Oh my goodness, where did the summer go! It would appear that the summer storms are telling us something! 

For those flooded in Pointe au Baril Station yesterday during the heavy downpour, we do hope that the waters have already receded!  We have been told that some parts of the North and South Roads were washed out, the Shell station closed and that the highway had a foot of water on it as did the marinas. Both Parry Sound as well as Pointe au Baril were without hydro.

We sincerely hope that everyone is safe!  We also suggest that all cottagers still at their cottages remain vigilant for any smoke that might of come as a result of any lightening strikes that may have accompanied the storms.  (picture above taken about 12:15 pm on Tuesday, August 30, looking east toward the station)

This is, for all intent and purpose, the last regular PaBIA eBlast for this 2016 summer season! What a glorious summer it has been – hot temps, lots of sun (finally enough rain to no longer be under a FIRE BAN), and warm waters in which to swim. We hope you have a very safe and joyous Labour Day weekend…and be safe in your travels, wherever they take you and whenever that may be!

Marine Patrol LOGO
Last On-the-Water Coaching
Wed., August 31  9:30 – 11:00 am 
Randy Johnson, Power Squadron and PaBIA Member Safety Team, will again coach any PaBIA member who wishes to become more proficient at docking and maneuvering a boat!  Bring your own boat and meet Randy at the back Ojibway docks.  Contact Randy Johnson with questions.

Last Boat Pro Seminar
Wed., August 31  1:00 – 3:00 pm at the Ojibway Lounge

Randy Johnson, Power Squadron and PaBIA Member Safety Team, will again hold seminars and give the test for all those wishing to get their mandatory Boat Licence in order to operate a motorboat of any kind. There is a cost for the test of $80 in cash or a check to be made out to Randy Johnson.   Please sign up in the Ojibway Office.
Habitat for Humanity logo

Habitat boy w hammer
Habitat’s mission is to mobilize community volunteers and partners to help a neighbour in need.
Our ideal is to build on donated land, with donated materials, using volunteered labour. Habitat has never built in Pointe au Baril. Recently, we’ve partnered with members of the community in an effort to build the first local Habitat home for a hardworking family. The home will be included as one of the 150 constructed by Habitat affiliates in Canada during the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. The President and Mrs. Carter are helping Canada celebrate its 150th year with 150 Habitat home dedications in 2017.

In the past in nearby Parry Sound, Habitat has benefited from the enthusiastic involvement and generosity of numerous community members. We’ve built homes together. We’ve built new foundations for the families, and now we are ready to grow again.
Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North is a registered charity. As such, we are pleased to recognize the donation of funds, land, materials and professional labour with a charitable tax receipt for both Canadian and American donors.

Habitat hug
 Habitat builds decent, basic homes that we sell at fair market value to carefully screened, hardworking families who don’t qualify for the conventional bank financing that would let them buy their way out of substandard living conditions. We don’t give people a hand-out, we give deserving neighbours a hand-up. By doing so, we reshape the future and sense of possibility for their children and for the generations of family to follow. I’m pleased and excited to partner with supporters in Pointe au Baril, the surrounding area, and its seasonal community. This is an invitation for you to also mobilize with Habitat to build a home, to build hope for a neighbour family, and to build a stronger community for ourselves and for our children.
To get involved call Britta Gerwin, Director of Development & Communications at (705) 646-0106 ext. 205 or email

John  Tremayne
Thank You John Tremayne!

PaBIA would like to give a big thanks to John Tremayne for all that he has done in his role as Sailing Commodore. John has planned and help execute many exciting races over the past 2 years. Under his excellent stewardship, Saturday racing has never been more popular!  Thanks John! 

Moving into the position of Commodore is Rainer Kaufmann. Thank you Rainer for taking the helm and we look forward to another exciting sailing season in 2017, everyone is welcome.

Submitted by Erica Allen, PaBIA Director Member Activities
Shelagh Grant

Shelagh Grant - a HUGE Thank you!

For me, Shelagh Grant is one of those familiar faces I have run in to volunteering at the Ojibway Art Show and around the Ojibway Club over the years.   I knew she was active in PaBIA, having read her name in the PaBIA publications over the years, but I was unaware of just what effort she puts into everything she does.

Her dedication and energy over the years has extended, since the late 1990s, from water quality and water testing, to The PaBIA Naturalist to the Blastomycosis concerns.  But this past year, with the highlighting of the pine sawfly infestation in our area, that moved her “front and centre” for many of us who have had trees affected. Her efforts were remarkable and many of us cant thank her enough.

Being witness to her commitment made me realize we all must make an effort if we want to preserve what we have here in Pointe au Baril. She has certainly inspired me and I’m sure that’s true for many of us.

Thank you Shelagh for your work on the forestry and water quality issues here; and I, for one, hope that you’ll be close by when we need some direction and expertise!

Submitted by Jane Wilkins, Director of Environmental portfolio

Canine Blastomycosis

And just a reminder as you leave for the summer, if you have a dog who develops a cough or fever, you should immediately inform your veterinarian that it had spent several weeks in an area where canine blastomycosis is prevalent. Early diagnosis and proper medication is essential for their survival.

PaBIA 16 Cover
Yearbook ’17 Submissions

What a fantastic summer we have had…I would bet that there are many stories from this summer that bring smiles to your faces or even tears to your eyes.  Might there be one that you would like to share?  
As I have said in years’ past, PaBIA’s Yearbook is only as good as the submitted stories, pictures and musings that are shared by YOU!  Please consider one!
To submit them, please email your thoughts/ideas to Hilde Clark by early January with the submission due in February.
Yellow Grub
Are Yellow Grubs In Fish Harmful To You?

Yellow grub is closely related to black spot and has a similar life cycle. It appears as yellow or white spots in the flesh, sometimes over one-half cm long. Smallmouth Bass and Yellow Perch tend to be the species most commonly inflicted with yellow grub in Ontario. There are no external signs on a fish to indicate that the flesh contains yellow grub. If only a few grubs are found in a fillet, they can be easily removed with a knife tip. Otherwise, infected fish can be consumed with proper cooking.  Dan & Jan Stuckey.  
PaBIA Neighbor Logo
Kayakers and Canoeists Appreciate Boaters’ Courtesies!

As a boater, have you ever passed a canoeist or kayaker at full speed in a narrow channel?  Have you ever looked back to see what havoc your boat’s wake may or may not have played on the boater? If not, please do so!  You might be surprised at what you see!

Please slow way down for the kayaker or canoeist – especially in a narrow channel!  Your wake has quite a strong force, whether at full speed OR EVEN as you are slowing down as your boat actually displaces more water (thereby creating an even bigger wake) as it slows.  Therefore slowing all the way down is necessary to achieve the least force and thereby smallest wake that is created by your boat. 
Even if you see kayakers or canoers in the wider bays, please consider giving them a wide berth so that the force of your wake has been reduced by distance!

Your courtesies will be much appreciated!
Mature larvae

Mother Nature was kind to us this year, having virtually eliminated the Introduced Pine Sawfly from our islands, by a combination of weather and natural predators such as wasps and parasites. With the absence of gypsy moths and sawflies, along with the decline of the pine  shoot beetle, our  trees flourished. Even previously stressed trees that were treated with TreeAzin seemed to take on a new life, especially when watered during periods of drought. The only exceptions were pines that had lost more than 50% of their needles last year and smaller ones on the shoreline that were adversely affected by high water levels.

Everyone is thrilled that Gill Cameron offered to take on the  responsibility. Last Monday, Shelagh met with Gill met to discuss current issues and transfer key research files and correspondence. Welcome  aboard Gill!!


Wooden slats that made up the walkway of an aluminum ramp frame attached to a floating dock is missing.  The aluminum framed ramp broke away from the dock and the its wooden insert ‘lifted out’ and floated off from Leland Island A481-3.  Please contact Mike Ketchum, or John Catto if you have any knowledge of it!!
Found Tube
Found: Large Two Person Tube

After last week’s storms and winds we have found this tube on our island. It appears to have come from the west of A 201 & A 202. If it is yours please email Rebecca and Barry Middleton
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Yearbook Updates              (since the printing of 2016 Yearbook)

To keep your Yearbook current, we suggest you print out the listing of all PaBIA Yearbook Updates here
NEWEST UPDATES for new members!!!
    • Adams, Brian and Whetham, Melanie (address correction)
    • McCoy, Sarah and Buchanan, Jim
     September 24th
    Florence Church
    Florence Church Fall Rummage Sale

    The Ladies’ Church Group is very grateful for all the contributions to the annual sale made by the members of PaBIA.  This year’s rummage sale will be held on Saturday, September 24th, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at two locations:

              Community Centre   •   Church basement

    Donations may be made anytime at the Church!  Drop off by road or water.  Questions?  Contact Barb Leitch.

      September 30th

    TOA Logo
    ToA Celebrating Seniors Luncheon

    The Township of the Archipelago
    Invites Seniors to a Celebrating Seniors Luncheon
    at the Pointe au Baril Community Centre
    on Friday, September 30, 2016

    Very Important that people RSVP to Maryann Weaver, TOA or

    Sign up at the Community Centre by September 16th.

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