Dear PaBIA members:

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PaBERT wishes to officially announce with much regret, that we will NOT be offering any services for 2015 due to a lack of volunteer manpower. We have been working diligently with members of your PaBIA board to find a suitable, viable, and sustainable solution for 2016. It is imperative that, whatever solution is decided upon, is well thought out and can be executed with confidence. You have shown great support both financially and morally for PaBERT over the past 10 years and we will continue to ensure we don’t lose your respect and support. As you likely know, we operate PaBERT with donations you provide; and we treat those funds as if they are our own dollars. All donations received this year are being held until we are more certain of our future. That being said, your donations are your money, and if you would like to request a refund for your 2015 donation, please email me directly, and I will ensure you receive your refund.


In short, this is a very sad time for both myself and our entire team. We have helped saved many lives and property in the past decade; and it was a VERY difficult decision for us to not operate this year. We opted to go this route in order to maintain our strong reputation and for the safety of our volunteers. Once we feel we can offer a reliable, and trustworthy service (hopefully in 2016) we will do so, but not until then. We take your support wholeheartedly and will never operate in a manner that may detract from the level of trust and confidence you have in PaBERT.


There is talk at this time of another service of some sort being started up to deal with medical emergencies only. It is imperative you know that while we applaud any and all such attempts at making PaB a safer community, they are not associated with PaBERT.




Mike Payne,