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Volume 14 No. 12

Thanks Tom McConnell for this fabulous picture of Mother Nature’s Impending Storm – July 20
It dumped about an inch of rain in 4 hours in many places in PaB!

How can it be the end of July already! The weather has been wonderfully cooler than perhaps much of North America, yet sunny and yes, just a bit breezy! We have clocked winds gusting to 25 mph in the last twenty-four hours!

The Junior Regatta was a raving success! Thanks to our Regatta team of Georgia, Esmee, and Sophie for leading the way – and thanks to the many families who came out to root for their kids!!!! Congrats, Everyone!

There is much going on in the Bay…do check out the list below and hope to see you there!

With the rise of COVID in the PaB area, your PaBIA Board has decided to move forward with Monday, August 1 at 9 am with these caveats in mind:

  • We are taking this decision because we are a community association and think it is important to start to rebuild that community connection after 2/3 years of not being able to meet in person
  • In light of the overall improvement in the vaccination status of our members and the consequent reduction of risks of severe consequences if one contracts COVID, 
  • Holding the meeting in person is not inconsistent with public health guidelines
  • However the risk of infection remains, and with that in mind, we respect the right of each person to make their own personal decision as to whether to participate or not.

We will be serving hot blueberry pancakes for all members and their families at 9 a.m. with the Annual General Meeting to begin at 9:30 with babysitters for those kids not going to camp. Peter Frost will be speaking on Floating Cottages: Anchoring in YOUR Bay?

In this eBlast:


  • On the Water Coaching – with Randy Johnson July 27th at 9 a.m.
  • Moose 103 Radiothon – All Day July 28th to benefit WPSHC
  • Sr Regatta 2022 – July 30th – 2 p.m.
  • Arts on the Bay – July 30th
  • Sunday PaBIA Sail Race – July 31st at 2 p.m.
  • LEARN TO SAIL Clinic on July 31



July 2022 Activities

On-the-Water Boat Maneuverability Coaching

with Randy Johnson, Certified Power Squadron Trainer &

PaBIA Chair of Fire & Boat Safety Committee

TODAY from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Sign-Up NOW at MP Office or Ojibway Club Office! Ojibway Back docks


103.3 Moose FM Radiothon

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Listen to MOOSE FM Radio All Day


Radio-thon runs from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Arts on the Bay – July 30th

Pointe au Baril Community Centre
Social starts at 4:00 p.m.,
Dinner at 5:00 p.m. and
Show at 6:30 p.m.

RPR: Matthew MacLeod AND Rick Fines

Enjoy our tasty catered dinner. Matthew MacLeod is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, poet, and teacher. He has performed in theatres, house concerts, coffeehouses, and many festivals across Canada, Scotland and Australia. Rick Fines had a song come 1st place in the category of International Songwriting Competition. 

Nancy Ley Side Room Display Beautiful greeting cards.

August 13 – Carlos De Junco

Sailing Race SUNDAY, July 31st at 2 p.m.

2:00 p.m.

Middle Reach Course

Please be in touch with Margie Wheler, our PaBIA Sailing Commodore, should you want to learn more!

Fourth PaBIA Sailing Clinic –
THIS Sunday, July 31st

Register NOW!

Sign up by Thursday for this Saturday’s Clinic! Registration is now open for the PaBIA Sailing Clinics at the Ojibway. Sign up today! Contact Margie Wheler with questions!

August 2022 Activities

PaBIA’s Blueberry Pancake Breakfast and AGM

The Blueberry Pancake Breakfast is BACK!

Monday, August 1 at 9 a.m.

PaBIA invites you and your family to join us in the Ojibway Dining Room for a special meal before the 9:30 start of our AGM! The young kids can go off to camp or to the Movie Hut where there will be qualified babysitters to entertain your kids while you stay for the meeting. Our President, Erica Allen, will be presiding and then handing the reins over to Dave Sharpe.

Please click to read the minutes from the AGM 2021

The 2021 Financials can be found on page 32 of the 2022 Yearbook

Slate of Directors

Guest Speaker Peter Frost
Floating Cottages: Anchored in your Bay???

Peter Frost is our guest speaker. As a Ward 2 Councillor and on the GBA committee for Floating Cottages, he is well able to bring us up to speed on the issues and considerations at hand. Come learn about it!.

Correction from 7.20.22 eBlast – It is Peter Frost, not David Frost.

PaBIA Proposed New Directors
AGM Agenda, Minutes and Financials

Before each AGM, PaBIA introduces proposed directors for the coming year 2022-2023 to join your PaBIA Board of Directors for the coming year. They are Cath Fairlie, Katie Findlay, and Trudy Irvine. They will join the following slate of continuing PaBIA Directors: Dave Sharpe, Mark Gwozdecky, Virginia Skuce, Mary Thomson, Michael Phippen, Nancy Rogers, Mike Berton, and Hilde Clark.

The Annual General Meeting 2021 minutes are linked here. The financials for 2021 can be found on page 32 of the 2022 PaBIA Yearbook.

Proposed Director of
Member Safety

Updated: Cath Fairlie retired from her 38-year career as a Management Consultant in Information Technology in 2017. Her experience with strategic IT planning and large program management along with her various IT Director roles with large public and private corporations, has made her a good choice for the PaBIA Board.

Cath’s great-grandmother first came to Pointe au Baril in 1902 and since that time 6 generations of Fairlie’s have spent their summers at the cottage. A strong connection to the land draws her back to the cottage each summer for the “Gathering of the Clan” on Fairwood Island. She hasn’t missed a summer in 64 years.

In 2018 and 2019 Cath served as the Marine Patrol Coordinator for PaBIA. During that tenure, she rewrote the Marine Patrol Protocols, created a comprehensive training plan, and upgraded the technology to support the patrollers.

Cath now lives in Vancouver with her husband John, but divides her time between there, Mexico, and Pointe au Baril where they both pursue their love of the outdoors. She has one grown son with whom it is her joy to rock climb and mountain bike.

Director of Education

For Trudy Irvine, a series of happy invitations and introductions led my family to discover Pointe au Baril ten years ago. We were smitten by the combination of incredible natural beauty and summer-camp-like sense of community. We still are so grateful for the introduction to the area via the Massie family, and we could not have enjoyed better Pointe au Baril mentoring from the years we rented a cottage from Hilde & Terry Clark. Upon learning from the Clarks that PaBIA was responsible for the installation of channel markers, we immediately joined up – being new to boating in the area, they sure seemed like a good investment!

Six years ago, my husband, Chris, and I and our two boys, Jamieson and Jack, were lucky enough to become the owners of our own cottage. Since that time, I have enjoyed becoming involved with the Ojibway Club Art Show and PaBIA Education Committee and have had the very special privilege to write a weekly nature column for the PaBIA eBlast.

With a background in science and a natural curiosity about my surroundings, I look forward to sharing my deep appreciation for all things Pointe au Baril with the Education Committee and the PaBIA Board of Directors.

Proposed Director of
Ratepayers & Government Affairs

Katie Findlay is joining PaBIA’s Environment Portfolio Team and brings a love of Pointe au Baril with her. She lives in Whistler, B.C., where she teaches high school English, Social Studies, and Outdoor Education, and goes skiing and mountain biking whenever she can. She spends as much time in Pointe au Baril as possible. Katie grew up spending her summers in Pointe au Baril in the cottage built by her grandfather, Hugh B. Hall, which is still enjoyed by the Hall family. She worked in the Ojibway Club Recreation Program for two seasons as a teenager. Now Katie and her family enjoy the Pontiac Islands Reserve, for which her mother, Martha Hall Findlay, is the steward.

Laura Fischer Dodge
PaBIA’s New GBA Representative

We are delighted to announce that Laura Fischer Dodge, a lifetime cottager in Pointe au Baril, has accepted the role of PaBIA GBA Representative to sit on the GBA Board, along with PaBIA Director Mark Gwozdecky. Laura replaces Dave Sharpe as GBA Representative, who will be retiring to assume his new role as President of PaBIA this August.

Laura brings to the role her deep background in business and volunteer work, plus the much-needed perspective as an American recreational property owner in Ontario.

Laura is an avid and strong racquet player and sailor and is currently managing a major renovation to her beautiful “Bijou” summer home in Pointe au Baril.

Having been education internationally, she worked as a delegate for the International Committee of the Red Cross responsible for POW Exchange Operations and then, for over thirty years, as a partner for ECORE International, a company manufacturing high-standard rubberized, athletic flooring by transforming reclaimed materials into performance products. As a volunteer, she has worked internationally in Brazil and Africa, fundraising and supporting women’s rights in Afghanistan, as well as teaching sailing in the Bahamas, and closer to PaB, volunteered with the Ojibway Art Show.

Please join us in thanking and welcoming Laura into her new PaBIA and GBA volunteer role.

Large Item Pick-up Day at the Station
August 6 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Pointe au Baril Station Government Docks

Please check on the Township Website for details as to what is accepted and what is not,

Please scroll down the webpage to Pointe au Baril to get the details.

Derelict Dock Clean Up Day – August 27, 2022

The Township of the Archipelago has agreed to waive disposal fees and help disassemble any derelict docks that are delivered to the station on August 27. This is a great opportunity to remove unsightly and potentially dangerous abandoned or derelict docks on our shorelines. It’s also an opportunity to get rid of that old dock of your own that you’ve been wondering how to dispose of!

If you know of any abandoned docks, please send the specific location and, if possible, a photo to Cath Fairlie.  But please make sure it’s NOT your neighbour’s dock pulled up for winter storage! To avoid this possibility, please ask your neighbours before reporting it to Cath! Also please let Cath know if you are planning to bring in your own old dock as well. We need to report numbers to the Township so they can bring appropriate resources.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! The Township will dispose of them, but WE need to get them to the Station. PaBIA is looking for Community Volunteers to help out on “Abandoned Dock Day – August 27”.   Sign Up by calling (647-545-9283) or emailing the Marine Patrol.


Our Marine Patrol and Canadian Coast Guard Working Together!!!

The first Junior Regatta since 2019 was a great success! We were so happy to see all the families in attendance, ready for a little friendly competition. It was exciting to watch the swim races before heading out in our smaller Marine Patrol boat to ensure the safety of those who participated in the canoe events. We enjoyed watching the chaos that ensued following the sound of the starting horn and then helping to right the flipped canoes. Everyone who participated did a fantastic job! We hope all those who came out to the event enjoyed the beautiful sunny day that only added to the excitement of the day.

Continuing our partnership with the Britt Coast Guard has been a highlight of the summer. The crew came out briefly to the Regatta on their way back to their base, which was a lovely surprise. They reminded us that if you are in need of medical assistance or boating assistance while out on the water, the Coast Guard can be contacted at 1-800-267-7270. The Coast Guard is trained to respond to medical and marine emergencies and is on call 24/7. They also work with 911 emergency services to transport patients to the mainland to meet the EMS responders. This can be a big-time saver at night and in bad weather when transporting patients from remote water locations can be very challenging. We thank the Coast Guard for the service they provide to keep our waters safe.

Let’s All Get Onboard with our PFDs!

You Could Win Big Time!


Fox in the Bird House

by Trudy Irvine, Education Committee as shared by Judy Cameron

Thank you to Judy Cameron for sharing this remarkable photo and account of a very agile fox snake on her property. Judy writes:

“Nature’s entertainment yesterday. There were 2 birds making quite a racket and when we investigated saw that Sam (or Samantha) our long-time resident fox snake, was up a tree with his head in the bird house. Stayed at least 20 minutes. Meanwhile the 2 small birds, wrens maybe, kept flying into him not getting him to budge. He finally slithered down the tree and away. The birds came back but Sam returned 20 minutes later. Didn’t stay long the second time. Unfortunately, haven’t seen the birds today.”

Zooming in on Judy’s photo, a blurred bird can be seen, vainly trying to roust the invading snake.

The climbing abilities of fox snakes are truly remarkable. For a review of how this hungry fellow/girl managed to wind his/her way into Judy’s birdhouse, please visit this website.

Zooming in on Judy’s photo, a blurred bird can be seen, vainly trying to roust the invading snake.

The climbing abilities of fox snakes are truly remarkable. For a review of how this hungry fellow/girl managed to wind his/her way into Judy’s birdhouse, please visit this website.

Literally on the Bay

Book recommendations by Charlotte Stein, owner of Parry Sound Books

Edited by Janet Irving, Education Committee.

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – like reading a book on a summer’s day on Georgian Bay! This summer we suggest some books that are literally set on the Bay – or feel so much so that we just had to include them.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF WOODLAND BIRD SONGS brings the sounds of the forest to life. This “press the button for sound” book helps you to recognize several of the birds commonly found in this area. A fun way to spend time with the birds, and the kids.

How the Vatican Encouraged the Colonization of Indigenous Lands –
and Enabled the Crown to Keep Them

With the Pope’s visit to Canada underway, the article in this link is both topical and includes information that all “settlers” should be aware of and reflect upon.

On the left is a 1503 map drawn up. Do you know what the blue vertical line represents?


Georgian Bay Anishinaabek Youth group

Wiigwaas jiimaan (birch bark canoe) 

Kyla Judge, Taylor Judge, Dawson Bloor, Melizza Clayden, Oscar Crafts, Sherrill Judge

Oshkinigig is made of natural materials that have been harvested by participants and the jiimaanke team throughout the Great Lakes. The hull is wiigwaas (white birch bark), the ribs are giizhik (cedar), the thwarts are aagimaak (white ash), the lashings and pitch are from the gaawaandaagwaatig (white spruce tree).

Following Anishinaabek protocols, sustainable harvesting practices were used to build Oshkinigig. Protecting the land and water for future generations is a pillar of Anishinaabe philosophy. 

Florence Church Rummage Sale –
August 6 and August 20

The church welcomes slightly used clothes and small appliances, books and household items to be used for their rummage sales this summer. Please drop them off at the Church across from Desmasdons, on the South Shore Road, being sure to box or bag them to protect them from the weather.

Ojibway Art Show 2022

2022 Ojibway Club Art Show

August 3-7 The online gallery is NOW OPEN for viewing all artwork for sale. Keep checking the website as new pieces are being added each day! Sales begin next week.

Here are the key dates you need to know:

August 3 Online sales begin at 10:00 am

August 3-7 – Art Gallery

There will be a small in-person show, in the Lounge, exhibiting samples of most of the art you see online. Open during the following hours:

  • Wednesday & Thursday 10-3
  • Friday & Saturday 10-4
  • Sunday 10-2

August 3 – Art Show Dinner

Come dine with some of our participating artists on the Club veranda. You’ll be greeted with a complimentary cocktail and enjoy musical entertainment. There will be a silent auction for some special art pieces along with a few guest speakers. Dinner begins at 5:30 pm. Tickets are $150 per person.

Only a few tickets remaining. To reserve, email the office or call at 705-366-5085.

August 5-7 Art Show Marketplace

The Art Show Marketplace will feature 15 unique artisans offering smaller items. Open during the following hours:

  • Friday 5-7 pm – Marketplace Opening Reception
  • Saturday 10-4
  • Sunday 10-2

August 5 Art Show Marketplace ~ Opening Reception

Join us on Friday 5-7 pm to kick off the Art Show Marketplace. Meet the participating artisans while enjoying some live music and browsing the art gallery in the Lounge. Cash bar available. No tickets required. All are welcome!

August 6 Breakfast with the Artists –

Enjoy a continental breakfast with featured artists Lisa Hannaford, Elise Findlay and Claustro who will talk about their inspiration and process; answer your questions about their work and life on Georgian Bay. Breakfast begins at 9:00 am. Tickets are $30/person. For tickets, call 705-366-5085 or email the office.

August 7 Online sales close at 10:00 pm

Click Seeking Volunteers to sign up to volunteer!

@ojibwayclubartshow • website[email protected]

SAVE THE DATE to HONOUR Emmaline Madigan

Yearbook Updates

With each eBlast, we will provide you a list of names of those members who have provided updated contact information. The details of all the changes since the 2022 yearbook came out in late April are provided in THIS printable format for you to print out and insert into your own Yearbook! As of June 9, here are the changes.

Daniel Martin & Linnea Coveney – address change
Roland Binkley – phone number correction

Water Levels

Lakes Michigan/Huron Water Levels July 26, 2022 

To better read the charts, please click on the chart for the Daily or Six Month Forecast Water level chart and the corresponding websites

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• PaB Nursing Station
• Canadian Coast Guard 
Search and Rescue
• PaBIA Emergency info