Directions for finding the GPS location of your dock.

Google Maps for the iPhone/Android
  1. Place maps in satellite mode.  Do that by clicking the Icon in the upper left of the app that looks like two layers. Then select satellite view.
  2. Find the location of your dock in satellite mode my panning around.  At some resolutions you will see your dock clearly.  At lower resolutions you will have to get as close as you can.  Alternatively you can stand on your dock and the location will be the little blue circle.
  3. Point to, Click and Hold the location of your dock on the map.  The app will give you a Dropped pin.
  4. Click on the Dropped Pin bar below the map and it will bring up a pair of numbers such as (45.560678,-80.41968) .  This is your GPS location.
Google Maps for the PC or MAC
  1. Open google maps by going to Google Maps.
  2. Find Pointe au Baril by searching on it in the search bar of the Google maps page.
  3. Scroll out a little bit and switch mode to satellite mode by clicking the box in the lower left.
  4. Find your island.
  5. Find your dock on your island.
  6. Left click and Hold.  Google maps will drop a pin and a box will pop up with the GPS coordinates.
Apple maps for the iPhone:
  1. Open Maps from iPhone
  2. Press the little i with a circle icon in the upper right hand side.
  3. Select Satellite from map settings.
  4. Find the location of your dock.
  5. Point to and hold the location of your dock until a Marked location appears on your screen.
  6. Pull the Marked location tab up and the GPS coordinates should be on that view.