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 Volume 11 No. 4
Dear PaBIA,
Over the next several weeks, PaBIA will be rolling out the results to the 2018 Survey…starting in this issue. Your comments and ideas are always welcome! You can always email Hilde Clark.
But do also check out below the various activities from:
  • GBF’s Reducing Your Plastic Footprint program THIS Saturday in Parry Sound, to
  • Considering your volunteering and supporting Habitat’s Pointe au Baril Build this summer, to
  • Donating toward the West Parry Sound Health Centre’s Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole – Do It For Life in May!
  • Joining PaBIA’s Sailing Group for up to date information…
  • Council of the Great Lakes Region is supporting a Summit on May 1 in Toronto on various environmental subjects.
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PaBIA has spoken!!
The 2018 PaBIA Membership survey results are in, and you can find both an Executive Summary and the full Survey Report here.

The last survey of our members was done 10 years ago. The PaBIA Board felt it was time to survey members again and update our understanding on a variety of subjects. This 2018 Survey truly gives us confidence in and strengthens our commitment to our go-forward initiatives. Knowing that we have an up-to-date understanding of what is most important to our membership allows us to speak with a strong and resonant voice on your behalf. And now, possessing results from two sequential surveys over 10 years, we have an even deeper and trended understanding of our members’ points of view. For more detail on the survey process, please click here.
You should know that this survey scored a 43% response rate, which is outstanding. Typical online survey response rates average just 10-20%. This shows how passionate our membership is in all matters concerning Georgian Bay and Pointe au Baril in particular.

Sr Reg Crowd
In this, and over the next several eBlasts, watch for bite-sized “deep dives” into the key survey areas of questioning; PaBIA Membership Communications, Land Use and Development, PaBIA’s Role in the Community, Safety and Emergency Response, along with Environmental Protection & PaBIA Membership Services.
Among many points of invaluable learning, you will see that our members remain firm in their support of our Township’s Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Bylaws governing carefully managed and controlled development, building size and congestion, blasting and forest clearing, and overall protection of Pointe au Baril’s precious balance between our human presence and the pristine natural environment.

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You’ll find that our membership expresses a clear desire for strengthened on-water emergency response services, tightened environmental monitoring and protections, and increased PaBIA Board and Committee membership reporting on all aspects of work being undertaken.
This is your Pointe au Baril, and this survey is an expression of what your community wants, needs and feels passionate about. It makes for very interesting reading! We invite you to read on and visit the PaBIA website for all the juicy details. We guarantee it will just fuel your love and caring for this unique place and special community of people.

2018 Survey Results
“Deep Dive” #1: PaBIA Membership Communications

Rendez vous at regans
This section of 2018 Survey questions examined the various ways PaBIA communicates with its Members and probed for ways to enhance and improve both our connection and content.
In this EBlast we will look at those particular findings and what it suggests your PaBIA Board and its Communications Committee should be doing about it!
Motivated from the findings below surrounding PaBIA Membership Communications, here is a partial list of initiatives the Communications Committee will be looking into over the next months:
  • Examine the possibility of also publishing the Yearbook and Member Directory online for easier year-round access, assuming that security and privacy can be protected.
  • Make convenient Apps available to Members for things such as weather/weather Radar, Hydro One outages and updates, etc.
  • Share the 2018 Survey Results both online and in bite-sized and action-oriented submissions in the EBlasts. (Like this!!)
  • Broaden the distribution of Ward 3 Councillors’ update newsletter and invite Ward 1 Councillors to provide Updates as well.
  • Include Land Use Variance Notices within PaBIA eBlasts.
  • Broaden community content from PaB village updates and First Nation Powwows to Parry Sound current events content.
  • Publish water testing results, plastics/micro-plastics problems and solutions and septic system inspection reminders.
  • Cultivate Member question-and-answer two-way dialogue online on all manner of environmental topics, flora and fauna issues, etc.
  • Encourage Member use of the website billboard for everything from selling boats and finding sailing crew to babysitting services and cottage ride–sharing.
Findings (For a representative list of Respondents verbatim comments, visit the PaBIA website Full Survey Report)
PaBIA eBlasts
The PaBIA eBlast is incredibly well received and read in full demonstrating how pertinent, timely and interesting the content is.
Members prefer getting the eBlast to searching the website for information.

eBlast Survey Chart
Over 95% of the respondents receive the PaBIA eBlast with an amazing 89% who read it every time. The eBlast can be read by just looking at highlights or in full detail. Almost three-fourths (74%) read the full detail.
When asked what other information they would like in the PaBIA eBlast, most comments were very positive about the eBlast as is. Some people said they would like more reporting of PaBIA as a ratepayer association communicating what is going on with Council and PaBIA’s interaction. It was apparent when asked about their satisfaction with the PaBIA Board’s that more communication needs to be done. Since more people read the eBlast than go to the website, basic information can be in the eBlast with links to more detailed information on the PaBIA website. Some of this is already being done.
Respondents are all interested in their surrounding community. They are wanting to know more about what’s happening in and around our area from Parry Sound to the First Nation Reserve, activities, volunteer activities, group outings, etc. PaBIA could work with website and link to information on their website.
Of course, islanders are always interested in weather reports (even in winter), and water levels and quality.
Comments also showed that it’s important for the eBlast to continue to educate PaBIA’s Members on issues such as speeding boats, invasive species, fire prevention, safety, etc
PaBIA Website
While the majority of PaBIA respondents (85%) have visited the PaBIA website, they seem to visit it mainly in the summer and not very often.
Most respondents rely on the push technology of the eBlast to get their information rather than being proactive in going to the website. There were many positive remarks about the PaBIA website.

Website survey chart
The website provides the perfect vehicle for reporting on what is happening with the Township and Council as well as keeping members apprised of PaBIA’s work with Council, Board minutes, and committee work. Much of this already exists so having links more frequently from the eBlast would better keep Members up to date.
PaBIA Yearbook
The only question directed at the annual Yearbook was to ask for improvement or changes. As with the eBlast, PaBIA Respondents are very complimentary about the Yearbook: “fabulous”, “terrific”, “impressive”, etc.
Many constructive suggestions came through in the verbatim comments which should be read in the Survey Report on the PaBIA website.
Watch your next PaBIA eBlast for the next Survey “Deep-Dive” into Safety and Emergency Response questions! There are some surprising and important messages to be heard!

Sailing pic new
Sailing Roster Is Growing – Join It and Enjoy!
Stephen Griggs, PaBIA’s new Sailing Commodore, is gearing up for the season and wants to encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE who has any interest in sailing to get in touch with him so that you can receive all the information as the season kicks off.
West Parry Sound Health Centre – May 26
Walk, Run, Pole – Do It For Life

GB Run 2019
Pointe au Baril Cottagers Team (PaBC) and the Desmasdon’s Marina Team are gearing up for the 2019 Georgian Bay Walk, Run, Pole – Do It For Life on May 26 in support of the West Parry Sound Health Centre.

Last year PaBC raised over 25K and the hospital was truly thrilled. Helen Bryce, as Team Leader for PaBC has issued a challenge to the Sans Souci Cottager association to compete for the “top cottager team” fundraiser prize (which PaBC won last year). With your support, we can win the fundraising competition in aid of this critical health centre – please support us! We are looking for more team members so please email Helen if you or someone you know might be interested.
Desmasdon’s Team raised over 5K and then matched that in sponsorship for support totalling over 10K in 2018! We are hoping to exceed that this year with your help and the increased participation of the Beacon Marine Team with their staff and customers. Please consider supporting our team as we all do our part to invest in strong health care here in the Parry Sound area. We have made this a priority as good health care is essential to all our families both local and seasonal alike. We have a large group of staff members and their families coming together for a very important cause, and really hope you will join us with your financial support. THANK YOU!
To sponsor a member of either the PaBC or Desmasdon’s Team,
and type in the name of the person you wish to pledge.
There are TWO Teams from PaB worth supporting!!!!
On May 26
Let’s support them both – for a very worthy cause!!!
Or sign up as an individual participant here

Saturday April 27th – Reducing Plastic Footprint
GBF Icon Plastic Free
Practical tips to Reduce your Plastic Footprint
April 27 in Parry Sound
Hosted by Georgian Bay Forever and Plastic-Free Parry Sound
Saturday April 27th in Parry Sound
Bobby Orr Community Centre.
9.30 am to 2 pm
The workshop is free, but GBF is asking for people to register so they know how many people to feed approximately.
Register here today.

H4H logo for april 19
Hope for our Habitat family
New Village and Islander friendships
New skills
Team spirit
A step, a wall … an energy efficient home
So, let’s get started

Check out the latest news
Make a donation
Register to be a volunteer
Spread the word

Great Lakes Summit
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (EDT)
BMO Education & Conference Centre
60 Leonard Avenue
Toronto, ON M5T 2R1
The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Collaborative is hosting a one-day event to present draft recommendations for Great Lakes protection to stakeholders. The event is taking place in Toronto, Ontario, on May 1, 2019 and will also be livestreamed for those that cannot attend in-person.
Join our Expert Panel co-chairs, Gord Miller and Jean Cinq-Mars, to discuss draft recommendations on the next generation of Great Lakes protection in the areas of:
  1. the management of toxics and harmful pollutants, particularly regarding cumulative exposure 
  2. adopting a risk-based approach to beaches and bacteriological contamination
  3. climate change and its impact on shoreline communities
  4. nutrients and the value of precision conservation and stormwater optimization
Water Levels April 18 2019
Water Levels 4.18.19
Water Level Legend 2019
In Memoriam
Beth Smith Lahti, A417 – 3 ‘Jingwatik’, wife of Harlan Lahti, mother of Jacob and Claudia, sister of Graham Smith and Peter (Linda) Smith, cousin of the Bryce families, April 2019.

Advocating for the Island Community
Your PaBIA Directors
Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association 
PaBIA reserves all rights regarding decisions on communications to its members
in accordance with the PaBIA Policy on Communications

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