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Volume 15 No. 21

Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake on Empress Island courtesy of Rob Muir

As a follow up to Alex and Abby’s Marine Patrol article of last week, Rob Muir shared the above stunning photo of this Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake on the pathway to his cottage. Take a look, not only at the diamond shaped pattern of the skin, but perhaps more telling is the diamond head shape AND the distinct rattle seen at the tail.

Well this past week has provided another half inch of rain (last Thursday) plus more on Friday, which then gave way to sunny and less humid weather for the Junior Regatta! What a GREAT turnout (see below)…full of laughter and fun!

This weekend includes the Senior Regatta on Saturday and PaBIA’s Blueberry Pancake Breakfast and AGM on MONDAY!

Junior Regatta canoe race last Saturday! Look at all the boats!

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PaBIA Volunteers ROCK!

What a remarkable group of fine people!!!

PaBIA volunteers are everywhere! They’re younger, they’re older, or more likely somewhere in between. But regardless of age, they all share one incredible gift… they are all undeniably GIVERS of the first degree! All that generous effort rolls up to create the most successful Cottagers’ Associations on the Eastern shore of Georgian Bay.

Have a look at this list of our most recent PaBIA volunteers.  Eighty Pointe au Baril neighbours doing everything from protecting our environment, and organizing regattas, to training our Marine Patrol and making sure our navigation markers are helping us home, and hundreds of things in between. We are truly blessed to live in a community with such deep resources of generous neighbours.

We tip our collective hat to this group and offer our hearty thanks for all that you volunteers do. And not just any hat, mind you; the Pointe au Baril honorary “Volunteers ROCK!” hat.

And there is one waiting for each of our volunteers as a small but visible token of our gratitude.

I invite all eighty of you to please come to the Ojibway office to pick up your very own white “PaBIA Volunteers ROCK!” hat. Wear it proudly so everyone can see and thank you personally when they catch you sporting it around our beloved Pointe au Baril.

Thanks for a GREAT summer!

Dave Sharpe, President of PaBIA

PaBIA’s 114th Senior Regatta – Saturday August 5 – 11 a.m. Ojibway Dock
Everyone is Welcome and Encouraged to be a Member

Hosted by Will Lawler and Kelly Watson with their awesome crew of volunteers, they are ready for everyone who wishes to participate in this year’s events: Senior Regatta: Swimming events, Long Distance Swimming, Canoeing contests, Diving (new diving board) and Tug of War! The Award Ceremony will immediately follow these events! Don’t miss it!!

PaBIA Sailing Clinics

There are two more Sailing Clinics left this season: Sunday August 6 and Saturday August 12. We have had great success so far introducing or reintroducing people to sailing! The goal is to learn the basics in a friendly and calm atmosphere. Adults have been enjoying sailing the new RS Zests purchased this year by the club! Albacore, Laser and Flying Scot are also available. Register here 

PaBIA’s REAL Blueberry Pancake Breakfast
@ 9:00 a.m.
Annual General Meeting 9:30 a.m.
Monday, August 7 – Ojibway Dining Room
with Speakers,
Earl Manners & Scott Sheard,
ToA Ward 3 Councillors
“The Channel Ahead”

PaBIA is always working on your behalf to ensure we stay on course with our mission. Come hear the latest about the new channel markers and fire safety initiatives, membership status, and our President’s perspective. Then listen as our Ward 3 Councillors share their *challenges moving forward on a variety of subjects pertaining to all of us!

Agenda • 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes • Financials for 2022• Directors for 2023-2024


Speakers Scott Sheard and Earl Manners, Ward 3 Councillors

From modernizing municipal services

  to sustainable development

           to connecting and promoting our community within the Georgian Bay Biosphere.

They will NAVIGATE through opportunities and threats

      to a modern, sustainable, and viable future for our community

Might they discuss?

· Political Waters and Community Consultation

· Responsible Development and Modernization

· The Waste File – Waste Not, Want Not

· Floating Cottages and Floating Developments

· Connectivity Goal – 50/10 for Everyone

· And more ….

Anyone needing a babysitter for the meeting after the breakfast needs to contact Virginia Skuce ASAP to ensure we have secured enough people!

Permanent Marker Program Update

As part of our rolling Capital Replacement Plan for the PaBIA navigation markers, we will be replacing 10 wooden stick markers with permanent markers each year. As we move into August and September, you’ll start to see this year’s 10 new permanent markers appearing in various locations around the Bay, bringing the total number to 24. As they are installed, the location of the markers may shift slightly to allow for differences in anchoring systems for the new markers. The permanent markers are larger, have have heavier anchors and chains, and therefore require a different approach to installation. In addition, we may choose to replace 2 stick markers with 1 permanent marker as the new markers are more visible and provide a better aid to navigation. So don’t be alarmed if the new markers aren’t exactly where the old one used to be.

It has been an interesting year for the old stick markers. By July 1st, we had already replaced more broken markers (hit by boats) than the whole of last season. It is important to remember that the markers are AIDS TO NAVIGATION. They do not mark a fixed path such as with highway lines. Their location may shift as the water water levels go up and down during the summer and from year to year. Wind and currents also shift their location. If you are unfamiliar with a channel and are not sure where the rocks are located, SLOW DOWN and proceed with caution. It is your responsibility to navigate safely, considering the size, speed, and limits of your boat.

As a final note, PaBIA maintains 2 lighted beacons in the area. These beacons were originally Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) maintained light beacons, but several years ago the CCG retired them from operation. PaBIA took over ownership and maintenance of the beacons as they were deemed to be important for local navigation. For the last 2 years, the light

Note the white tip is broken off

beacon at the S-Turn has been out. The light technology is very old, and we are unable to get parts to replace the bulb. We are exploring options to replace the current systems, but they are expensive and difficult to maintain through the winter. The beacon at the S-Turn will remain out for the rest of the season, but we hope to have a solution for next summer.

As a final note, PaBIA maintains 2 lighted beacons in the area. These beacons were originally Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) maintained light beacons, but several years ago the CCG retired them from operation. PaBIA took over ownership and maintenance of the beacons as they were deemed to be important for local navigation. For the last 2 years, the light beacon at the S-Turn has been out. The light technology is very old, and we are unable to get parts to replace the bulb. We are exploring options to replace the current systems, but they are expensive and difficult to maintain through the winter. The beacon at the S-Turn will remain out for the rest of the season, but we hope to have a solution for next summer.

GBLT Property ‘West Lookout’ Mis-marked on PABIA Map 2019
All Picnickers, note the corrected area below.

PaBIA’s Marine Patrol stewards 16 GBLT properties – two of which are Friend Island and West Lookout. Once again it is good to be reminded that for all GBLT properties, NO campfires of ANY kind and NO overnight camping are allowed! In addition, it is important to respect the ecosystems, keep dogs from running free, and “leave nothing but footprints, and take nothing but pictures”. Please notice that this differs from public land (crown land) where campfires and overnight camping are permitted.

On the 2019 printed maps, however, there are two unfortunate mistakes.

1.The West Lookout property is incorrectly marked as a “Public Picnic Area”.

  • Rather, it is conservation land, owned and stewarded by GBLT, not a “public picnic area”.
  • The West Lookout property does NOT include Leland Island (A481), a private island south of West Lookout.

2.The “white marker” shown on the 2019 map west of Leland Island does not exist.

With the 2019 map showing MORE West Lookout property than actually belongs to GBLT, please see the map here to identify the GBLT (lime green) versus private property for your future reference.

The ONLINE PaBIA Map is correct!

Please use West Lookout as designated by GBLT and NOT any portion of private islands nearby.

Please adhere to these requests to be sure NOT to disturb any cottagers on adjacent islands!!

Marine Patrol Events of the Week

The past week has been particularly busy for the Marine Patrol with the Junior Regatta coupled with usual weekly responsibilities..

We enjoyed our time helping out at the Junior Regatta this year. Congratulations to all the participants for coming out and competing despite the extra rain that we had during some of the Canoe events. We would also like to thank Tom, Katie, Liv, and Quinn from Britt Inshore Rescue coming and helping out as an extra rescue asset. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Senior Regatta this week.

On Monday Marine Patrol conducted a full ecological survey of St. Davids Island with Aaron Rusak, the Protected Areas Manager for the GBLT. Full ecological surveys help determine what species of plants and animals live on the island along with the different environments that divide the island. On St. Davids these included but were not limited to Coastal Wetlands, Forests, and Rock Barrens. Additionally, by going to these islands at different points in the year, we are able to observe different species of birds that may be migrating through the area. We saw many different species of warbler birds indicating that fall migration has started for them, even though it’s the end of July. We also observed several American Bullfrogs!

PaBIA Naturalist – Sunday, August 13
@ 10:00 a.m. in Ojibway Club’s Movie Hut

Of Interest

Your Nature on the Bay

Written by Trudy Irvine, PaBIA Director for Education. Each week, Trudy will be bringing Nature to you with her wonderful eye for unfolding a deeper meaning for us all to consider.

A Bountiful Summer Season

The summer of 2023 has brought a bumper crop of both blueberries and raspberries to the region. Longtime Sudbury blueberry vendor, Arthur Choquette, forecast a good harvest earlier in the season, noting that lots of moisture from a good winter snow cover and plentiful spring rains, plus spring temperatures warmer than the last few years, had gotten things well underway. Luckily, the delicate flowers of the blueberries had already turned to fruit hardy enough to withstand a relatively late May frost, and, of course, the drop in temperature was not as great out in the Georgian Bay islands, given the moderating waters of the lake. We continue to be blessed by moderate temperatures and regular rains.

Some neglected whipper snipping on my island last year led to the delightful discovery this year that raspberries bloom on two-year-old canes. The heady scent of their blossoms and fruit has been filling the air since early June, and veritable clouds of bumblebees have been buzzing busily amongst the bushes. They studiously ignore me as I jockey for space with them, picking fruit, weeding out grasses, and taking copious amounts of video meant to sustain me through the winter months.  Somewhere, there is some lovely raspberry-tinged honey being made.

The theme of bountifulness also extends to our night skies this summer. Because the moon orbits the earth in a slightly elliptical orbit, sometimes it is a little closer to earth and sometimes a little further away.  A supermoon takes place when a full moon occurs near the moon’s closest orbital point to Earth and is larger and brighter in appearance. This summer is seeing the appearance of four back-to-back “supermoons”, in July, August and September. Tuesday evening’s supermoon arose in the east just after the sun set in the west but will still look full when it rises this evening. The supermoon on August 30th can also be called a “blue moon”, as it is the second full moon in a month.

Berries, bees, moons – I hope you are enjoying some of the extra helpings of delight we are so lucky to be encountering this summer of 2023.

A thorough and affectionate treatment of the ecology and charms of the wild blueberry can be found in Sandy McCoy’s PaBIA Naturalist entry in print in the 2021 Yearbook on page 197.

Literally on the Bay

Book recommendations by Charlotte Stein, owner of Parry Sound Books

Edited by Janet Irving, Education Committee.

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – like reading a book on a summer’s day on Georgian Bay! This summer we suggest some books that are literally set on the Bay – or feel so much so that we just had to include them

NATURE PAINTING IN WATERCOLOR by Kristine A Lombardi will help you learn to create florals, trees, forest animals, and much more in watercolour. Discover the essential tools and materials, painting techniques, and tips for finding inspiration outdoors. Easy to follow instructions – just what you need to begin, or continue, to paint the world around us – a perfect cottage pastime!

FoodCycler Replacement Filters and Questions

Should you wish to replace either the carbon pellets (need to be replaced every 3-6 months) or the filter, or need some other part for your FoodCycler, please visit their website.

Should you need to contact them with questions, please write them at this support email address.

Ojibway Club Art Show – Marking 60th Anniversary

The 2023 Ojibway Club Art Show will be a ‘hybrid’ event with both an in-person show at The Ojibway Club and an online gallery and sales.

The online gallery is NOW OPEN. Click on this link to check out all the artwork available for sale this year and keep checking back as new pieces are being added each day! Sales begin August 10.

Mark your calendars NOW for all this year’s Art Show activities:

Thursday – August 10    Online sales begin at 10:00 am

All sales are online

Thursday – Sunday August 10-13 Art Gallery

Open during the following hours:

Thursday 10-3 • Friday & Saturday 10-4 • Sunday 10-2

Thursday August 10     Art Show Dinner – VERY LIMITED TICKETS REMAINING!

Dine with some of our participating artists • complimentary cocktail • enjoy musical entertainment.

Silent auction for some special art pieces along with some guest speakers.

Dinner begins at 5:30 pm. • Tickets:$150 per person. • To reserve, email or call the office at 705-366-5085

Friday August 11     Art Show and Marketplace Opening Reception – SWINGIN’ SIXTIES THEME!

Join us on Friday from 5-7 pm

Artisans • ’60s music • Food • Browse

Cash bar available. No tickets required. All are welcome!

August 11-12 Art Show Marketplace Saturday & Sunday

The Art Show Marketplace will feature 15 unique artisans offering smaller items.

Open Friday 5-7 pm Saturday 10-4

August 12     Breakfast with the Artists

Enjoy a hearty Ojibway Club breakfast with featured artists

Andrew Peycha • Kim Etherington-Reid • Cathy Ballantyne

who will talk about their inspiration and process and answer your questions about their work and life on Georgian Bay.

xxxxBreakfast at 9:00 am. Tickets:$30/person. For tickets, email or call the office at 705-366-5085.

Sunday, August 13    Online sales close at 10:00pm

SEEKING VOLUNTEERS Sign up by clicking here

More Info? Website • @ojibwayclubartshow • Email

AA and Al-Anon Meetings Mondays @ 7 p.m. at The Ojibway Club

Ongoing at 7 p.m., there will oe weekly Monday evening AA,’ Al-Anon meetings of the inaugural 1906 Group at the Ojibway Club. Meetings will he held on the screened porch (adjacent to the dining room and front veranda).

The 1906 Group is an open meeting – all are welcome – based on traditional meetings of AA and Al-Anon. Many of us in Pointe au Baril have loved ones who battle various addictions and substance disorders; and of course, there are others of us who face these challenges ourselves or simply want to hear how others have overcome their own cravings. The 1906 Group will alternate between speaker-led formats and readings pertaining to the disease of “more” and there will always be opportunities for individuals to share openly and discreetly.

Remember… ‘What you hear here, Who you See here, Stays here’.

We look forward to seeing you on Mondays at 7 p.m. the rest of August.

Arts on the Bay – Tonight, August 2

PaB Community Centre

4 p.m. Social; 5 p.m. Dinner; 6 p.m. Show

Folk artist known throughout North America as the lead singer and founding member of multi – platinum country-roots group Prairie Oyster, Russell deCarle has spent the last decade carving out a solo career, concentrating on songwriting and rhythm guitar playing. ” I’m proud of the stuff I wrote for Prairie Oyster, but now I get to tell my own story with my material.”

Our special Artist this year is Karen Lediard – Metis artist working in mixed media.

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Here is the July 2023 GBA Update

Yearbook Updates

With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names of those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2022 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook! As of August 24th, here are the changes.

Julia Garry (correction and address change)

Peter Watson & Sandy White (address change)

Water Levels

Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels July 31, 2023

To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites

(705) 716-1667

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