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    Posting a note for our American friends. I’ve been thinking about this summer and all the potentially empty cottages; wondering if any maintenance or upkeep is needed for those that are stuck down south for another season.

    I’m a lover of the area but not a resident and rentals are quite expensive beyond a week. I’ve been spending a lot of my summers in PB at a friend’s cottage on Black Bass island and very familiar with the area, but don’t have a spot of my own.

    I wanted to post a message to see if anyone is interested in a part rental, part housesit deal for the summer. Would be happy to tidy up, perform any maintenance in exchange for some time at your place. If you’re interested, we can meet on a video call and discuss more.

    A little more about me. I’m a graphic designer living in Toronto originally from the Peterborough area. Although technically a city slicker now, I grew up at my family’s cottage and very much an outdoors guy. I’m handy (enough), like to work and get my hards dirty and not looking for a party place.

    Local references also available from other cottagers in the area!
    Thanks! Get in touch.

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