As winter (hopefully) descends on our beloved island area, PaBIA wants to wish you a wonderful holiday season, wherever this finds you!  Although PaB is much quieter these days, rest assured that PaBIA continues to work on your behalf!
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PineSawflyPine Sawfly Update………by Shelagh Grant, PaBIA Environmental Team
The report on the Introduced Pine Sawfly infestation prepared for the Township of the Archipelago (TOA) was presented to Council’s Economic Committee on October 19th (draft) and November 22nd (final). The latter is available in its entirety on the TOA website, currently located by searching “report 2015.” We encourage everyone to give it a careful read as it contains some valuable information. However, we question some of the recommendations and hope to offer some better alternatives.
Rejecting the proposed option of “Doing Nothing,” PaBIA’s environment committee is developing a pro-active strategy with specific recommendations for action beginning this June, when pine sawflies emerge from their cocoons.  In the interim, we will be investigating options for use of pesticides for invasive species, and a number of new alternatives being studied specifically for use against the introduced pine sawfly.  As well, the committee will be looking into how we might coordinate efforts of those wishing to use TreeAzin applications to a few ‘special’ trees to reduce costs.  Unfortunately, there is no means of assessing whether these trees are healthy enough to warrant treatment until new growth appears in the spring. As with pesticides and other options, no action can be taken between now and May. In the interim, be assured that the sawfly may be dormant over the winter, but PaBIA’s environment committee will be hard at work.
While responsibility for control of the infestation rests with individual property owners, PaBIA and the TOA will work together on a public education program focusing on prevention and limiting spread of the infestation. The GBBR is currently preparing an information flyer for Georgian Bay cottager associations to send to their members, along with a workshop planned for April in Toronto. Aside from a full report in the 2016 Yearbook, PaBIA’s committee will be conducting an information workshop at the Ojibway Club on Sunday morning, July 10th.  We are thrilled that Dr. Taylor Scarr, senior entomologist with MNRF and scientific advisor for the Invasive Species Centre, has agreed to present the case for control of introduced pine sawfly infestations and respond to our questions. We will keep you posted.
MembershipPurchaseGiving Where Your Heart Is!                       …………Erica Allen
Holly Leaves

Calling all PaBIA members. What better way is there to demonstrate and share your love of our fabulous Pointe au Baril and show your children, young and older, that a membership in PaBIA is a an essential part of enjoying and preserving our community?
Contact Nancy Rogers NOW and sign up your family members. With each new membership you will receive a gift card that you can put under the tree.  Visit our PaBIA’s membership portion of PaBIA’s website for details!
Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year!
WikyWiikwemkoong First Nations Land Settlement Update ….. GBA Reps
The negotiation between the Province of Ontario and the Wiky First Nation continue. We have
been informed that the deadline for Public comments to the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs on the proposed settlement has been extended until Jan 6. The reason for this extension is that there are a few inland lake cottage associations that are near to some of the inland Crown Land that is slated for transfer. These associations were not properly notified last summer as others were and have asked for more time to respond.
In our various submissions and discussions with the Province GBA has clearly stated that we
accept that the Wiky deserve a fair settlement for past wrongs. That said, we have added that the proposed settlement, as currently structured, creates considerable public angst. We firmly believe that some creative thinking as the final settlement is structured could go a long way to alleviating public concerns while helping the Wiky achieve their vision for the future security of their Nation.
The negotiation of this Land Claim is between governments (Ontario, the Wiky First Nation and ultimately Canada). The public does not have any legal standing in these negotiations. If we hope to have our voices heard, it will come through building dialogue and trust with all three of the principal parties and, in particular, the Wiky. We realize that this is a long process but we are making good headway.
GBA President, John McMullen, together with reps from GBA’s Member Association and the
Northern Georgian Bay Association (NGBA), met with Wiky Chief Peltier and a facilitator that
the Chief brought with him to document the discussion. It was a good second meeting with the
Chief for John. By all accounts the meeting went well.
On the Provincial front, John McMullen, Rupert Kindersley (GBA’s Executive Vice President),
and Bob Duncanson have now met several times with the Senior Negotiator, most recently to go over the points that we made in our letter to Aboriginal Affairs. He seemed to appreciate our perspectives. We are also making inquiries with other senior contacts we have at Queens Park to determine who else there is supporting this negotiation and what their level of commitment to the details in the proposed settlement is. This information will help us to fine tune our strategy and our expectations for possible changes to the final settlement.
One development we would like to see is the formation of a consultation group formed by all the interested parties including the Wiky.  The hope is to provide both a forum for regular communications between the parties and an ongoing exchange of information and ideas on all the various aspects of this issue: environmental, access, public use, local residents’ concerns, the potential park area and future intentions. We have planted this seed with both the Wiky and the MAA and hope that it will become a reality in due course.
LoveStoryA Georgian Bay LOVE Story……………by Katie Kraner
What is your L0VE story?  Jay and I would like to share our Georgian Bay LOVE Story.  It began in 1960, when Bob and Grace Kraner purchased Gronkuwa, B-830.  Ten years later, Bill and Phyllis Spaethe bought Wabena, B-867.  It was the summer of 1970 that Jay Kraner brought a loaf of bread he made to Wabena.  Two years later, Katie Spaethe and Jay married and ‘honeymooned’ at Wabena.
Fast forward 43 years, 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and our Georgian Bay LOVE Story continues.  Stop by Gronkuwa to get all the details!!
We wanted to make a LOVE gift to PaBIA in memory of our parents who made this LOVE story possible.  Won’t you consider doing the same?  Jay and I would LOVE to hear your Georgian Bay LOVE Story.  Come to Gronkuwa to share with us.  “Meanwhile these three remain:  faith, hope, and LOVE; and the greatest of these is LOVE.”  1 Cor. 13:13.
GBAGBA Works Behind the Scenes for All of Georgian Bay 
GBA Logo New GBA, Georgian Bay Association, is an umbrella group of 20 cottage associations, PaBIA being the largest, representing over 4,000 families along the eastern and northern shores of Georgian Bay. Formed in 1916, their mandate is to act as stewards of the fragile and finite water and land resources of the Bay.
The GBA’s primary role is to advocate on behalf of Georgian Bay cottagers to all levels of government and especially with the Province and the Feds.  The Executive Director, Bob Duncanson, is the primary initiator and point person in this area acting on behalf of the Executive and Board of Directors, and ultimately the members.  As a result, this is where the vast majority of our budget is allocated.
At a recent planned Special Meeting of the Member Associations of the GBA, it was agreed to implement a $5 per Member fee increase effective January 1, 2016. This will mean that fees to GBA will increase from $45 to $50 per year per Member. The decision to request a fee increase was not taken lightly.
Currently there are a number of open files that the GBA has been working on including: First Nations (see the Wiky article), Fisheries, Government Relations, Lands and Forests, Water as well as ongoing communication with the GB5: GBA, Georgian Bay Land Trust, Georgian Bay Forever, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and the Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council.

One example of their diverse involvement was their active role in the recent Federal Election to ensure that all candidates were well aware of issues that impact the Georgian Bay.  Bob Duncanson, the Executive Director, prepared questions that could be asked of candidates in order to establish their position on key issues.  The GBA congratulated and subsequently made contact with key successful candidates including an initial meeting and brief chat with Bill Morneau the new Federal Finance Minister.  GBA will continue to work hard to ensure that we have a strong relationship with the key decision makers in the departments that have the most impact on the Georgian Bay.  Also at the Federal level, Bob continues to meet with the Canadian Chair of the International Joint Commission to discuss water levels and related matters.  Please look to the GBA Website for more detailed information on the ongoing concerns around water levels.

On other fronts, the GBA has had great success this year with increasing awareness about the impact of Phragmites, identifying the invasive species and assisting associations to mobilize their members to try to eradicate it.  The Phragmites workshop held in April ’15 was well attended and the videos are now available on GBA’s YOUTUBE Channel .  Bob continues to make deputations to Municipal Governments and meet with the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario to discuss aquaculture, Asian Carp, Phragmites and endangered species legislation.
In Land Use, the GBA has had an impact of the Henvey Inlet wind farm.
In Fisheries, the GBA has been very active with the politicians to encourage the allowable 20% increase in feed Quota for fish farming which translates as farm waste in the Bay.
Water quality issues fall into three categories: drinking water (for human health), recreational water quality (also for human health/enjoyment) and the long-term health of the water ecosystem. The Georgian Bay Association strongly supports monitoring programs for all.
Recent meetings with all levels of government in this area include:
– meeting with Minister of Environment and Climate Change to discuss aquaculture and water quality.
– made a deputation at Queens Park in support of the Great Lakes Protection Act; attended the vote with successful outcomes and met with the Minister and his staff afterward to discuss next steps.
– participated in the State of the Bay workshop hosted by GBBR
– attended meetings of the binational Great Lakes Executive Committee as they continue with the implementation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
CottagePatrolFall Cottage Patrol: NO Problems!
Bruce Tiffin
Bruce Tiffin – Off Season 
PaBIA Cottage Patroller
Bruce Tiffin, our off season cottage patroller has reported in after completing his rounds, that he found no problems – only a few doors open (which he closed) for cottages where he wasn’t totally sure folks had left for the season.  This is ALL good news!  Thanks Bruce!
NewDirectorWelcome to the PaBIA Board, Earl Manners!
Earl Manners head shot We welcome Earl Manners to the PaBIA Board of Directors as our new Director of the Governance Portfolio. He has been at the forefront of Ontario labour relations in the education sector his entire career. He graduated from Carleton University with a degree in Sociology and Economics and the University of Toronto, receiving a Bachelor of Education.  Earl spent the first 10 years of his teaching career with the Grey County District School Board. He served on the executive for the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. In 1995, he was appointed President of OSSTF. From 2003 to 2007, he worked as a consultant in labour relations and communications, including the Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB).
Today, Earl is the Human Resources Administrator for the TLDSB. His reputation for strategic decision-making and drive for achieving results has been recognized by school boards, federations and unions, and government representatives of all political stripes. Earl currently lives in Lindsay with his wife and two children.
ChristyBarrettWelcome, Christie Barrett!  New Junior Regatta Chair!
Christie Barrett Head shot

Christie Barrett is currently working at PepsiCo Beverages on the Sobeys team. After graduating from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Management she stayed in Halifax for the year to work with Pepsi and just relocated home to Mississauga. Christie grew up as an Ojibway camper and was fortunate enough to spend many summers in PaB as a staff member. One of her favourite parts of the summer was volunteering at the Junior Regatta, so she is looking forward to running such a traditional event and seeing all of her old campers!
WaterDecember 2015 Water Level Chart
2015 Water Levels
December 3,2015
Water levels dec 3

   Forecast Legend 15

BdDirectorsListPaBIA Board of Directors & Chairs




Administration *Julia Sievwright
 GBA Rep  David Ballentine
 GBA Rep Tonia Blenkarn
 Vice President *Tom Scoon
 Immediate Past President  Dan Kuhn
 Permanent Community Rep. Diane Penfold
 President *Julia Sievwright
 Secretary-Treasurer *Nancy Rogers
Communications *Hilde Clark
 Advertising *Nancy Rogers
 Marketing Chair Helen Bryce
 Junior Communications
 Newsletter/eBlasts Hilde Clark/Helen Bryce
 Photography David Hitchcock
 Webmaster David Anderson
 Yearbook *Hilde Clark
Environment *Sandy Boeckh
 Water Quality *Sandy Boeckh
 Environmental Coordinator Gord Phippen
 Environment Kate Findlay
 Fishing Dan & Jan Stuckey
 PaBIA Jr. Naturalist Nancy Regan
 PaBIA Naturalist Scott and Ellen Moody
 Forest and Wildlife Chair Shelagh Grant
Governance *Earl Manners
 Legal Affairs
 PPAC – Director at Large *Doug Hall
Membership Activities *Faye White
 Junior Membership

 Junior Regatta
Christie Barrett
 Member Events Jenny Gannon Prior
 Membership  Erica Allen
 Sailing Commodore John Tremayne
 Senior Regatta Katie Findlay
Patrick Findlay
Everett Findlay
Member Safety *Graham Smith
 Emergency & Fire Randy Johnson
 Boat Safety Training Randy Johnson
 Maps & Markers Mike Mosley
 Marine Patrol Supervisor Scott Sheard
 Medical Michael Evans
Ratepayers Committee *Tom Scoon
 Forest Management Shelagh Grant
 Land Use *Tom Scoon
 Low Water Cottage Bill Watts
 Access Structure Monitoring David Anderson

PaBIA’s Communication Policy

NaturalistStoriesWanted: Naturalist Stories
Ellen and Scott Moody, our Naturalist Chairs, want to encourage all our members to consider writing stories about their encounters with nature over the season. Please, if you would like to share your story, contact Ellen or Scott by the middle part of January so that they might incorporate it into the Naturalist part of the PaBIA’s Yearbook!
YearbookUpdatesYearbook Updates
Moody, Doug and Joan (New Address)
139 Puget Street
Barrie L4M 4N7
Isbester, Jackie (address change)
801 – 93 Bold St. Hamilton ON  L8P 1T8
InMemoriamIn Memoriam

Ian Bongard,

past PaBIA member and owner of  A166, husband of Nancy Bongard, father of Rob and Trish (John Godfrey), brother of Gordon Bongard and Blair Bongard, November 2015.
Sylvia Johnson (nee Green), G1512 ‘Nannibushes, wife of the late Glenn Johnson, October 2015.
Frank Edward Sands, B912 – 1 ‘Sandscliffe’, husband of the late June Sands, father of Owen (Irena) and Debbie (Derrick) Soderstrom, October 2015.
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Nancy Rogers                


Your Directors
Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association
PaBIA Board Minutes – October 2012 
BoardMinutesMinutes of PaBIA Directors’ Meeting (Conference Call) December 2, 2015

Directors participating:  Julia Sievwright, Tom Scoon, Hilde Clark, Faye White, Sandy Boeckh, Dan Kuhn, Graham Smith, Tonia Blenkarn, David Ballentine, Earl Manners, Nancy Rogers    
Scott Sheard (Marine Patrol) joined the meeting to give a report on Water Quality and Testing.
Shelagh Grant (Forest Chair) joined the meeting to discuss the Pine Sawfly report.
Vacancies on the Board Julia Sievwright
            A vacancy on the Board was created by the resignation of Governance Portfolio Director,
Jonathan Grant.  Earl Manners, Director at Large, volunteered to take over as Chair of the Succession Planning Committee.  Earl has valuable experience dealing with constitutions and by-laws as well as labour laws and policy resolution.  Earl was sincerely thanked for offering his service and was unanimously elected to the position.  He will now take over as Governance Portfolio Director.
            There are still vacancies in the Administration Portfolio for Legal Issues Chair and in the Member Activities Portfolio for Junior Membership Chair.  Nancy Rogers suggested that we look first in the list of current Junior Members who by joining PaBIA have shown an interest, for a replacement for Kelly Watson.  It was suggested that the person who becomes the Chair be offered a year’s membership at no cost.  Nancy will update the Junior Membership list and circulate it to the Board.
Water Quality and Testing Scott Sheard
            Scott attended the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR) Water Quality Workshop in November. Scott’s full report was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.  The Township of the Archipelago (TOA) in conjunction with PaBIA’s Marine Patrol, has tested for coliform and E. coli in the water for several years.  The scientific expert told the meeting that the data and results are considered too broad and are neither relevant nor useful and that the testing as it has been conducted should be removed from community testing.  Georgian Bay Forever and GBBR offered to provide an article to be used to inform our members if the testing is to be discontinued.  Scott will request that the report be completed soon so that we could include it in our Connections e-newsletter and post it on the website.   The necessary testing as outlined at the workshop would require that we develop a volunteer base because it would need to begin in mid-May and end in the fall, well before and after our Patrol is active.  Testing for phosphorous should be included.   A list was given of four measures to monitor, some of which the Marine Patrol would continue to test.
            Scott and Sandy Boeckh will report on this topic at the February conference call meeting.
            It was agreed that PaBIA must be proactive in recommending to TOA a consistent and effective septic inspection plan.  Scott suggested that alternatives to septic systems need to be investigated by TOA.
Introduced Pine Sawfly (IPS) Report Shelagh Grant
            Shelagh provided to Julia and Julia then circulated the Westwind Forest Stewardship’s extensive report on IPS in the Pointe au Baril area prior to the meeting.  Because of its length, the report will need to be reduced for the Yearbook, but the full report could be posted on the website.  Sandy Boeckh, Shelagh and Hilde Clark will work on the Yearbook article.  A workshop in July may be organized and offered, separate from the Naturalist events.  TOA may be producing a flyer that would be sent with the first tax notice.
            Shelagh suggested that Dr. Taylor Scarr, OMNR Provincial Forest Entomologist, should be contacted and asked for advice to give to our members for steps that could be taken in May or June.
Township’s Official Plan (OP) Review Tom Scoon
            TOA Council and Staff have received feedback from other Associations that support PaBIA’s positions.  TOA also deals with Provincial feedback.  Staff will prepare the next OP draft.  The OP Review Committee will make their best efforts to get the PaBIA input into the draft.  If not, objections may be made that must be settled before the OP passes.  The process is expected to continue for at least another year.
Spring Directors’ Meeting  Nancy Rogers
            The Board opted to hold the Meeting at the Ojibway Club in 2016.  The date will be Saturday, June 25.  The Board will meet from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Lunch will be served, followed by the full meeting of the Board, Committee Chairs and guests.  Details of the agenda will be discussed during the April 2016 Board meeting.
Member Safety  Graham Smith
            All PaBIA fire pumps have been serviced and winterized and will be in working order, in position in May 2016.  Randy Johnson has acquired and is reconditioning an old pump that Joe Desmasdon had.
            The new maps sold well during the summer.
            Markers are all out of the water and stored at Desmasdon’s and Ojibway.  They will be painted and taped in the spring before placement in May.
Georgian Bay Association (GBA) Tonia Blenkarn, David Ballentine
            Tonia reported that she attended a special meeting of the GBA member associations and represented PaBIA in the discussion regarding a proposed GBA fee increase.  The proposed $5 dues increase was passed at that meeting.  There was a loss of a major advertiser as well as reduction in their membership.  The Wiki Land Claim and the need to retain counsel also impacted their budget.  GBA needs to better communicate what they do especially as lobbyists and Executive Director Bob Duncanson’s role.  Hilde Clark requested that Tonia and David let Bob Duncanson know that our e-newsletters and weekly summer e-blasts can be used to inform our members.
            The main concern with the Wiki Land Claim is land use.  No properties will be expropriated.
            There was no news on the Shawanaga First Nations building on the island in Shawanaga Bay area.  TOA has hired legal counsel for advice on the land use concerns.
            Faye White discussed whether PaBIA should have a First Nations liaison.  This has been discussed in the past and the Board felt it warranted further discussion.  Julia will call Doug Hall for advice and possibly have him included in the February meeting.
Membership dues 2016  Nancy Rogers
            The GBA dues increase from $45 to $50 will impact PaBIA’s finances by only approximately $2,000 next year.  GBA dues are based on the previous year’s active full members’ total.  In 2015 this number was considerably lower than 2014 and the addition of the Sturgeon Bay Association will not have an impact until the following year.  By the 2016 AGM we will be able to estimate our full membership total and discuss any possible increase in our dues for 2017.  We will keep the 2016 dues at $175 as previously moved and carried.
Cottage Patroller Identification Nancy Rogers
            The Board agreed that Bruce Tiffin’s request to have identification for his vehicle, boat and himself was reasonable.  Nancy will ask Bruce to suggest the kind of jacket that would be suitable and determine if it could be embroidered.  Laurine Emery’s business, Georgian Bay Embroidery, was suggested for this as she is local and an advertiser in our Yearbook.  There will also be consultation with Bruce and perhaps Court Armstrong’s business for suitable methods of signage for the vehicle and boat.  Nancy will report on this to the February meeting.
Other business
            Hilde Clark will need all items to be included in the next Connections by Monday, December 7th.  February 25th is the deadline for Yearbook reports.
            Hilde asked each Director to look through the new website, particularly at their area to determine what needs to be improved, added or deleted.  We want to add more pictures and videos.  The website team of David Anderson, Alexander Hepburn and Helen Bryce is considering a PaBIA app to complement what is on the website.
            Tom Scoon asked for an update on the PaBERT boat.  Dan Kuhn reported that the team did discuss transferring ownership to PaBIA but decided against it as the costs and training requirements for personnel for fire-fighting were prohibitive.  The larger Marine Patrol boat could be used for emergency transportation.
Meeting adjourned.
Nancy Rogers, Secretary for the Meeting