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Volume 15 No. 13

The temperatures are warming up….with a good weekend of weather coming up! No freezing temps in the forecast…and highs in the 18C – 24C or 65F – 75F. Here’s hoping the weather continues!

The Floating ‘Vessel’ concerns are again in the news….so please consider adding your voice. The FoodCycler is back in stock should you be interested and preseason Ojibway Club tennis and pickleball courts are available for Round Robins to everyone. Finally – don’t miss out should you wish to learn to sail or race or brush up on your skills! Registration is now available!

In this Eblast:


  • Floating ‘Homes’ NOT ‘Vessels’ Designation – Support is Needed To Change Categorization
  • PaBIA Learn-to-Sail On-the-Water Weekend Program at the Ojibway
  • Off-Season Cottage Patrol by Bruce Tiffin is Complete
  • WhatsApp Directions for Connecting with One’s Neighbours

Of Interest:

  • ToA Waste Management – FoodCycler Back in Stock
  • Preseason Tennis & Pickleball is for Everyone! Come Join in on the Fun!
  • There is Still Time to Donate to WPSHC
  • GBA May 18 eUpdate for 2023
  • Sign up for ToA E-News Link
  • Yearbook Update as of May 19, 2023
  • Lake Michigan-Huron Water Levels – May 22, 2023


Floating ‘Homes’ NOT ‘Vessels’ Designation – Support is Needed

With the GBA in complete support, Gloucester Pool Cottage Association (GPCA) in the Port Severn area has established a coalition to regulate the growing number of floating homes in Ontario waters. They are seeking the support of the many associations up and down Georgian Bay for their members to join a campaign to regulate the growing presence of these float homes. Because these floating ‘homes’ are presently categorized as vessels, that “designation allows the float homes to avoid building code, environmental, navigational, and safety regulations as well as taxation and location management”.

GPCA, with strong support from GBA, is asking each of us to join their campaign to heighten awareness of Transport Canada for the need to redesignate the vessels as homes. Read below to learn how to add your voice.

There are two components to this campaign. This first initiative is a letter-writing campaign by all members within the associations in GBay to the Minister of Transport requesting the Ministry rescind the designation of float homes as ‘vessels’.

GBA strongly supports and encourages everyone to send in their own letter as described below.

To facilitate the process, here is a master link to a website to the Float Homes not Vessels Minister Letter & Instructions to Complete

There are two links within the master link:

  • The first link is to the letter to the Minister of Transport;
  • the second link is to view instructions to successfully send the letter to the Minister of Transport.

Shortly, a second campaign initiative will be the completion of a petition to the Minister of Transport. Petitions require a response from the Minister to the petition’s signatories. More details will be provided at a later date.

GBA is endorsing this initiative wholeheartedly, and given limited available resources at the GBA, is deferring to the GPCA to rally support up and down the Bay! Please consider sending in your letter today.

PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway

Have you or someone you know always wanted to learn how to sail? Do you want to have more confidence to be able to race in the weekend sailing races? Do you have a teenager that wants to sail more? If so, read on…

Weekend PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway Club is a program now in its second summer that allows people to get better at sailing in a stress-free and fun atmosphere. The clinics are being held on 5 weekends this summer (4 Learn to Sail and 1 Learn to Race; all 10:00 am-1:45 p.m.) held off the back docks at the Ojibway Club. A light lunch will be served. Come sail with us this summer!. Come sail with us this summer!

Registration is now open for the PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway. Sign up for one, some, or all sessions; and if you sign up for the entire series of 4 Learn to Sail clinics, you’ll receive the Learn to Race free! Each clinic is $150 + HST.

The dates for Learn to Sail are Saturday, July 15, Saturday, July 22, Sunday, July 31, and Sunday, August 6. An Introduction to Racing will be offered Saturday, August 12. All sessions will be led by Izzy Pepper, US Sailor, a Certified CANSail Instructor who will be assisted by other experienced sailors to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Boats will be provided so be sure to choose which boat you would like to sail when registering.

  • Flying Scots (2-3 sailors + Instructor per boat),
  • Albacore (2 sailors per boat)
  • 420s (2 sailors per boat),
  • Lasers (1 sailor per boat)

Capacity: 12-14 students per clinic.

Summer 2023 will be the summer you experience boating around the islands powered by nothing more than the west wind!

Off-Season Cottage Patrol is Complete for Spring 2023

Bruce Tiffin completed the Spring Patrol this past week. All owners where any problems were found have been informed with photos and reports. 

Directions for Connecting with Our Neighbours

In case you meant to but hadn’t gotten around to it yet…Click Here

This May Be of Interest

ToA Organic Waste Management – FoodCycler

As of May 16, FoodCyclers are back in stock at the Township of the Archipelago Office in Parry Sound.

In stock are:

  • 60 5 L Maestro FoodCyclers
  • 54 2.5L FC-30 FoodCyclers

If you are interested in purchasing a FoodCycler, we strongly suggest you call the office at 705-746-4243 ext 338 to ensure there is stock before your arrival.

This is also a reminder that you:

  • you must visit the municipal office to both pay and pick up the unit, and
  • payment can only be made by debit, cash, or cheque. 

Pre Season Tennis & PIckleball Mixed Round Robins for EVERYONE

This is an invitation to ALL players, especially newcomers, to meet for Mixed Round Robins. The fun begins daily at 10 AM (with a rain-delay at 2 PM) beginning Victoria Day Weekend until June 23rd, as the Ojibway opens on the 24th. A special thank you goes out to the Ballon family and friends who will be putting up the nets. For further information please contact Brad Honsberger.

“Reminder that pre-season tennis and pickleball can be enjoyed now that the nets are up. Members and guests are reminded that all other Ojibway Club facilities are closed until Opening Day, June 24th, and the use of all docks, courts, and paths is at your own risk. For those wanting a fun, social hit daily mixed round robin drop-in play, weather permitting, is at 10.00 am.”

There is Still Time!
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