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 Volume 10 No.10
Dear PaBIA,
Again this eBlast is long…but it is also FULL of all the various activities such as the fire pump demo (do you really know how to start one (?), the sailing race and Oktoberfest plus a Picnic and Painting Class, as well important information for you re the non urgent WPSHC ER, the invasive Pine Sawfly, our Eaglet and GBBR & MP water testing!
Our summer is turning into a hot, dry one, although these past few days, the temperatures have dipped down into the 23-26 C degree range (70-80 F degrees), but still no rain…thus, the total fire ban!

Non-Urgent Care Clinic —
Brought to you by WPSHC ER Docs
Now Through to September Long Weekend
With the Health Centre operating at over 100% occupancy over the last week (early July) and Emergency visits already beginning to bulge with our increased population, our Emerg Docs organized a Non-Urgent Care Clinic through the Emergency Department. Operating 7 days a week, Noon to 4 PM, patients who enter the Department and are assessed as requiring non-urgent care are treated through this clinic.
Be aware: Due to the doctor shortage in the North a few of the clinic spots are not yet filled. The team is working hard to fill in the gaps.

Our PaB Eagles and its Eaglet on Chingwauk A199
Eaglet July 18
As one parent was on the nest, the other was on a nearby tree. The eaglet is jumping on the nest flapping its wings and lofting off the nest from one end to the other. We think he might be able to fly within the week. So slow down and look at it on the way by. 
Bald Eagle July 2018
The parents are only near the nest a couple of times a day now in tricking the eaglet to leave the nest to join them.
Thanks to Barry and Rebecca Middleton for their constant vigilance (and pics) of these remarkable birds! These pics taken July 5

Introduced Pine Sawfly – New Signs of Infestation
Pine Sawfly clear
Some diseases come and go, and many of them, such as the Pine Sawfly, have been around for years. Some years they will flare up and, then, as quickly disappear. As David Bywater from the GBBR has said, “unfortunately IPS (Introduced Pine Sawfly) will never be truly gone, some foresters think of them as a ‘natural invasive’ that we need to learn to manage and live with.”
We are beginning to hear about a new infestation of the Pine Sawfly here in Pointe au Baril, both on the mainland as well as out on the islands, perhaps because of the drought conditions we are experiencing.
Look for the small initial larvae about 1/2 ” long, bright green with subtle stripes on the pine tree branches within the pine needles. There was noticeable sawfly excrement and grindings on deck.
We must:
  • Keep our eyes open every year to see if IPS is present,
  • Keep our trees well watered to prevent them from becoming stressed, and
If we do see these caterpillars on the branches, destroy them as best as we can, using a firehose or even shaking the branches and then stepping on them.
Please keep Gill Cameron informed if you think you have an outbreak of IPS. This way she can keep a record of any pattern and be in touch if people want to do any injections and can arrange again with Mike at Georgian Tree Services.

~ Week BEGINNING July 11th ~
(Wed to Wed)

Arts on the Bay – Tonight July 11
ARTs on the Bay logo 18
A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
Wednesday, July 11 @ 7:00 p.m.
A TRIBUTE to ELLA FITZGERALD! Our own Dave Parsons, his group with Lisa Levy will be here to honour Ella Fitzgerald.
Dubbed “The First Lady of Song”, Ella was the most popular jazz singer in the USA for more than half a century. Her voice was flexible, wide ranging, accurate, and ageless.
Dave will present a jazz evening to remember. Ella would be proud!
Special Art Exhibit – Elsie Kelly
Side room display of home made, hand sewn clothes by Elsie Kelly. Absolutely beautiful work!

Emergency Preparedness In PaB – JULY 13
Do you know how to start a Wajax or Honda firepump?
Want to learn…just in case?
What’s to lose?

With our Fire Danger increased to HIGH because of the lack of sufficient rain over these past weeks, PaBIA wants everyone to be as prepared as is possible. Questions? Ask the Marine Patrol.
Please join
Randy Johnson, Chair, Fire and Boater Safety, Power Squadron Instructor of Instructors and the Marine Patrol
Friday July 13
for a fire pump demonstration
at the Ojibway back dock
3:30 – 4:30pm.

Next PaBIA Race: SATURDAY July 14th!
Special Rendezvous at the Sharpe’s

Sailing Aug 15
The fleet gathered last week in Middle Reach and the cloudless sky allowed the sun to stir up strong westerly breezes. It certainly felt like the first of summer as spray over the bow was welcomed rather than avoided. We were still short a few boats as some sailors did RC duty while others have yet to rig their boats given the late spring. The Rendezvous was graciously hosted by Laura Schatz and Cameron Binkley at their lovely and very centrally located island.
This coming week July races 5 & 6 will be held on the PaBAR course and the Rendezvous is being hosted by Stacey and David Sharpe at their cottage au Soleil, M-137, located across from Turning Island. The Rendezvous is a special one…so see below!
Finally, as part of the Junior Program, we will be including a Junior PaBAR class in the July races 7 & 8 the following weekend (See July 22nd below). Margie Wheler is taking the helm on this and it will include some basic race training on Friday, followed by the Saturday Races.

Ein Prosit! THIS SATURDAY’S Rendezvous is at Dave and Stacey Sharpe’s in Shawanaga!
Sign UP BELOW (only if you haven’t already done so)!

PaBIA Icon
It’s Oktoberfest in July!
A PaBIA First!!
Don’t Miss Out!!
Everyone is Welcome
PaBIA Members and Non-Members!
Only $10 per person.
Saturday July 14th Sailing Race “Rendezvous”
at Dave and Stacey Sharpe’s Cottage M-137.
Succulent BBQ Sausages-Beef, Pork and Turkey
Fresh from a local farmer.
Homemade Salads and Ice Cream Treats!

Norse logo
And of course, Ice Cold Norse Brewery Draft Beer and Ale fresh from their Nobel brewery and pulled straight from the kegs.
And cold drinks for the kids.
Valet boat parking will be available.
All Oktoberfest ticket proceeds will be going toward your PaBIA services.
And PaBIA wishes to remind everyone to have a designated driver for your ride back to the cottage
from the Sharpe’s cottage!

GIVE US AN IDEA WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN JOIN US! (only if you haven’t already signed up!)
Yes for 1
Yes for 2
Yes for 3+
Unfortunately No
Picnic and Painting Afternoon at Fairies Dancing (Rathlyn Island 79A)
July 16th 12 – 4 pm
Fairies Dancing (Rathlyn Island), Pointe au Baril
Bring your art supplies and join artist Gill Cameron as she hosts us for a picnic and painting afternoon at this beautiful property!
If you require boat transportation to this event, please contact Sarah at or call (416) 440-1519 x102. Please note that space is limited and advance notice is required.
The preferred meeting spot is indicated below, however, if it is a windy day we may have to moor in the back bay instead (see alternate spot on the map). Confirmation will be posted here on the morning of the event, and in either case it is a short walk across the island to the other spot.

Map of Rathlyn for painting
(Wed to Wed)

PaBIA logo
Jr Naturalist Logo NEW
PaBIA Jr Naturalist –
Wednesday July 18th
Rehabilitation, Education and Research
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Ojibway Movie Hut

Ontario Turtle specimens
The presentation will include Ontario’s eight species identification, the threats to Ontario’s turtles that are causing population declines, and a better understanding of what “species at risk” designation in Ontario means. It will also outline the work that the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre does to conserve Ontario’s turtles which includes, rehabilitation, education, and research in the field. 
We will bring 4 live non-releasable education turtle ambassadors! Paddy, (35 year-old male snapping turtle), Picasso (midland painted), Andrea (Blanding’s) and Rusty ( Wood).
All Ojibway Campers and PaBIA member’s
children and grandchildren are eligible to attend.

click above
Saturday, JULY 21st
9:00 AM Start
Ojibway Back Docks
If you aren’t participating, we urge you to come out and root for the swimmers, runners along the OHPS “running” trails, and/or the paddlers as they make their way around the Ojibway Island!

Triathlon 2018
Junior PaBAR
Friday, July 20
Time TBA
Basic Race Training
Saturday July 21st
2:00 pm. 
Open to all sailors
under 21 years of age.
The race will run as part of the regular PaBIA sailing race. Details of the course in Matthews Bay.
Lasers, Laser Radials and Albacores are the preferred boats. Lasers are single-handed and Albacores can have 2-3 people per boat. 
Come out to have fun, become a better sailor! The winner gets their name(s) on the Junior PaBAR trophy!

Naturalist logo
PaBIA Naturalist ~ Sunday, July 22nd
Scott Parent
Journeying Across Georgian Bay
in All Seasons
Ojibway Movie Hut
10 AM to Noon
Sunday, July 22
Scott Parent has crossed Georgian Bay on a paddle board, a journey of 77 km and has also walked across on the ice, sleeping on the ice and waking up close to an enormous crack. He will be talking about what he has seen while out on the middle of the Bay.
sdfaaScott Parent
Situated near the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Scott has instant access to paddling Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. He knows the waters well. He respects the dynamics of the local weather, is able to make confidant decisions out on the water and prior to setting out.
Most of all, he enjoys the simple accessibility of the sport, teaching it to others of all ages, sharing experiences with others in wild natural spaces. He is currently finding new ways to expand on long distance SUP touring and exploring Lake Huron and Georgian Bay with local paddlers as often as possible.

White Star Swim
White Star Swim – Sunday July 22
Starting at 11am at Whites Island 193A and ending at Ojibway docks. Children 15 and under get name on plaque but swim open to “kids of all ages”. Be sure to check out the White Star Swim in July issue of Cottage Live magazine!!!

Cottage Succession, Capital Gains & Conservation – Sunday July 22
Ojibway Movie Hut
Sunday, July 22nd
4pm – 5 pm. 
Craft beer & wine served
“Capital gains is a big issue when passing cottage properties or vacant lands to children or other family. Bill Lougheed, Executive Director of the Georgian Bay Land Trust, will discuss how a Conservation Agreement with a land trust can ameliorate capital gains while protecting the biodiversity and natural heritage values on the unbuilt areas of your property. Protecting a balance of Pointe au Baril’s open spaces and wilderness places benefits the entire community.”

PaBIA Community Picnic – Monday, July 23
(Wed to Wed)

PaBIA logo
Junior Regatta 18
PaBIA Sailing Race Clinic – Begins Monday July 30
Sailing school faculty
Your Sailing Racing Instructors look forward to all sailors who would like to brush up or learn the proper techniques for sailboat racing!
Please meet at the Regan’s Ojibway docks from 9:00 am Monday, July 30th – Wednesday, August 1st.

~ Timeless Topics ~
State of the Bay: Water Quality & Algae Blooms
Think about what makes life possible under water. Phosphorus is the “food” that microscopic plants and animals need to survive. It affects algae growth and water clarity, in turn affecting many of our summer activities like swimming and boating. Too much phosphorus is not a good thing — but neither is having too little.

GBBR Boundaries for water testing
Georgian Bay receives nutrients from many rivers and spring run-off. In shallower waters, phosphorus levels can be much higher, creating a habitat supporting more species of algae and phytoplankton, and a more diverse food web. But when nutrients are trapped, algal blooms may result, potentially producing blue-green algae, leading to toxins dangerous to both wildlife and humans.
In the deep waters, phosphorus levels have been naturally low, but for the first time in recorded history, concentrations are now as low as those of Lake Superior, representing unprecedented low level of nutrients — critical in the open-water system. This occurred due to many interacting factors, one being the invasion of zebra and quagga mussels. Their immense capacity to filter lake water and consume most of the nutrients in Georgian Bay, resulted in the loss of phytoplankton and zooplankton.
The slow movement in nearshore waters means that an increase in nutrients along the shore will not benefit the offshore deep water but will accumulate, creating nuisance algal blooms—sometimes toxic ones. So be sure to:
  • Keep a buffer of vegetation along shorelines, which reduces nearshore nutrients.
  • Lower your household phosphorus pollution by avoiding detergents and soaps.
  • Maintain your septic system properly to avoid leaks and nutrient spills into water.
  • Volunteer to monitor water quality by visiting:
David Bywater is the State of the Bay Project Manager for the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, a not-for-profit dedicated to environmental and community well-being.
Below: GBBR Water Testing Training done with Marine Patrol in PaB

GBBR Water Testing
Marine Patrol LOGO
You might spot the Marine Patrol anchored around the bay, they are doing water quality testing! This is important to detect changes in water clarity and water temperature which affect human and aquatic health. 
Water testing pic
To test water quality, Jenny and Abi use a secchi disc and an underwater thermometer. They test eleven locations all around the bay, from Shawanaga Bay to the Bell Buoy. Your two Marine Patrollers, Abigail Sorensen and Jennifer Boughton, will gather this data throughout the summer to ensure the health of Pointe au Baril. 
Contact Info:
PaBIA Office, Ojibway Island,
Pointe au Baril, Ontario
Jenni here using the secchi disc

Yearbook Update
Each week, we will provide you a list of names for those who have provided updated information. However, the details of those changes is provided in a printable format for you to print out and insert into your own cottage copy!
Peter Merry (change email)
Bill Stevenson (update)

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