Minutes:  PaBIA Directors’ Meeting Friday June 30, 2017

at The Ojibway Club, Pointe au Baril


Directors’ Meeting:  attendees Julia Sievwright, Tom Scoon, Erica Allen, Doug Barrett, Hilde Clark, Dan Kuhn, Earl Manners, Nancy Rogers, Scott Sheard, Linda Watts (GBA Rep.) Unable to attend: Jane Wilkins, Michael Berton


Succession Committee Report 

The members of this committee are Earl Manners, Julia Sievwright, Helen Bryce and Scott Sheard.  Dan and Jan Stuckey (Fish & Wildlife), Scott and Ellen Moody (Naturalist) and Doug Barrett (Legal Advisor) will be stepping down from their positions as of the 2017 AGM.  There is a nominee for the first position, but replacements are needed for the latter two as well as for Marine Patrol Supervisor which Scott Sheard has had to continue to hold.  Someone for Water Levels and Quality in the Environment Portfolio also needs to be found.

David Sharpe became the Membership Committee Chair in 2016 in the Member Activities Portfolio.  He has also agreed to serve as Marketing Chair in the Communications Portfolio.

At the 2017 AGM, Tom Scoon who is currently the Vice-President will be nominated as President.   Motion:  that Scott Sheard be nominated as Vice-President at the AGM.  Julia Sievwright, Dan Kuhn.  Carried.  The position of Member Safety Portfolio Chair will need to be filled.  Tom Scoon is currently Government and Regulatory Affairs Portfolio Chair.  Ian MacLeod will be nominated at the AGM to become Chair of that portfolio.

Some Directors’ and Committee Chairs’ job descriptions are still needed.  Dan Kuhn and Scott Sheard suggested that photos of volunteers and job descriptions along with an appeal for new people to join committees be posted on the website.


Honorary Life Membership

Criteria for the awarding of honorary life membership has not been formalized as the award is not given annually and has been given for unique reasons.  In the past, it has been given for outstanding service to PaBIA and the community as a whole, to those who go above and beyond what is usual or expected.  There was discussion of a nominee for the award for 2017.

            Sandy Boeckh served PaBIA as Chair of the Fish and Wildlife Committee beginning in 1988 and as Director in the Environment Portfolio from 2012 – 2016.  Sandy became known for her expertise in and knowledge of the sports fishery in Ontario, working with Ministry of Natural Resources and other agencies.  She attended and contributed to countless meetings on our behalf.  Motion: that Honorary Life Membership be awarded to Sandy Boeckh at the 2017 AGM.  Julia Sievwright, Nancy Rogers. Carried.



The final totals for 2016 were 661 full and 57 junior members.  There are 43 memberships unpaid for those 2016 members.  To date, 634 full and 65 junior memberships have been paid for 2017.  Those numbers include 17 new full and 14 new junior members.  Nancy Rogers has sent emails and mailed reminders to unpaid members.  The list of names will be distributed to Chair David Sharpe and the Board.

In the spring, David Sharpe and Hilde Clark developed a new pamphlet which the 3 marinas agreed to put in every boat for the 2017 season.

David prepared a personalized letter for each Ojibway Only member which Hilde and Nancy Rogers placed along with a membership brochure in labelled envelopes at the Ojibway for those people when they pick up their Yearbooks.

David and Hilde worked with Ojibway Gift Shop Retail Director, Doug Bryce, who agreed to give PaBIA a space in the Shop to market PaBIA items: 3 sizes of burgee, hats, maps, regatta T-shirts and Cottage Histories books.



The 2017 dues of $175, the rate since 2012, was set at the December 2016 Board meeting.  The 2016 Financial Statement was published in the Yearbook.  Nancy Rogers answered some questions about the yearbook advertising rates and sale revenues.  It was suggested that there might be opportunities for advertising sales on the website as well.

Motion: to approve the 2016 Financial Statement as published.  Dan Kuhn, Erica Allen.  Carried.


Emergency Response

The committee is recommending that the focus must be on preparedness to manage risk.  PaBIA will continue with our efforts to make our members aware of the information they should have available and what to expect if 911 is called.  This will be done through the Yearbook and “Connections” e-newsletters.  At the AGM use of GPS on a phone could be demonstrated.  Information on defibrillators, backboards and first aid kits will be provided. PaBIA will not be the retailer of these items, but could recommend sources. Members should know their neighbours, who has a firepump and how to use the pumps.

Britt Coast Guard Station Coxswain Keith Pettinger will present information at the AGM and will be available for boat inspections following the meeting.  Randy Johnson will be working with the Marine Patrol staff to have them certified to inspect boats and provide pass stickers.

Scott Sheard attended a GBA event at which he met all the OPP marine unit detachment commanders.   OPP will have an increased interest in our area.  PaBIA’s concerns are speeding and wakes in narrow channels, and Hole in the Wall.



Last year, former MP staff member Max Ullrich was hired to study and prepare a report on the most likely locations for developing stands of Phragmites.  Places with road access, new septic beds where soil has been imported were identified as probable sites.  As he predicted, a stand was found in Sturgeon Bay and on the Provincial Park road.  The property owners, near Bonnie Is. were notified.   In 2016, seed heads were cut and bagged.  They must be dried and burned.  The protocol for burning has not been determined.  No government assistance at any level has been available.  Cutting of the Phragmites found will be publicized and organized during the second week in August.


Official Plan (OP) Review

Tom Scoon heads this committee. The process of the 2013 OP Review is still on-going with the next Review to begin in 2018.  None of PaBIA’s recommendations for the 2013 review were adopted.  Some may be considered for the Comprehensive Zoning By-Laws.  Tom has been told that it wasn’t felt that PaBIA’s recommendations were those of the majority of ratepayers.  It was suggested that PaBIA should once again survey our members.

Ward 3 Councillors Ken Williams and Gary French joined the meeting.  The 2013 OP Review has been presented to the Province.  Preliminary comments have been received.  A balance must be found between protection of the area and property owners’ rights.  TOA will be surveying ratepayers.  PaBIA could participate in the input for the survey.

Julia Sievwright requested that a meeting of the Councillors and the PaBIA Board be set up.  Gary and Ken suggested that one of their scheduled ‘Town Hall’ dates (10 a.m. Sun. July 23 or 10 a.m. Sun. Aug. 13) might be used.



Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.


The following PaBIA Committee Chairs, Volunteers and invited guests joined the Board for lunch and informal meeting to follow:  David Anderson, Helen Bryce, Rainer Kaufmann, Ian MacLeod, Mike Mosley, David Sharpe, Bill Watts, Georgian Bay Association President Rupert Kindersley, Georgian Bay Forever Chair Anne Randell and Executive Director David Sweetnam, Georgian Bay Land Trust Chair Jan Ruby and Executive Director Bill Lougheed, Ojibway Historical Preservation Society President Terry Clark.


Julia Sievwright thanked everyone for attending.  The PaBIA Directors and Committee Chairs were introduced.    PaBIA Directors reported on their portfolios and upcoming events and initiatives.  The guests from TOA, GBA, GBF, GBLT, and OHPS reported on recent and upcoming activities of their organizations.



Nancy Rogers

Recording Secretary