Fisherman/Fisherwomen are great advocates for preserving our natural resources. Here are some helpful facts when you get into one of those discussions with someone that just likes the facts on why we need to spend time and money to keep our fishing experience strong.

Ontario is responsible for managing a large and diverse aquatic resource.

The province manages 24% of Canada’s freshwater, including 40% of the Great Lakes. There are over 250,000 lakes in Ontario and countless rivers and streams. Ontario boasts 20% of the world’s lake trout lakes (approximately 2,000) and more than 3,500 walleye lakes.

Even with this abundant resource, Ontario’s fisheries are in high demand. Fish are a very important part of Ontarios economy. They support the sport fishing and tourist industries, as well as commercial fisheries.  About 1.27 million anglers fish in Ontario each year.  These anglers spend over $2.5 billion dollars in the province annually.