PaBIA’s Emergency Medical Concerns
Sted w EMS
When accidents occur, such as falling and breaking a hip as happened to Sted Garber last Friday night, it brings back into focus how, in a nano-second, one’s summer is altered in a fairly significant way.  PaBIA is delighted to know that Sted’s surgery for a partial hip replacement was successful; and he’s now on the mend!
But what’s left in everyone’s mind is:
  • What if that had happened to me, to my dad, my wife, my grandparent?
  • Should I call 911?
  • What if that happened in the middle of the night?
  • How would I have gotten my loved one down the rocks, into a boat?
  • Could I drive him/her into the station at night where we hope the EMS ambulance would be waiting for us?

These are all questions we need to ask ourselves, our family members and even our island neighbours – NOW.

PaBIA, for the past two years, ever since PaBERT’s demise, has had a team of folks dedicated to working through the many issues that surround the medical concerns of living in an offshore environment. If it is to be long lasting, it’s just not a simple fix. Chaired by Scott Sheard, and made up of several members of the Board and the community, this committee continues to refine what can and cannot be done.
One thing is clear – we all need a plan while whatever the future holds for EMS in the island area is carefully considered and worked out on many levels.
As a starting point, PaBIA has 3 documents to offer to help each family begin thinking about their needs:

These are meant to assist you and your family to create a plan for emergencies – a plan that may save you headaches down the line should that unexpected emergency occur on your island or to a friend or family member.

PaBIA will continue to reach out in the future to move forward on this initiative.