Pointe au Baril Islanders’

Association Marine Patroller Job

Description Revision: 11.18.2020

Title:                 PaBIA Marine Patroller

Reports To:     PaBIA Marine Patrol Supervisor

Location:         PaBIA Office on Ojibway Island, Pointe au Baril

Duration:        June 20th – September 4th, 2021 (approximately 11 weeks)

Position Overview

The purpose of the Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association (PaBIA) Marine Patrol is to support PaBIA’s mission to: “unite our island and coastal community while preserving and protecting its unique natural environment, supporting community recreation involvement and safety, and engaging with relevant organizations to help us achieve the vision of the Association.”

PaBIA initiated the Marine Patrol (MP) Program in 1998 to promote local boating safety and to augment the change in provincial boating regulations. As the needs of the Pointe au Baril area changed, the Marine Patrol has shifted its primary focus to environmental issues while still maintaining its vigilance on water safety. Since 2005, PaBIA has partnered with the Georgian Bay Land Trust (GBLT) to maintain PaBIA’s environmental goals.

The Marine Patroller’s responsibilities are focused on four key areas: (1) Boating Safety, (2) Environmental Monitoring & Reporting, (3) Activity Reporting & Analysis, and (4) Community Public Relations. The job requires knowledge and interest in the Pointe au Baril environment, excellent boating skills, and a high level of independence and maturity. It’s a team effort with two staff members on the boat most of the time.

Key Responsibilities

1.  Boating Safety and Member Safety

  • Maintain a visible presence on the water by monitoring boat traffic and operator handling; advising boat operators of safety concerns; and reporting any serious infractions to the OPP if warranted.
  • Monitor the location and condition of local waterway buoys/markers by maintaining the database of GPS locations for each buoy/marker; reporting any damaged or missing buoys/markers; and recommending additional markers that would help PaBIA promote safe boating.
  • Provide education on boating safety by assisting with boating safety and skills sessions and working with the Canadian CoastGuard to develop a program of voluntary boat inspections.
  • Support Emergency First Responders by contacting appropriate authorities regarding any fire or other emergency; attempting to identify the emergency/fire location; assisting community emergency response team members or other authorities in locating safe, practical landing sites; keeping non-participants at a safe distance; and providing other assistance as requested by first responders.
  • Support special events sponsored by both PaBIA and GBLT such as the Junior and Senior Regattas, Fireworks, and GBLT Fundraising or Awareness events. Act as guides, liaison, safety ambassador, participant, or other as required.
  • Visit PaBIA members to check on their safety when requested by family.

2.  Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

  • Help PaBIA make a positive impact on the local Georgian Bay environment.
  • Work with the GBLT to monitor the 14 GBLT properties in the Pointe au Baril area by performing site visits and documenting recreational use or property abuse, conducting ecological inventories, photographing species (invasive or rare), removing any garbage left by site visitors, removing invasive plant species, and educating visitors on the permitted and prohibited uses of the GBLT properties.
  • Conduct regular monitoring of local Crown Land recreational areas and any Conservation Reserve areas identified by PaBIA.  Clean-up any trash and restore site to a natural condition and document the site condition.
  • Work with Georgian Bay Biosphere (GBB) to support the Township of the Archipelago’s (TOA) Water Quality Monitoring program for PaBIA by conducting and documenting bi-weekly water quality tests.
  • Educate visitors to the Pointe au Baril area by providing topical handouts. Make handouts available in displays and on community bulletin boards (Ojibway Club, Marinas, Community Centre).
  • Promote and support education of young Ojibway campers by assisting with GBLT educational activities (Conservation Quest) and promoting visits to GBLT and Crown Land sites.

3.  Administration

  • On a daily basis, in the Marine Patrol database, record the entire time spent to equal 8 hours for all activities or incidents, identifying all safety concerns or inappropriate conduct such as: reckless or inconsiderate operation of watercraft; high density uses of anchorages; broken or missing markers; brush dumping; inappropriate camping practices and administrative time spent on these and other activities.  This enables PaBIA to document and justify the time spent working on each and every organization’s needs.
  • Record all activities performed on behalf of the GBLT, documenting them in both the Marine Patrol database and the GBLT database. Include photographs and GPS coordinates where ever appropriate.
  • Document all water quality monitoring results and prepare a year-end summary for GBBR.
  • Prepare a year-end report summarizing the Marine Patrol summer activities and any noteworthy events for both GBLT and PaBIA.
  • Report all infractions, issues, or concerns to Marine Patrol Supervisor.

4.  Community Public Relations

  • Act in a professional and responsible manner that represents PaBIA and the Marine Patrol in a positive light to the PaBIA membership and the permanent residents of the Pointe au Baril community.
  • Promote an image of support and assistance to Pointe au Baril community and promote a sense of cooperation with the permanent community.


  • A college or university level student with an interest or experience in an environmental or outdoor recreational field
  • Good communication skills (written and verbal) and a proven ability to work in a team
  • Relevant work experience that demonstrates personal responsibility and leadership
  • Demonstrated initiative and the ability to work independently with little day-to-day supervision
  • Current certificate for Standard First Aid/ CPR-C/ AED
  • Possesses a current boat operator’s license
  • Good seamanship and ability to steer a 24-foot center console boat in rough weather conditions
  • Knowledge of the Pointe au Baril area and waterways or experience navigating using nautical charts
  • Mechanical aptitude and ability to operate small engines (outboard motors, fire pumps)
  • Access to accommodation in the Pointe au Baril area and capability to commute by water

Training on the job provided:

  • Environmental Monitoring & Stewardship – Georgian Bay Land Trust (GBLT)
  • Water-based Emergency Practices – Canadian Coast Guard (as available) (CCG)
  • Practical First Aid/CPR/First Response in the Pointe au Baril area – Emergency Medical Services Parry Sound
  • Water Quality Monitoring – Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR)
  • Radio Operator’s Certificate – Marine (VHF Radio) – Canadian Power Squadron
  • PaBIA Policies and Marine Patrol Procedures – Marine Patrol Supervisor

Employment Commitment

  • 11 weeks; 5 days (40 hours) per week; work includes weekends, with two week-days off after the first weekend
  • Marine Patroller Training: tentatively scheduled from June 20th to June 30th, 2021
  • Marine Patrol “on the water” operations: July 1st to Sept 4th, 2021


  • Compensation is set at $16 – $18 per hour depending on skills and experience.
  • Junior Patrollers (first year) can expect $16/hour, while Senior Patrollers can expect up to $18/hour.

To apply

  • Email a copy of your resume and cover letter to Bill Culp, Marine Patrol Supervisor and Nancy Rogers, PaBIA Secretary-Treasurer prior to Friday, February 19th, 2021.
  • All candidates will be notified of their status; however, only the most qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule a multi-party telephone interview.
  • Telephone interviews (30-40 minutes) will be conducted the week of March 8th – 12th, 2021.
  • Interviews will be completed and successful candidates notified by March 22nd, 2021.


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