January 2018
Volume 10 No. 1
Winter Wndrlnd Matt 2018
Matt French and Andy Blenkarn out in the islands the first week of January 2018!
Dear Member,
Happy New Year from your PaBIA Directors!
We hope, now that winter has truly arrived (we hear -22 degrees this past week), that you will thaw out when your thoughts turn to Pointe au Baril and summer paradise!
GBLT King Family Bursary Applications Due February 5
Habitat for Humanity Donations Welcome!
In Memoriam
Marine Patrol Application Deadline February 23, 2018
Membership Dues
New PaBIA Naturalist
PaBIA’s Dec 2017 Director Mtg Minutes
Water Levels December 30 2017
Yearbook Update
Marine Patrol LOGO
Marine Patrol 2018 Summer Program!
Do you have an interest and ability to serve your community? Protect the environment? Participate in scientific testing? Promote boating safety and the interests of a dynamic community association?
The Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association (PaBIA) is looking for student candidates for its Marine Patrol Program to focus on environmental and key safety issues that impact our water based community. PaBIA is seeking qualified grade 12 and university/college students with a strong interest in the local environment, protecting community quality of life, and promoting better boating safety. The employment period is Sunday, June 24th to Monday, September 3rd, 2017. Training will be provided from June 24th – June 29th.
The Marine Patrol position demands maturity, dedication, and teamwork. Individuals will be required to work autonomously, follow strict protocols, and demonstrate sound decision-making in advancing PaBIA’s agenda and those of its partners; Georgian Bay Land Trust and Canadian Coast Guard. It is a ‘resume worthy’ position with attractive compensation for grade 12 and post-secondary school candidates that are looking for a demanding position with serious responsibilities.
A detailed job description can also be found on PaBIA’s website. For those students interested in a Marine Patrol position, please apply for the 2018 Summer Program with:
  • a cover letter
  • resume
  • references
by email to: Cath Fairlie, Marine Patrol Supervisor, and Nancy Rogers, PaBIA Secretary-Treasurer. US citizens are welcome to apply! Please contact Cath Fairlie with any questions!
The DEADLINE for receipt of all resumes is February 23rd, 2018.
GBLT King Family Bursary – Applications Open
Do you have a great idea for a project that will contribute to public knowledge and appreciation of Georgian Bay’s environment, history or culture? Please apply for the King Family Bursary! 
Thanks to generous support from Wally and Marilyn King and John Hartman, we are pleased to award two bursaries of $3,500 each year to projects that promote awareness and appreciation of the unique environment, culture, communities, and/or history of eastern Georgian Bay or the North Channel. Past winners have included authors, artists, science and planning students, and photographers, and people from all backgrounds are invited to apply!
Applications are due by February 5th, 2018, and the winners will be announced in late March. Projects must be completed by June 2019, and be presented publicly to the GBLT audience in the summer of 2019. More information on the application process and past winners can be found below. We encourage you to apply and to share this opportunity with anyone who may be interested.
PaBIA Membership Forms
PaBIA Icon
Nancy Rogers has sent out the 2018 PaBIA Membership Forms. You are welcome to fill it out and return it with your check to Nancy; or you can access the information online via PaBIA’s website and pay through PayPal. (We have been experiencing some difficulties with the membership forms on the website, so if it doesn’t work today, please try again in another 24 hours! Thanks for your understanding!)
Remember, to be listed as a PaBIA member in the 2018 Yearbook, your paid membership needs to be received no later than March 15, 2018.
If you haven’t received the membership form, please contact Nancy ASAP!
Winter Cottage Patrol Report
Bruce Tiffin, PaBIA’s Off Season Patrolman, will begin his Winter Rounds by the end of January; and Nancy will notify anyone promptly with an issue of any kind!
Bruce Tiffin's hovercraft
Our Off Season Cottage Patroller, Bruce Tiffin’s Scoot!
These logos tell most of the story. Habitat for Humanity has helped communities and families build better lives all over the world for over 40 years. They will help guide our Pointe au Baril efforts as well. Land in the village has been donated; the Township of the Archipelago is fully supportive and is helping with the transfer of ownership to Habitat. The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve has completed their environmental study, enabling placement of a foundation and the septic system for our energy efficient ‘build green’ house.
The other part of the story is that the Village of Pointe au Baril and Islanders will be donating time, efforts and finances for a common cause – enhancing their own relationships while helping a new family in the Village.
This project will encourage participation in many ways. For now, your donations to buy materials are needed. Please contact Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North at (705) 646-0106 ext. 210 or use the December PaBIA Connections informations for online instructions.
Ask about buying a part of the house such as a room, the foundation or wiring. Someone has already inquired about buying the HVAC system for this 4 bedroom energy efficient house. Of course, any donation will be appreciated and put to work.
Keep up to date with building progress in these PaBIA Connections and now also on the Village website.
Sandy McCoy
PaBIA’s Naturalist 2018 – Sandy McCoy!
Sandy McCoy has graciously agreed to be PaBIA’s Naturalist! When asking Sandy about his life in Pointe au Baril, he speaks of his grandfather McCoy as having purchased their cottage in 1940 with his earliest memories of boat excursions to Little McCoy, an island his father then purchased on a lark in the 1950s, now a GBLT property. He lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife Natasha and two daughters, Julia and Clara.
Sandy says, “I have always been an amateur naturalist. I mostly pay attention to botany and birds. I spent a lot of my time exploring hidden swamps and remote islands to discover new plants and animals. Of course, our windswept pines and granite islands are also beautiful, which adds to their attraction. I like to know as much as I can about the nature around me. Being PaBIA’s’ Naturalist will give me an opportunity to research some subjects that have been on my mind for years. I hope that I will have some interesting reading for you.
“I have been active with conservation groups for many years, most recently with American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts (a US charity that assists Canadian land trusts with the protection of land and islands owned by US taxpayers). “
Water Levels
In Memoriam
Hugh Morris, A248-1 ‘Site Unseen’, husband of Ada Morris, father of Leslie (Ken), Lizzy, Heather (Bob), Hilary, Sarah (Greg); stepfather of James (Maureen), Bob (Heather), Philip (Robin) and Janis (Chris Lobb) Macdonald. December 2017.
Tim Regan, A479 ‘Brooker Is.’ and A364 – 5 ‘Cedarwood on Ojibway Is.’, husband of Gail, father of Sean (Julie), Tim (Stephanie), Ellen Devine and Honor (Sam) Ireland, December 2017.
Water Levels 12.30.17
Water level legend 2017
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