August 4, 2019 at the Ojibway Club

The AGM, held in the dining room of the Ojibway Club, was well attended with well over the required quorum of twenty-five members present.

The meeting was Chaired by President Tom Scoon with Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Rogers recording the Minutes.

The Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting were circulated in a Connections e-newsletter and posted on our website.  Motion: to accept the 2018 AGM Minutes as read.  Jan Ruby, Sted Garber. Carried.

President’s Report – Tom Scoon

Tom welcomed the many members present and thanked them for attending.  He noted that in 2018 three PaBIA Directors resigned from the Board: Earl Manners and Scott Sheard to run for Ward 3 Councillors and Dave Sharpe to assist with their campaigns.  That left the Board with the minimum number of eight Directors.  Tom Lundy was thanked for taking over the large Member Safety portfolio and Mary Thomson took on the Governance Portfolio in addition to her position as Legal Advisor.  

Retiring Director Jane Wilkins was thanked for her years of service as Environment Director.   

Tom also thanked Cath Fairlie, Helen Garber and Jim Rogers. Cath has served two years as Marine Patrol Supervisor, and has been highly effective working with the Patrollers and documenting all aspects of the position and work the MP carries out.  Helen provided expertise in formulating the survey and analyzing the results so that detailed reports were able to be circulated to the members.  PaBIA would not have been able to afford to use an ‘outside’ agency so Helen’s skills were invaluable. Jim took over the Maps and Markers position from the late Mike Mosley.  The 2019 edition of the map and planned new permanent markers have been the results of his efforts.  

The 2018 Survey of Members, completed in the fall, will provide the Board with clear priorities.  A Board meeting in August will be held for strategic planning in advance of the Deer Horn Conference being organized by the Township of the Archipelago.  

Secretary-Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Rogers

The In Memoriam list of the names of PaBIA and community members whose deaths had been reported to us since the printing of the 2019 Yearbook was read:  Barbara Alderdice, Glenn Alderdice, Lorne Bushey, Richard Crighton, Beth Smith Lahti, Mary Lorriman, Mary Baillie Rutherford, Christel Schwarz.

The financial statement for 2018 was printed in the Yearbook and has been approved by the PaBIA Board.  Motion: to approve the published 2018 Financial Statement.  Doug Rowan, Dan Kuhn. Carried. 

To date, the paid membership numbers are 628 senior and 83 junior members.  Included in those numbers are 17 new full and 8 juniors.

Before our fiscal year end (December 31st), the Board will assess PaBIA’s financial position and will set the 2019 dues. Members will be informed of any increase.

Directors’ Reports

The following Directors’ presented their reports to the members:

Hilde Clark, Communications and Marketing

Jane Wilkins, Environment

Ian MacLeod, Ratepayer and Regulatory Affairs

Mary Thomson, Governance 

Erica Allen, Member Activities

Tom Lundy, Member Safety

Election of Directors – Tom Scoon 

The proposed slate of nominees for positions as PaBIA Directors was read:

  • Erica Allen
  • Helen Bryce
  • Hilde Clark
  • Tom Lundy
  • Ian MacLeod
  • Michael Phippen
  • Nancy Rogers
  • Tom Scoon 
  • Dave Sharpe
  • Julia Sievwright
  • Mary Thomson

Motion: to accept the slate of nominees for appointment as PaBIA Directors for 2019 – 2020: Sted Garber, Mike Berton.  Carried.

Guest SpeakerBert Liverance, Reeve, Township of the Archipelago

Nancy Rogers

Recording Secretary

[Directors were available after the meeting for any questions related to their portfolios.]