February 2018
Volume 10 No. 2
PaB in Winter
Thanks Bruce Tiffin for this PaB pic!
Dear Member,
Happy Winter from your PaBIA Directors!
Even though Pointe au Baril is in Winter, your PaBIA Directors are hard at work behind the scenes to make sure this coming summer is all it can be for each of us…especially a fun yet safe summer!
Emergency Services in PaB Going Forward Reviewed
GBLT Winterlude March 7
Habitat for Humanity Donations Welcome!
In Memoriam
Marine Patrol Application Deadline February 23, 2018
PaBIA Deadline for dues March 15th – Pay Online
PaBIA’s Feb 2018 Director Mtg Minutes
Pointe au Baril Triathlon July 2018
Water Levels February 15 2018
2018 PaBIA invoice
PaBIA Membership Forms Due
Remember, to be listed as a PaBIA member in the 2018 Yearbook, your paid membership needs to be received
no later than March 15, 2018.
You can pay your dues on PaBIA’s website, pabia.ca, by PayPal or Credit Card or send your cheque and completed membership form via the mail.
MP towing
We’re Hiring!!
Marine Patrollers
Summer 2018
We’re looking for friendly, boating-savvy students with an interest in conservation for the Marine Patrol in Pointe au Baril this summer.
If you’re a university student or know one who:
MP Girls 18
  • will be between academic program years this summer
  • has good boating skills and daily access to a boat
  • has summer accommodations in Pointe au Baril
  • is interested in promoting boating safety and serving the interests of the local community
  • has an interest in scientific testing
  • has a love of nature and is conservation minded
  • enjoys engaging with the public, is out-going and has good communications skills
  • This could be the position for you! Please view the complete job description and application instructions
Applications are due by Friday February 23th
Please forward this eNewsletter to your adult kids NOW! 
Emergency in Pointe au Baril after PaBERT- Risks, Plans and Preparedness
PaBIA’s EMS Committee has diligently been working in the background to learn about all that is involved in providing Emergency Medical assistance. We would like to share with our members the facts we have pulled together to date. 
First and foremost, there are no easy answers. Please remember that PaBIA’s mandate is NOT to provide emergency services to the islands. Rather its mandate includes being your voice to the issues we face; and if applicable, your advocate for the needs we see.
At its core, PaBIA’s Directors have always taken the time to educate themselves in what problems exist and then to look for avenues to solve the issues. With the breadth and depth of our membership, we are in a unique position to do so. To date, PaBIA’s EMS Committee has focused on practical ways to enhance member safety and, in parallel, worked to understand the underlying issues that our community faces in a medical emergency. The EMS Committee would like to share with the PaBIA community our understanding:
In a nutshell, we must understand the RISKS, PLAN ahead, and PREPARE ourselves.
Living in a water-based community increases our risk to receive quick emergency assistance
In Pointe au Baril we are fortunate to have:
  • Nursing Station (non-emergencies): 9 am -5 pm Monday – Friday w Nurse on duty and MD by appointment 2x/week
  • West Parry Sound Health Centre – 30 minutes from PaB Station to Parry Sound
  • Ambulance and Bay in PaB: 8 am – 10 pm 80% of the time (when not out on a call to surrounding
  • OPP Marine Unit: Transportation of paramedics after 10 p.m. to PaB from Parry Sound
Transportation of EMS personnel to the islands is a significant challenge for members and EMS Staff
in water access only communities:
  • Requires Certified Transportation Agency to transport EMS paramedics to the patient in the islands;
  • Most people’s boats do not qualify to transport EMS personnel:
  • Need special equipment to assist EMS
  • Need proper allocated space to carry a patient safely
  • ‘Need safe access for transporting a patient from dock/land to boat
  • Need driver with nighttime skills and knowledge of waters.
  • Most people’s credentials do not qualify for transportation of EMS personnel into islands;
  • Proper Insurance coverage necessary;
  • Requires dependable 24/7 coverage;
  • There is no provincial financial assistance for transportation of EMS personnel in water access only communities in Ontario.
  • Requires 911 communication tools, protocols and coordination with land emergency transportation.
  • How 911 works
  •  911 answers all emergency calls 24/7
  • Documents your call and determines needs
  • Is EMS personnel needed, if so, are you transporting patient to mainland
  • Arrange EMS paramedics to patient if required?
  • Is Ambulance at the Station?
  • Mobilizes action and maintains the 911 phone call throughout the emergency
  • Coordinates the closest available certified transportation agency
  • OPP
  • Coast Guard
  • EMS (if after 10 pm, EMS will be transported by OPP from Parry Sound – a possible delay of 2 to 4 hours likely).
PLAN AHEAD – PaBIA’s EMS Committee is considering the following:
  • Separate organization to develop and plan for a local certified transportation agency
  • Costs and constraints associated with providing seasonal certified transportation agency
  • Surveying PaBIA membership for their level of concern/interest. Is this a priority of our membership?
  • Surveying the community for their level of concern/interest.
We encourage PaBIA members to manage medical risk through practical measures:
  • Learn first aid to make informed decisions during medical emergencies,
  • Equip your cottage with the right tools,
  • Discuss with family members and create cottage emergency plan,
  • Plan with Neighbours in the case of fire or medical emergency.
The 2018 Yearbook will provide a great deal of information with a removable back flap for the use of all PaBIA/Ojibway Mmbers. However, it will only be of help if it is filled out and prominently displayed. This is the best way to manage medical risk in our community.
Should any member of PaBIA feel strongly about this initiative, please step forward and give your time and expertise toward finding the best solution for Pointe au Baril, and contact Scott Sheard, PaBIA EMS Committee Chair.
PaBIA’s Newest GBA Rep!
Jamie Bunston color
We are delighted to welcome Jamie Bunston as PaBIA’s newest representative to the GBA Board of Directors, joining Mike Berton. PaBIA is fortunate, as the largest Association to support the GBA, to have these two representatives providing input and perspective to PaBIA’s view on matters relating to all of Georgian Bay.
Jamie works in the commercial real estate industry for Carttera Private Equities in Toronto. He and his wife Emily enjoy spending time up in Pointe au Baril throughout the year. 
Winter Cottage Patrol Report
PaBIA Icon
Bruce Tiffin, PaBIA’s Off Season Patrolman, has already begun his mid winter rounds; and Nancy will promptly notify anyone who has an issue of any kind!
Triathlon for EVERYONE 17
Pointe au Baril
Triathlon 2018
Back by popular demand
is the
Pointe au Baril Tri
This year, though, it is for
8 years to 88 years
Swim from the Ojibway Island back beach around the lollipop and back, run the OHPS trails twice and paddle (kayak or canoe) around the Ojibway Island!
So be sure to put
Saturday, July 21 @ 9 am
on your calendars NOW
so you won’t miss out!
Join GBLT for Winterlude
Conservation Science:
Bird and Butterfly Migration around Georgian Bay
Presented by Elora Grahame, M.Sc. Candidate, Integrative Biology, University of Guelph
Wednesday, March 7th, 2018
5:00 pm Cocktail Reception, 6:00 pm Talk
Bishop Strachan School
Free admission – RSVP here
Animal migration patterns are a topic of increasing scientific and conservation interest, as scientists work to halt population declines and prepare for a changing climate. Important research on bird and insect migration is being done right here in Ontario, and the GBLT is proud to contribute to this through our participation in the Motus Wildlife Tracking Program.
On March 7th, join us to learn first-hand about some of the research being done in the Georgian Bay area. Elora Grahame (M.Sc. Candidate, Integrative Biology) will present some of the research conducted by the Norris Lab at the University of Guelph, especially that which focuses on migratory connectivity as it relates to birds and butterflies. An upcoming study investigating the reproductive success and survival of breeding Eastern Whip-poor-wills and Common Nighthawks near Georgian Bay will also be discussed. 
Many thanks to those who have already participated by donating through the PaBIA dues form!
Latest developments:
  • The location has been sited ands the appropriate house plans are almost complete.
  • First Nation, Island Neighbourhoods and Women’s Building Days are being planned.
  • To honour people and companies who have financially provided support will be recognized with signs up in the village.
  • Do you have a fun/fundraising idea? Let us know.
  • All the news and more ways to get involved coming soon to the PaB community website
  • Contact (705) 646-0106 ext 205 [email protected] if you would like to join in the fun and/or donate to help further the cause!!
In Memoriam
Mary Richardson, formerly at A96 – 71 ‘Champlain Monument Is.’, daughter of the late Senator G. Peter and Mary Campbell, wife of the late Brad Richardson, mother of Campbell (Debbie Crossman), Elinor, Stephen, Louise (Doug Wilkins) and Jason (Emily Rogers), sister of Joyce Morden (John) and Peter Campbell (Cathy).  January 2018.
Water Levels – February 15, 2018
water levels 2.15.18
Water legend 2018
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