August 6, 2017 at the Ojibway Club

The AGM, held in the dining room of the Ojibway Club, was well attended, following the 7th annual pancake breakfast prepared and served by Club staff.  Babysitting was provided.


President Julia Sievwright thanked the many members for attending.  Julia named the Directors Tom Scoon, Erica Allen, Hilde Clark, Dan Kuhn, Nancy Rogers, Scott Sheard, Earl Manners, Jane Wilkins and Doug Barrett. The Directors in turn introduced the members of each of their portfolios.

PaBIA’s representatives to the Georgian Bay Association are Mike Berton and Linda Watts.

Special committee chairs outlined their groups’ work:

Tom Scoon, Official Plan 5 Year Review Committee.  The OP is the plan upon which the Zoning Bylaws are based.  The Township is still working on the 2013 OP review.  PaBIA made recommendations but none of these were accepted. The Committee will continue to focus on the By-Laws that are based on the OP and on the 2018 review when that process begins.

Earl Manners, Succession Planning Committee.  The committee plans ahead for positions that are or may become open for the Board and Committee Chairs.  Retirees from positions this year are Dan & Jan Stuckey (Fishing), Scott & Ellen Moody (Naturalist), Doug Barrett (Legal Advisor), Nancy Regan (Junior Naturalist).  Joining as Directors or Committee Chairs are Phil Jenkins (Fishing), Ian MacLeod (Ratepayers), Mary Thomson (Legal Advisor).  Positions remaining to fill are Naturalist, Junior Naturalist, Marine Patrol Supervisor, Water Levels and Testing.

Scott Sheard, EMS Study Committee.  Efforts continue to inform members about dealing with medical and fire emergency situations.  Meetings have been held with OPP, 911 EMS / West Parry Sound Hospital and Coast Guard.  The committee focused on individual preparedness and neighbor/channel support in our near wilderness community.


White Star Swim – Faye White

The participants in the 2016 long distance swim, from Blood Island to the Ojibway, were named and medals given.


President’s Remarks – Julia Sievwright

            Julia described her two year term as a growth in awareness of all the efforts of the various portfolios and their teams of committee chairs and volunteers.  She thanked each of the following: Dan Kuhn for his leadership of the PPAC group and his support and advice; Tom Scoon for being a sounding board; Nancy Rogers for knowledge of PaBIA history; Hilde Clark for assistance with all areas and issues; Scott Sheard for his leadership of the EMS committee; Erica Allen for handling all the membership events; Doug Barrett for his efforts to improve our corporate governance; Jane Wilkins for stepping up to lead the Environment committee and Earl Manners for his continuing efforts to find new Directors and committee chairs.


Secretary-Treasurer’s Reports – Nancy Rogers

The In Memoriam list of the names of members whose deaths had been reported to us since the printing of the 2017 Yearbook was read:  Nancy Bush, Joe Green, Jean Hughes, Tom Lofft, Joan McCrodan, Ruby Reid, Glenda Todd, Grace Wright.

The Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting were circulated in a ‘Connections’ e-newsletter and posted on our website.  Motion: to accept the 2016 AGM Minutes as read.  Carried.

The financial statement for 2016 was printed in the Yearbook and has been approved by the PaBIA Board.  Motion: to approve the published 2016 Financial Statement.  Carried.

We ask that members make note of and patronize those businesses that advertise in the Yearbook.  Revenues from their ads completely pay for both the printing and postage expenses, so that we are able to continue to mail the books as soon as they are printed in May.

PaBIA dues have remained unchanged for 6 years.  Well before our fiscal year end (Dec. 31st) the Board will be able to assess our financial position and set the 2018 dues, so that members will be informed if there needs to be any increase.


Presentation of an Honorary Life Membership Award – Julia Sievwright

            This special award, discussed and voted on by the PaBIA Board has been given only 13 times in the past.  Honorary Life Membership was awarded to Sandy Boeckh.

Sandy took the position of Chair of the Fish and Game Committee 29 years ago, in 1988.  Before then, the position had been held by her father, Jim Boeckh, for at least 15 years.

Sandy learned a great deal from her father especially fishing skills.  Over the years, she became known for her expertise in and knowledge of the sports fishery in Ontario, working with Ministry of Natural Resources and other agencies.  She attended and contributed to countless meetings on our behalf.  Her reports in the Yearbook always contained the most up to date information on aquatic invasive species and the sports fishery regulations.

Sandy contributed to Board discussions with well researched background for her opinions but she was always willing to listen to the views of others and take these into account when decisions were made.

In 2013 she took over as Director of the Environment Portfolio. She was also the Naturalist in 2014.  She has contributed many interesting articles for the Yearbooks over the years.

Sandy retired from Board at the 2016 AGM.


Guest Speaker, Keith Pettinger, Coxswain with Canadian Coast Guard, Inshore Rescue Boat at Gereaux Island Station

            Scott Sheard introduced Keith and his crew Steve and Emily.  Keith and crew assisted with the Marine Patrol training session on rescues in June.

Steve explained that they are a student program, at 6 Inshore Rescue Boat stations in Ontario.  Their Station’s zone, based at Gereaux Island, covers from north of Killarney to Snug Harbour.  Their boat is a Zodiak Hurricane 753, with capability for big water navigation as well as reaching shallow areas.  The team carries out Search and Rescue activities, vessel assistance, medical emergency assistance (they have advanced 1st Aid Training), courtesy boat equipment checks and public outreach.  They are active on a seasonal basis, just before the May holiday weekend to just after Labour Day.

Emily stressed that wearing a PFD is most important for survival in the water.  Before travelling, weather forecasts should be checked and all safety gear should be available.  For longer trips, a ‘sail plan’ should be filed using Sarnia Coast Guard Radio and reporting in at set points should be completed.

Keith’s advice was to call 911 for emergencies on an island or mainland.  The OPP have our municipal addresses on a database.  Channel 16 on VHF Radio or *16 on a cell phone would reach the Coast Guard for emergencies on the water.  NOTE: *16 works only on Canadian phones.  Having GPS coordinates, being able to give a description of the boat, any landmarks nearby and to where headed are all helpful for a search and rescue event.

Voluntary Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks were offered after the meeting.


Unsung Hero Award – Lauren Green

Lauren was called upon to present her family’s award.  The trophy had been begun in memory of Jim Green, her late father, to honour the many other unsung heroes in our area who serve our community in many ways, for whom we should all be grateful.   The trophy was awarded this year to Tim Regan.


Nominating Committee – Dan Kuhn, Chair

Nominations for the PaBIA Board of Directors for 2017 – 2018:

Tom Scoon – President

Scott Sheard – Vice-President

Nancy Rogers – Secretary-Treasurer

Erica Allen – Membership & Member Activities

Hilde Clark – Communications & Marketing

Jane Wilkins – Environment

Julia Sievwright – Past Presidents’ Advisory Committee Chair

Earl Manners – Governance

Ian MacLeod – Ratepayers & Regulatory Affairs

Mary Thomson – Legal Advisor

Motion to accept the nominations as read. Carried.


Incoming President’s remarks – Tom Scoon

Julia spoke of Tom’s time as a camper and counsellor at Camp Hurontario and his introduction to Pointe au Baril by the Porter family.  Tom and Pamela first rented on Kishkadena Island then purchased their cottage in 1999.  Tom has served PaBIA since 2011 when he became Land Use Chair, then as Director with the Ratepayers Portfolio in 2012.

Tom thanked all the Past Presidents, Directors, Committee Chairs and volunteers.  He plans to continue PaBIA’s traditions and to improve on the existing endeavors.  An excellent team is in place.  Tom encouraged participation by more members.  Tom thanked Julia for her years of service to PaBIA and her interest in continuing to serve as Chair of PPAC.  He described Julia’s abilities as a good listener, a clear thinker, with respect for others and a good sense of humour.


Motion to adjourn. Carried.


Nancy Rogers

Recording Secretary


Directors were available after the meeting for any questions related to their portfolios.