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 Volume 11 No.16
Cartoon Boat lights at night
Dear PaBIA,
This following quote came to me from a concerned cottager: I am amazed to see PWCs (jet skis) whizzing by in the pitch dark along “Yonge Street” without navigation lighting – they are not equipped with nav lights because they are illegal at night. Such incredible speeds and completely invisible…” Just think about that, folks! That’s downright scary whether it is a jet skier or motorboater whose lives are at risk!
So, if you are an owner of a Jet Ski, please refrain from either you or your children being out on them after dusk. It could save your life, literally! And let’s remember that it’s not just Jet Skis…but all boats!
Or if you know that your neighbour is risking not only their lives but other people’s lives, please speak (kindly) to them.

Baseball cap Slow Ride
The PaB area was stunned many years ago when a mishap resulted in the death of a young girl. Please help to ensure that Katie’s life and legacy isn’t for naught.
In this eBlast:
  • PaBIA’s Experiment with Different Channel Markers
  • PaBIA Marine Patrol Supervisor Position Open!
  • PaBIA’s Boater Coaching and Testing – Today, August 14
  • ToA CZBL Review – August 16
  • PaBIA PaBAR Sailing Races – August 17
  • PaBIA Phragmites Cut – August 18
  • Habitat for Humanity Build –
  • GBF Shoreline Bay Cleanup – August 25
  • BAY NOTES – Councillors Sheard and Manners Overview
  • Boating Behavior Reminders and OPP Phone Number 24/7
  • PaBIA MP – Phrag cutting with Ojibway Senior Campers
  • Donate to Florence Church Rummage Sale – Sept 28th
  • Ontario Birds: Goldfinch
  • Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels Aug 9, 2019
  • Yearbook Update
Week Starting Wednesday, August 14th
Coaching and Testing
Coaching and Testing Today 9:00 am and 1:30 pm
Learn it from the expert (sure beats learning it from a parent or spouse!)
Meet Randy Johnson at the Ojibway back dock for the boater coaching at 9 a.m.with your own boat to learn how to better maneuver and dock your boat. For the Operator’s Boater License testing, meeting in the Ojibway living room in the afternoon.

TOA Logo
Please be advised that the Corporation of the Township of The Archipelago has initiated a Review of its Comprehensive Zoning By-law pursuant to Section 34 of the Planning Act. As a “kick-off” to this process, the Township will be holding three Public Information Sessions, one at the Municipal office and one in each of the north and south sections of the Township to inform the public on the process and in turn, give the public the opportunity to provide input on matters related to the Comprehensive Zoning By-law.
DATE, TIME AND LOCATION OF PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSIONS SESSION 1: Thursday, August 15th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Council Chamber of the Municipal Office, 9 James Street, Parry Sound SESSION 2: Friday, August 16th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Pointe au Baril Community Centre, 70 South Shore Road, Pointe au Baril SESSION 3: Saturday, August 17th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the SSCA Schoolhouse, 21 B321 Island (Frying Pan Island), The Archipelago. Read on…

PaBAR Sailing Races Saturday 8/17 – 10:30 a.m.
Sailing pic new
Strong Winds, Great Racing –
This past Saturday afternoon, we had two races on the Ojibway Bay course. We had originally planned to be in the Open, but the winds were about 15 knots and there were swells in the Open. John Lawler and Sarah Bradshaw took two firsts in the Albacore fleet as did Tim Bradshaw in the Lasers. In the Flying Scots, Eric and Andrew Vanderwal were 1/2 and Bob Kilgour and Tom Cavers were 2/1. Under the rules, Bob and Tom won the day. Thanks to Jan, Andrew and Eric Vanderwal for hosting a wonderful Rendezvous at their lovely new cottage.
PABAR this Weekend
The next races are this Saturday August 17 at 10:30 on the PABAR course. Bring a picnic lunch – after the first race we will meet at the Bradshaw’s who have once again offered us the use of their rocks (and bathroom!). Following lunch, we will have two more races to conclude the 2019 PABAR.
The annual PABAR dinner and awards ceremony will be held starting at 6 pm Saturday August 17 at the Ojibway Club. The cost is $29.25 per person (plus HST and a 15% gratuity). Beer and wine will be available for purchase – no BYOB. Please purchase your tickets at the club office as soon as possible.

Junior PaBAR
Junior PABAR is for anyone 21 years and younger (all crew members must be under this age) and sailed in Albacore, 420 or Laser. It will be this weekend as part of the regular PABAR. Just show up for the start at 10:30 a.m. and check in with the race committee.
All boats will start together and the Juniors will just be scored separately. The Ojibway sailboats can be used with permission from Madi Macdonald, the Rec Manager.
Questions: Please contact Margie Wheler

Week of August 18th
Marine Patrol LOGO
Seeking Volunteers for Phragmites Cuts
August 18th
The Marine Patrol is ready to tackle the 6 phragmites patches around the Bay again this year and would love all the help they could get! The patches are considerably smaller than last year; but it is still an ongoing problem that, as the community, we need to face.
The phragmites cuts will take place on August 11th and August 18th (time TBD). If you, or anyone you know, would like to volunteer, contact us by email, phone (647-545-9283), or stop by our office during our office hours (8:30-9:30 a.m. or 4:00-5:00 p.m. – Thurs-Tuesday). Everyone is welcome to join in this important effort, and we hope to see lots of you out there!
If you have any questions about phragmites or the cuts taking place this year do not hesitate to call, email or stop by! Remember, it is important that the phragmites NOT be cut prior to these dates, as both the cutting and the disposal of the plant is very specific so as not to end up spreading the seeds that could later germinate!

Upcoming Programmes
Sunday, August 25th – Lighten the Plastic Pollution
Check with Cassie Weston at Georgian Bay Forever for more details.

GBF Shoreline Cleanup
Ongoing Programmes
PaBIA Logo
PaBIA’s Experimenting with New Markers!
Your PaBIA Board has been looking into changing out our red and green stick channel markers that are put in and taken out each spring and fall season. (Please see Jim Roger’s Markers Report in the 2019 Yearbook) There are several reasons for this: 
  • The markers PaBIA uses are NOT Canadian Coast Guard approved.
  • The annual cost incurred by installing/removing the stick markers is one of PaBIA’s most expensive responsibilities.
  • The cost of replacing broken, missing markers is too repetitive.
  • The manpower and hours Desmasdon’s uses to do this work is difficult, dependent upon the weather and time away from the Marina during the busy periods of the seasons.
So a team of folks, headed up by Jim Rogers and including (Scott Sheard last year), Bill Culp, Tom Scoon, Andy Blenkarn and Tom Lundy have looked into various solutions in order to comply with the Coast Guard and to make them permanent and able to withstand the ice conditions and changing water levels.
Before final recommendations are made, there needs to be some testing and experimentation.
Therefore, PaBIA has purchased 4 markers in two different sizes, two green and two red, 2 about Coast Guard marker size and 2 smaller ones, to be placed in strategic spots around the bay in order to test them. These new markers are Coast Guard approved and will be identified with PRIV printed on both sides. Our website will also appear on the markers.
This week, Desmasdon’s and Jim Rogers, PaBIA’s Chair of Maps and Markers, are planning to locate them in selected sites to test various conditions, mainly ice issues and areas of high impact. Probable locations include the S Turn, Upper Shawanaga, Hemlock Channel and Carolyn Island. These markers are cumbersome and require good weather, so it is hoped to have this accomplished within the next week or so.
PaBIA invites your feedback on these new markers and welcomes your comments…please contact either Tom Lundy or Jim Rogers!

PaBIA’s Marine Patrol’s Mission to Decrease the
Phragmites in PaB!

Marine Patrol LOGO
Monday, the Marine Patrol took out the senior campers from the Ojibway Camp (below) to cut one of the eight Phragmites patches that are located around the Bay.
We taught them about what the invasive species is, how to identify it, and most importantly, how to cut it! They had a lot of fun and learned lots! It was a great way to get them contributing to help our community decrease the Phragmites! 

MP w campers Phrag cut
Florence Church
Florence Universal Church Rummage Sale – September 28
Please consider donating items such as clothing and household items to the church to support this year’s church fundraiser. They greatly appreciate the cottagers’ contributions each year towards the rummage sale!
This year’s fundraiser is on Saturday, September 28th. And as usual….we are very appreciative of donated items. They can be left at Florence Church in the village harbour…either by road or by water. Volunteers check around the church from time to time and put the items inside the church basement, out of the weather. 
If you have any questions, please contact Barb Leitch!

H4H green logo
More 🔥 BURNING 🔥 Questions, Answered!
Q: Who is going to live in this house?
Habitat homeowners build and pay for these homes. Homeowners are identified based on need and ability to pay an affordable, no-interest mortgage over a 20-year term. Some facts about the family to come:
  • All family members must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Preference will be given to families who already work/ live in Pointe au Baril
  • At least one of the applicant/co-applicants must be employed full-time, or full-time-equivalent.
  • Current living conditions are unsafe or unhealthy where housing costs (usually rental) are too high
  • The family must contribute a minimum of 500 volunteer hours toward the construction of their own home or a variety of other Habitat projects
Have any other burning questions? Email Rachael at to have them answered!
Updates from the Build.
Vince Pawis, Noble Boucher, and Chuck Pawis of White Buffalo Road Healing Lodge in Shawanga joined us on site on August 5 for an awesome day of framing! We met these gents back in June, when some Habitat crews contributed in the construction of their healing lodge, and last week they returned the favour; another example of bringing our community together.

H4H Build 8.14
On August 9, seven men from the Islands came to volunteer; take a look at the photo to spot your friends.
On Monday we were lucky enough to be joined by 4 representatives of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, a local non-profit focused on creating more sustainable communities within eastern Georgian Bay. They have supported our project through and through by gifting us with our mandatory environmental assessment. 

For Canadians, donate here. Be sure to select the Pointe au Baril fund, and include a message for us. 
For Americans, use this link. All donations will go to the PaB Build.
Check out our Facebook page for updates and photos

Of Interest
PaBIA Marine Patrol Supervisor Position Open
Marine Patrol LOGO
Every once in a while, a key position opens up within PaBIA. After several years at the helm, Cath Fairlie has ably led and taken this program to new heights. But Cath has informed us that she’s unable to continue on due to family commitments next year!
PaBIA is therefore looking for someone who has the time and the talent to oversee the training and lead university-aged patrollers for the next few years. The requirements include:
  • Post the job and hire the patrollers for the summer,
  • Coordinate the training with Coast Guard, EMS, GBLT, etc..
  • Oversee the two week training
  • Supervise over the summer
If you enjoy working with young adults, can organize and oversee programs and be present for the patrollers throughout the summer, please consider getting involved!
PaBIA is asking any interested member to contact Helen Bryce, Director and Chair of Nominating and Tom Lundy, Director of Member Safety. Cath Fairlie, our present supervisor, would be happy to discuss the position responsibilities with anyone.

TOA Logo
BAY NOTES - July 2019
Ward 3 - Pointe au Baril, Skerryvore, Frederic Inlet, Shawanaga Bay & Lighthouse Neighbourhoods
The July Meetings of the Township of the Archipelago took place July 18 -19
Council Update
The July meeting of the TOA Council Meeting provided clear examples of the positive, constructive and thoughtful working culture that has developed amongst Councillors, staff and ratepayers since the election.
The following is a list of topics within Scott and Earl’s report. To receive this comprehensive report, please email either Scott or Earl and ask to be added to their eBlasts.
  • Financial Report.
  • Human Resources
  • Public Works
  • Planning and Building
  • TOA Official Plan and Affordable Housing
  • Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review | 2019 Community Consultation
xxxxxxxxPurpose of the Comprehensive Zoning By-Law Review
xxxxxxxxxWhy is this Important to You? 
xxxxxxxxxWhat is the Township doing? 
  • Community Brief | Pointe au Baril
  • Georgian Cliffs Memorial Park Cemetery Advisory Committee
Did You Know … ???
xxxxTownship of The Archipelago Demographics
  • Permanent population: 531 (based on 2016 census)
  • Seasonal population: 12,800
xxxxTotal population: 13,332
  • Permanent households: 275
  • Seasonal households: 3,059
xxxxTotal households: 3,334 (based on MPAC data)

Baseball cap Slow Ride
Poor boating behaviour
should be reported to the
OPP at 1 888-310-1122, NOT 911.
This line is available 24/7.
The OPP are prepared to follow up on reports of poor boater behaviour, including
xxx• Driving dangerously
  1. Speeding thorough slow zones,
  2. Slaloming PWCs through inner channels, etc.)
  3. Driving at night without lights.
xxx• Drinking while driving – OPP has zero tolerance for alcohol xxx• xxxxxconsumption while driving
xxx• Environmental or pollution offences.
xxx• Lack of life jackets.

Ontario Birds – American Goldfinch
(Click on the name of the bird below to listen to one of its calls.)

Patches of thistles and weeds, roadsides, open woods, edges. Found at all seasons in semi-open areas having open weedy ground and some trees and bushes for shelter, especially areas of second growth, streamsides, roadsides, woodland edges, orchards, suburban areas. In winter also in some very open fields farther from trees.
A typical summer sight is a male American Goldfinch flying over a meadow, flashing golden in the sun, calling perchickory as it bounds up and down in flight. In winter, when males and females alike are colored in subtler brown, flocks of goldfinches congregate in weedy fields and at feeders, making musical and plaintive calls. In most regions this is a late nester, beginning to nest in mid-summer, perhaps to assure a peak supply of late-summer seeds for feeding its young.
Feeding Behavior
Forages actively in weeds, shrubs, and trees, often climbing about acrobatically on plants such as thistles to reach the seeds. Except during breeding season, usually forages in flocks. Commonly comes to feeders for small seeds.
4-6, sometimes 2-7. Pale bluish white, occasionally with light brown spots. Incubation is by female only, about 12-14 days. Male feeds female during incubation. Young: Both parents feed nestlings. At first male brings food, female gives it to young; then both parents feed; role of female gradually declines, so that male may provide most food in later stages. Young leave nest about 11-17 days after hatching.
Both parents feed nestlings. At first male brings food, female gives it to young; then both parents feed; role of female gradually declines, so that male may provide most food in later stages. Young leave nest about 11-17 days after hatching.
Mostly seeds, some insects. Diet is primarily seeds, especially those of the daisy (composite) family, also those of weeds and grasses, and small seeds of trees such as elm, birch, and alder. Also eats buds, bark of young twigs, maple sap. Feeds on insects to a limited extent in summer. Young are fed regurgitated matter mostly made up of seeds.
Nesting begins late in season in many areas, with most nesting activity during July and August. In courtship, male performs fluttering flight display while singing. Nest: Usually in deciduous shrubs or trees, sometimes in conifers or in dense weeds, usually less than 30′ above the ground and placed in horizontal or upright fork. Nest (built by female) is a solid, compact cup of plant fibers, spiderwebs, plant down (especially from thistles); nest is so well-made that it may even hold water.

Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels – August 8, 2019
To better read the charts, please click on the chart for a pdf for the Daily Water level (top) chart and the website for the Water Levels six month projection (bottom)

Huron GB 8.8
Legend GLWL
Marina Farrow cushion
The blue ‘sofa’ box cushion is around 26” wide by 18”h and 4 “ thick.

It’s part of our dock sofa. It flew away from our dock on Island 418-A beside the Ojibway Club. If you have found this, please contact Marina Farrow.

Yearbook Updates
Each week, we will provide you a list of names for those who have provided updated information. The details of all the changes since the Yearbook’s came out in April is provided in a printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook copy!

Andrea Barrett
Lani Broadbent
Greg Sainsbury

Advocating for the Island Community,
Your PaBIA Directors
Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association 
PaBIA reserves all rights regarding decisions on communications to its members
in accordance with the PaBIA Policy on Communications

Fire Rating
Please click on the logos below for further information on
  • PaBIA Bulletin Bd
  • Hydro Outage App,
  • Coast Guard Environment Canada and
  • Order Fire Extinguishers
  • Weather for PaB.
If you have trouble with the Bulletin Board, please contact Dave to add it to you.
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Updated June 10, 2019 
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