safety Team, will again coach any PaBIA member who wishes to become more proficient at docking and maneuvering a boat!  Bring your own boat and meet Randy at the back Ojibway docks.
Sign-ups for subsequent Wednesdays at PaBIA’s Marine Patrol Hut or email. Contact Randy Johnson with questions.

Next Boat Pro Seminar

July 20 1:00 – 3:00 pm at the Ojibway Lounge

Randy Johnson, Power Squadron and PaBIA Member Safety Team, will again hold seminars and give the test for all those wishing to get their mandatory Boat Licence in order to operate a motorboat of any kind. There is a cost for the test of $80 in cash or a check to be made out to Randy Johnson.  These seminars will be given periodically throughout the summer on Wednesday afternoons.  Please check for available dates and/or  sign up in the Ojibway Office.
Join GBBR and Westwind Forest Stewardship for guided walk and shoreline study!
Saturday July 16th
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
4 Leaside Drive, Skerryvore
GBBR Guided Walk
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