• Do you know where your nearest PaBIA fire pump is from your cottage?
  • If not, find those listed on pages 133-139 of the 2021 Yearbook In the time of a crisis, would you be able to start one of the 4 Wajax pumps? It would be wise to become familiar with them if you are not already…show your grandkids!
  • Do you know how to start your family’s personal fire pump? Let family members start and ‘play’ hosing down the trees!
  • Is your cottage equipped with fire extinguishers? If not, why not?

These are all important questions to ask your family members, renters, and guests. Part of Marine Patrol’s job is to do bi-weekly checks of the community pumps to make sure they are running appropriately at the following locations:

  • Barclay’s Island,
  • Front of the Ojibway Clubs docks,
  • Hemlock Channel, and
  • Frederic Inlet.

 Later this season PaBIA’s Marine Patrol, along with Director of Fire Safety, Randy Johnson, will have a short YouTube video available for all members for viewing on how to set up, start, and operate the PaBIA fire pumps as well as your own personal Honda fire pump. 

Operating instructions for the Wajax Pumps are as follows:

  1. Connect the fuel line to the engine
  2. Open the fuel tank’s air vent
  3. Attach the foot valve to the suction hose
  4. Fill the suction hose with water (prime the hose)
  5. Connect the suction hose to the pump
  6. Tighten all couplings
  7. Prime pump
  8. Connect discharge hose
  9. Close choke (only when the engine is cold)
  10. Move the throttle to the start position
  11. Pull starter rope quickly and steady
  12. Open choke slowly (thus cutting the close choke off, and returning air to carburetor)
  13. Move throttle lever to position “W”

Important notes to starting pump properly

  • Do not move throttle to run position until the engine is thoroughly warmed up
  • Always use a footvalve/strainer
  • Flush and drain pump after final use

Remember a fire doubles every 4 seconds, and after 4 mins it is out of control to handle. To prevent any nightmares this season at PaB, let’s do the diligence as cottagers to look for and beware of any fire bans in the community and to be compliant with the bonfire rules that the Township has in order.