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Volume 14 No. 5

Happy Upcoming Victoria Day Weekend to all Canadians! For those who are able to get to their cottages, please be aware of the High Fire Danger and pay attention to the fire safety measures that the GBA has for both the inside and outside of your cottage.

There is a great deal of information in this eBlast…each kept short on purpose with many links for further information should you choose to know issues in more detail.

We say a fond farewell to several volunteers and welcome other members who have stepped up to serve! Thank you!!!! We are also looking to fill an important PaBIA position! Might you be interested?

There are May programs to check on as well as new PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway Club this summer! There is an update on the SFN IPCA and a glimpse into the 7 SFN Grandfather Teachings…information from the G4…plus Arts on the Bay will be back this summer. As well, there is a new app, what3words, for our safety in PaB and around the world and a new ToA Site Alteration Virtual Public Hearing coming up in May and a new Waste Bylaw. There is more, so, check it out below

In this eBlast:



  • PaBIA/Ojibway Yearbooks are in the Mail to all PaBIA members!
  • PaBIA Markers Hopeful by the May Long Weekend
  • Thank you to Tom Lundy, Cam Richardson, and Jim Rogers
  • Welcome
    • Cath Fairlie, new Member Safety Director
    • Katie Findlay, new Chair of Ratepayers
    • Tom Cavers, Maps & Markers – PaBIA Marine Patrol Supervisor
  • Marine Patrol
    • Interested in Participating in PaBIA? – Looking for Marine Patrol Supervisor for 2022
    • Welcome Marine Patrollers, Emma Manners and Roland Binkley for 2022
  • SAILING – LEARN TO SAIL Clinics in July & LEARN TO RACE Clinic in August
  • UPDATED Calendars are set for the summer! July & August
  • Support our Advertisers’ List 2022


2022 Yearbooks Are in the Mail! 

Primary Members – your Cottage Patrol Tag(s) and Boat Stickers have been tucked inside the front cover of the Yearbook.  

PLEASE take your Cottage Patrol Tag(s) and ATTACH them to your cottage
EARLY in the summer so they won’t be lost or forgotten.

PaBIA Markers

Andy Blenkarn and Desmasdon’s Construction crew aim to install all the markers by the May Holiday Weekend but that is always dependent on good weather and water conditions. One thing to be aware of…Andy hopes to have checked on the 14 newer permanent markers that have remained in over the winter to be sure they are in their proper locations – but it will again be dependent on the weather!

Water levels are down from last year, so
caution is advised when boating even on familiar channels.

A Gigantic Thank you to Tom Lundy

Great people make great things happen!

It certainly was the case with Tom Lundy who, as our volunteer PaBIA Director of Member Safety, set a towering example for all of us in dedication and good old-fashioned hard work.

Member Safety is a busy assignment with everything from navigation markers and the Marine Patrol to fire safety and emergency response. Tom shouldered his many responsibilities admirably.

Tom has recently resigned from the PaBIA Board to run for Ward 1 Councillor in the upcoming Fall ’22 Municipal election.
We wish him every success in his political quest, and in his continuing tireless dedication to his community.

A Big Thank You to Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers has been a tireless volunteer for PaBIA since 1989.

Married to our very own Nancy Rogers, when Jim was first introduced to PAB he did not know anything about boating. Jim quickly learned to sail and was PaBIA’s commodore from 1989-1991. 

Jim was the first Marine Patrol Supervisor and was in charge of recruiting and training from 1998-2002. As well, Jim held countless testing sessions to allow our members to become licensed boat operators (PCOC). His teaching skills certainly came in handy!

Most recently, Jim has been in charge of PaBIA’s Maps and Markers, produced the current PaBIA map, and spearheaded the testing of PaBIA’s new permanent marker program.

Thank you, Jim, for your commitment and dedication to keeping us all safe on the waters of Pointe au Baril.

A Huge Welcome to Cath Fairlie!

Talk about great people who make a difference… Please welcome Cath Fairlie as our new PaBIA Director of Member Safety!
Cath retired from her 38-year career as a Management Consultant in Information Technology in 2017. Her experience with strategic IT planning and large program management, along with her various IT Director roles with large public and private corporations has made her a good choice for the PaBIA Board.

Cath’s great grandmother first came to Pointe au Baril in 1902 and since that time 6 generations of Fairlies have spent their summers at the cottage. A strong connection to the land draws her back to the cottage each summer for the “Gathering of the Clan” on Fairwood Island. She hasn’t missed a summer in 64 years.

In 2018 and 2019 Cath served as the Marine Patrol Coordinator for PaBIA. During that tenure, she rewrote the Marine Patrol Protocols, created a comprehensive training plan, and upgraded the technology to support the patrollers.
Cath now lives in Vancouver with her husband, John, but divides her time between there, Mexico, and Pointe au Baril where they both pursue their love of the outdoors. She has one grown son with whom it is her joy to rock climb and mountain bike.
You’ll soon get to know Cath who really loves Pointe au Baril; you’ll realize how lucky we are to have Cath stepping up to fill Tom Lundy’s shoes on the Board.

A Large Thank you to Cam Richardson!

After several years and numerous positions on our board, Cam Richardson is stepping down from his role as Director of Ratepayers and Government Affairs. Cam has been a key member of our team and kept us abreast of TOA municipal affairs, by-law reviews, and building application proposals. Cam has recruited Katie Findlay to assume his role. Thank you, Cam! The PaBIA Board is extremely fortunate to have such qualified volunteers taking care of the variety of issues which affect our enjoyment and safety on the Bay.

A Welcome to Katie Findlay

Hello and happy spring! I’m thrilled to be taking over the Ratepayers and Regulatory Affairs Portfolio from Cam Richardson. Cam has done great work in this area for many years, and I’ve learned a great deal from him during my time on the Land Use committee. Cam is generously helping me transition into the role, largely because I’m expecting my second child in June, so I’ll need some support through the passing of the torch. My family (the Hall and Joy branches) have roots on the Bay going back many generations. I live in Revelstoke, BC, and spend as much time as possible in Pointe au Baril every summer. I’ve previously been involved on PABIA’s Environment Committee, and I co-chaired the Senior Regatta with my brothers for three summers. I’m excited about diving into the portfolio and working with PABIA members and other stakeholders to help ensure our beloved Pointe au Baril community is developed sustainably so it can retain its beauty and a thriving natural environment for generations to come.

Welcome to Tom Cavers

I have been fortunate to be able to spend summers in Pointe au Baril at our family cottage for 48 years and enjoy all that the area has to offer from a camper at the Ojibway Club as a child, to an employee there for many years, and subsequently enjoyed weekends and vacation time every year since. After working with Jim Rogers for a couple of summers on the Markers and Maps Committee, I am happy to take over from Jim as the Chair of the Markers and Maps Committee and continue his hard work and dedication to making Pointe au Baril’s channels safe and navigable for years to come.

If you see markers missing, broken or out of place, please do not hesitate to let me know or, after June 25th, the Marine Patrol

Want to Get Involved with PaBIA?
PaBIA is Looking for Someone to Coordinate the
Marine Patrol This Summer

The Marine Patrol is an important part of PaBIA’s efforts to achieve its mission: “to unite our island and coastal community while preserving and protecting its unique natural environment, supporting community involvement and safety, and engaging with relevant organizations”. The Marine Patrol is focused on four key areas: Environmental Monitoring and Reporting, Community Public Relations and Education, Boating Safety, and Support of other PaBIA Portfolios. In essence, the Marine Patrol is PaBIA’s presence on the water during the summer.

The Marine Patrol Coordinator works with the Director of Member Safety to deliver the summer program. Responsibilities include interviewing and hiring new patrollers in February (already done!), scheduling and coordinating training activities in May, overseeing the training program in late June, and weekly Patroller oversight/support during the summer. Other occasional activities include liaison with other Georgian Bay Environmental agencies (GBLT, GBBR, GBF), and liaison with other PaBIA portfolios. This is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in many facets of the PaBIA mission.

If you, or anyone you know, are looking for a great way to get involved with PaBIA and contribute to our wonderful Pointe au Baril community by acting as the Marine Patrol Coordinator, please contact Cath Fairlie. A full description of the Coordinator’s responsibilities can be found here.

New For This SummerPaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway Club for 13 – 73+ years

PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway are being held on 5 weekends this summer (4 Learn to Sail in July and 1 Learn to Race in August; all 10:00 am-1:45 p.m.). Registration will open soon. Come sail with us this summer!

What Do We Do With All That Brush?

Cottagers are meticulous about their properties and spend hours clearing the detritus of dead junipers, fallen trees, and branches from the high winds of winter – all those deciduous leaf piles in the many crevices of the bedrock. There is always a lot to clean up and clear out! Often, though, after all that cleaning, cottage properties are left with piles of brush and wood waste. But it’s the clearing out that is the major concern. What is the safest way to get rid of it all? 

Brush fires – The Least Advisable

Many cottagers will resort to a brush fire. This is absolutely and categorically the LEAST SAFE way to rid your property of unwanted brush. There are many reasons why and they include:

  • burning brush when there is a temporary ban on all fires due to fire regulations during the very dry period of weather when the risk of wildfires is high,
  • misjudging the wind direction and sending the smoke and sparks inland or towards a neighbour’s property,
  • a fire that is sitting upon the rocks and not situated in a deep enough pit away from overhanging branches,
  • a fire that is improperly extinguished and left to smoke and potentially rekindle,
  • a fire that is left to burn unsupervised requiring neighbours to come with buckets to put it out,
  • a fire with no buckets or shovels nearby,
  • sudden wind gusts that can turn a fire in a wildfire,
  • a fire that is too large sending large sparks high into the air to travel toward other trees.

Read on…for Safest choice; Site 9 Mulching; Climate Change is a factor!

Emma Manners

My name is Emma Manners. I will be one of the two Marine Patrollers this upcoming season. I am going into my second year at Queen’s University, majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in International Development. I have had the great privilege to spend my summers in Pointe au Baril since I was little. Catching frogs, swimming off the dock, and picnics on the islands are what I treasure most from summers at the cottage. The Marine Patrol position has given me the opportunity to give back to our tight knit community and to protect the land we all enjoy during the warmer months. I look forward to contributing to conservation efforts, community based involvement, and working alongside those who put so much effort into ensuring that Pointe au Baril and Georgian Bay continue to flourish as it has for generations. 

Roland Binkley

My name is Roland Binkley, and I am finishing my third year at the University of Guelph. I have always had an interest in the environment, and so I am pursuing an undergrad degree in environmental governance. My grandparents bought a cottage up here over 60 years ago, and so I have been fortunate enough to be able to come up to Pointe au Baril every summer. Because of this, I have gained an appreciation of the local wildlife, and being able to combine my interests of the environment and life on the bay will be a great job experience! The last 5 years I have been able to stay up at the cottage working for Desmasdons, and I figured that working for the Marine Patrol would allow me to stay where I love, while getting work experience for a field closer to one that I wish to pursue as I grow older and finish university!

May 2022

Site Alteration By-Law Virtual Public Information Session May 25th

There will be a virtual Public ToA Meeting for Virtual 
Site Alteration By-Law to

  • share preliminary information and
  • receive input with Questions and Clarification

Wednesday, May 25th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm EDT

HOST: Cale Henderson, ToA Manager of Development and Environmental Services

  • Key part of development and consideration of site alteration by-law
  • Every property owner will receive notice by mail …
  • There will be further public engagement sessions to capture the views of the community.

In order to participate remotely, please join the Zoom meeting through the following link OR click on this document for the Zoom link and meeting ID and Passcode.

WPSHC Needs Our Support for
Cardio-Respiratory Diagnostic & Treatment Equipment

WPSHC – is the ONLY hospital along the approximately 270 K corridor of 400 & 69 highways between Barrie & Sudbury.

This hospital plays a key role in the lives of cottagers and residents as well as travelers along these busy roadways. In the summer months, activity explodes in both the Emergency Room and the six Nursing Stations that are strategically located throughout this area.

Since the opening of the Health Centre in 2005, the challenge continues to be keeping equipment current and up-to-date with evolving technologies so that we get the committed attention we need. . This is no easy task considering the overwhelming cost of new technologies for this small community of only 20,000 permanent residents whose population mushrooms every summer. Check out the past years’ purchased equipment.

Please support this cause – we need you more than ever to support the Pointe au Baril Cottager Team as they participate in GBay’s Walk/Run/Pole Parry Sound Run on May 29th! (no more individual participant donation – just one big pot)


Play Golf with Shawanaga First Nation in Support of their 25th Pow Wow
May 17, 2022
Join SFN at
Sequin Valley Golf Course,
one of Canada’s Top 100 Courses
for their 1st Annual Pow Wow Fundraising Golf Tournament
to help support their 25th Pow Wow
To register you can scan the QR code on the poster or you may use this link.

Additional details include;

  • $600/ team or $150/ person 
  • 120 players
  • Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Swag Bags included
  • Cabins Available to rent – to rent please contact Seguin Valley GC directly. 705-378-2555
  • Scramble format 
  • Sponsorship to golf with either Ted Nolan or Bandon Nolan! 

For more information, contact us.

Virtual Landmark Speaker Series
Birds of Georgian Bay

with Aaron Rusak
Monday, May 16th, 7-8 pm

Aaron Rusak is the Georgian Bay Land Trust’s new Protected Areas Manager, and an expert birder who has spent many years following Georgian Bay’s avian life. Aaron will introduce us to some of the most interesting birds to see on Georgian Bay, share stories of his birding experiences, and give advice on how to get started watching birds yourself.

Register here to attend. A recording of the presentation will be shared with all registrants if you are not able to attend live.

Of Interest

For YOUR Safety ANYWHERE: what3words

The OPP is using the internationally recognized app what3words in all provincial call centres to direct first responders to precise locations for faster and more accurate emergency response. what3words has assigned a unique three-word tag to every three squared metres on the planet. By giving the 911 dispatcher the three words for your location, they can convert the tag into proper coordinates, pinpoint exactly where you are, and direct help. This tool is proving particularly useful in helping OPP officers locate parties in remote and forested areas where signal is limited and on vast waterways. Listen to this 5 minute TED talk on the subject! It’s fascinating…even in PaB!
The GBA highly recommends that members download this app. We suggest:

  • Download the app and take a little time to familiarize yourself with it. It is free and easy to use.
  • Get the three words for your dock and memorize them.
  • If there is an emergency when you are out and about, the app will let you know the three words for your current location.
  • In an emergency, dial 911 and give them the three words for your location.

Update to Waste Management By-Law 12-19, now By-Law 22-0

The new by-law does not come into effect until June 1, 2022
Evolving provincial mandates, recycling programs, and day-to-day cost increases are inevitable. The Archipelago continues to manage its waste and recycling activities which have required updates to the 10 year old by-law  These changes are also necessary for the upcoming weigh scale installation at Site 9 so as to more closely monitor usage and to help with increasing diversion away from the landfill.

Reducing, Recycling, & DivertingThe updated by-law recognizes residents and businesses who reduce waste, recycle and divert, and will be geared toward a “user-pay” system. Some changes coming on June 1 are highlighted here:For most ratepayers, the proposed changes will have a minimal financial impact.

Effective and Cost-Efficient Waste ManagementTownship staff continue to work as effectively as possible to keep incremental operating costs at a minimum. Some examples of cost savings that have been achieved in the last couple of years alone, or are in the pipeline, are noted here.

As a small, rural municipality we continue to provide first class waste and recycling collection services. We all need to do the right thing by diverting as much waste as possible away from the landfill and recycle – better yet, reduce our waste, period.

Do you need a new ToA Waste Card?

You can get a waste card by going to our TOA Waste and Recycling page
Scroll down to Waste Disposal Cards
Two ways of asking for one – by phone or electronically through the service request portal.

Shawanaga Island Update
Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA)
The Why?, Who?, How? Where, and When? of the IPCA
By Mark Gwozdecky, PaBIA’s Director Indigenous Liaison

PaBIA wants to keep everyone informed about the LATEST communications/understandings we have with regard to the Shawanaga Island Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area. The linked Q&A provides the information we have received from Shawanaga First Nation (SFN), as well as the federal and provincial governments.

Internet Options in Pointe au Baril 2022

We are all familiar with the use of expensive cellular data services to address our internet needs. Infrastructure investment by the Township and service area expansion by service providers have added consumer choice in internet services for all residents. With competition, the geographic area where high-speed, cost-effective internet service is available will continue to expand throughout the Township. 

The following service providers offer fixed wireless internet service or satellite internet service at this time in Pointe au Baril: Bell • Starlink • Vianet • Xplornet When researching available services, you may find your property resides outside of the service area of some of the providers. The Township is working with vendors to expand their service area to cover the far corners of our community.

The Archipelago maintains an updated reference page for internet connectivity

Canadian Government is Relaxing Restrictions for Travelers into Canada

The Canadian Government is formulating a “risk-based and measured approach” to the pandemic.

Here’s what traveling to Canada looks like today:Everyone who enters Canada must still download the ArriveCAN app and complete the questionnaire within 72 hours of arrival. Vaccinated travelers must upload proof of vaccination to the app in advance of arrival.

The two most important changes apply to vaccinated adults and unvaccinated children. Fully vaccinated travelers are no longer required to make a quarantine plan in the event they test positive while in Canada. Also, children under 11 can skip the pre-arrival Covid test as long as they are accompanied by fully vaccinated adults.
Generally, the CN government is

  • Relaxing testing requirements for unvaccinated children between the ages of 5 and 11, and
  • Removing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers to provide a quarantine plan upon entry.
  • Easing some of its health protocols for visitors once they’re in the country.
  • allowed fully vaccinated travelers to enter the country without getting tested. The test requirements remain in place for unvaccinated travelers.
  • Unvaccinated children between the ages of 5-11 can also skip the pre-entry COVID-19 test previously required, provided that they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent or guardian.
  • Children under the age of five do not face any of these requirements.
  • All unvaccinated travelers over the age of 12 must submit a negative test result.

Arts on the Bay is BACK!
July 18, 30, & August 13

Socials starts at 4:00pm,
Dinners at 5:00pm and
Shows at 6:30pm.

Ritchie-Parrish-Ritchie (Tanglefoot) RPR.
July 16

Matthew MacLeod AND Rick Fines
July 30

Carlos del Junco
August 13

The SFN 7 Grandfather Teachings

In this eBlast, we want to introduce you to The Seven Grandfather teachings, which are a set of Anishinaabe guiding principles passed down from generation to generation to guide the Anishinaabe in living a good life in peace and without conflict. In the attached link, you will find a list of each teaching in Anishinaabemowin as well as the linguistic breakdown of each word.

Guiding principles*
Many Indigenous organizations and communities have adopted the Seven Grandfather Teachings as a moral stepping stone and cultural foundation. Communities have adapted the teachings to suit their community values. Despite where the teachings originated, they share the same concepts of abiding by moral respect for all living things.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are among the most widely shared Anishinaabe principles because they are relatable and encompass the kind of morals that humanity can aspire to live by. They offer ways to enrich one’s life while existing in peace and harmony with all of creation.

The Story*
The Creator gave spirits known as the Seven Grandfathers the responsibility to watch over the Anishinaabe people. The Grandfathers sent a Messenger down to earth to find someone to communicate Anishinaabe values. After searching in all directions, the Messenger found a baby. The Seven Grandfathers instructed the Messenger to take the baby around the Earth for seven years to learn the Anishinaabe way of life. After their return, the Grandfathers gave the baby, now a young boy, seven teachings to share with the Anishinaabe people; love, respect, bravery, truth, honesty, humility, and wisdom.


And for those who prefer listening to reading, you can just click on the YOUTUBE link below, to a song by Canadian aboriginal artist, William Prince. The song is called “7” and currently is the soundtrack to a popular TV ad by Canada Life

*SOURCE: The following comes from the Seven Generations Education Institute (SGEI) which is an Indigenous-led educational organization that provides high school, and post-secondary training for employment and cultural programming to all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the Treaty Three area and beyond.

Kids in the Biosphere & Native Plant Fundraiser (purchase through May 27th)

The Georgian Bay Mnidoo Gamii Biosphere will continue to offer Kids in the Biosphere in partnership with the Township of the Archipelago (TOA). This free program provides participating families with activities to keep you outside and learning about nature all summer long. Kids in the Biosphere began in 2013 and has reached over 500 families!

Families within the TOA register with the program at the beginning of summer and receive an activity kit with activity instructions and materials. The self-guided activities are designed to last all summer. Beyond nature observation, the activity kits invite families to conduct science experiments and take actions to help local species at risk. Families can submit photos of their discoveries which are posted on the Biosphere website. Activities are mainly self-guided but there are opportunities for families to interact with Biosphere staff and guest experts.

GBB Native Plant Fundraiser!

Online orders are being accepted from March 1 – May 27 at 5:00pm. All plants will be available for pick up on Saturday, June 11th, 2022. Buyers will receive a 10-minute time slot to pick up their plants. Pick-up instructions will be emailed to you between June 1-3. You will be assigned a 10-minute pick-up time at the location that you selected.

Who Is Georgian Bay Forever?

Georgian Bay Forever is a charity dedicated to scientific research and public education on Georgian Bay’s aquatic ecosystems.

Its mission is to protect, enhance, and restore the aquatic ecosystem of Georgian Bay by funding accredited research on water levels, water quality, and ecosystems; by educating the public and governments on issues regarding the environmental protection, conservation, the safety and preservation of the water and the natural features of the Georgian Bay area of Ontario; and by enhancing the public’s appreciation for their environment.

They believe that water is a common heritage and a fundamental human right essential to life. It should be preserved and made accessible to all, today and in the future. We value the concepts of transparency, integrity, creativity, trust, and sharing. Everything we undertaken is done with respect for the members of the varied communities served.”

Great Lakes Among Fastest Warming Lakes Driven by Climate Change

From came this news story.

Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels May 9, 2022 To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites


This sailboat was found on Mayne Island on the the Matthews Bay side
Registration # OH 7724 MC 

In Memoriam

Andy Skerlec A165 – 1 ‘Ariel Is.’ & 168 South Shore Rd. ‘Landfall’, partner of Rowan Marsh, April 2022

Linda Desmasdon, wife of Joe Desmasdon, mother of Jim Desmasdon, daughter of the late Jack and Millie Thorkildsen, April 2022.

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